how to start fixing the Queue issue for BNS developer team

This message is for those (the staff) who have the power to change things related with Blade and Soul. In here, I hope you find some useful suggestions that can assist everyone. As your team advised, I created a character on the lowest server possible. I logged in the second time after playing, and the queue time reached 2000+.

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So here goes:

1. Remove the bots in game: the GMs need to be online, and delete bots. It’s easy to tell, for start; their ridiculous name, and if that’s not enough, they can be found spamming the chat system as well as dungeon/party menus with website links to buy Blade & Soul Gold. I believe, this will have some impact, just ask my block list.

2. Meeting the population demand: how do you intend on solving the queue problem is the question. Will you add more servers, or, would you simply be upgrading each server to hold a higher capacity of players? It’s important to know the repercussion of the decision that will be made, and it is equally important to learn from mistakes other games have made in the past, under similar circumstances. Upgrading each server to boost capacity will most likely impact ping, and create latency issues. Which in turn, will affect the fast paced pve-p system leading to another storm on the forum. I want to speak more on this, but I don’t know the budget the team has been restricted with. Lastly, at the very least, it would be worth arguing the heads for greater investment to avoid reducing the life line of NA and EU servers to a bare minimum. We both know that if the change does not come now, it won’t (upgrade/increase) later, not when it concerns servers – regardless of how large the company is.

3. Add an event where players have to take screenshots of bots they have killed in game with some type of reward system, *prays not another RNG(Random number Generator).*The Blade & Soul community needs to be vehement towards bots, throwing them around like washed cloth on the floor.

I don’t mind 1-hour or 1/2 hour auto kick system. But it’s important to note that it would not have much or any affect on botts, since they are very active.

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