OSRS Money Making Tips for runescape and Gain cheap RS 2007 Gold from Rsorder

Congratulations, you have achieved a higher level in 2007 Runescape. Yes, it will be much easier and faster for you to make money as a high level players, however, you should always make sure to use the most efficient way to make money in game to ensure you can gain more RS 2007 gold in game. Chances are that you will in need of OSRS gold when you encounter some big challenging in game, so it is wise for you to buy RS 2007 gold cheap on RSorder. RSorder has plenty of cheap RS 07 gold for sale.

Use combat to chaos druids

For making money at a higher level, you will want to kill chaos druids with level 40ish and 20 HP. You can get a decent amount of herbs once killed them. You can make about 100K per hour with the herbs you gain and it even work faster if you have teleports it. It will be wise for you to head to the edgeville dungeon to look for chaos druids, and you can bank the herbs easily at here. As a extra bonus, this money-making method also can help level up your combat skill. However, you should make sure to bring food if your level is not high enough.

Slayer for money making

Slayer also can be a great way to make money in game. You can continue to make a decent amount of money if you level high enough to unlock monsters and some boss will drop great items over time. You see, it can be wise for you to kill these monsters and make decent profits in short amounts of time, especially if you have higher slayer level. So you should always make sure to level up your slayer fast. If you need RS 2007 gold, you can always buy OSRS gold cheap on RSorder.

Just as you can see, the bones & drops from monsters help make combat very effective when it comes to higher levels. However, you should make sure that what you are putting into the fighting is worth. If you are in need of RS 2007 gold when you are prepare for a fight, you can always buy Runescape 2007 gold cheap on RSorder. You can use the discount code “OSGD5” to get 5% off if you buy RS 07 gold on RSorder. Besides, you can also get half-priced RS 2007 gold on RSorder by joining the 50% off sale.