Blade and Soul Character Size – Hit Boxes, Range and Speed

Hi all.

I want discuss about case which probably many of you didn’t even think.
It’s about Character Size – Character height and its general size.

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As You might know; or not – in part of MMORPGs character shape really MATTER on gameplay.

But some theory first:

- Higher characters have usually higher Hit Boxes (simply it means it’s easier hit player because is bigger), in some of games they have also higher Range (they reach farer).

- Smaller characters have smaller smaller Hit Boxes (harder to hit them, so on – players might have problem in aiming in them as well), in some games such characters have also faster animations, duo to smaller legs and arms – which in final result they can (finish) attack faster.

But how exactly in this game? So far I had read hit boxes doesn’t matter, because auto aim in game goes to center of character… but in PvP players have some problems in aiming smalle characters, especially Summoners (Lyn) which can hide behind her pet.

Also, even if I didn’t play much this game, I can’t really agree with idea : making Smallest Character is best because “easier avoid damage”.

From my experiences with other games (And even with Blade and Soul too!) making small character isn’t always best choice.

As example I take Assassin: One of his skills – Decoy, is a skill for making counter attack. While standing in Decoy state it’s really important to him to be attacked in order to teleport behind target.

Lower Hit Boxes might be a problem to success in that.
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