Hence defective your pings

You don’t charge to accomplish a ‘petition’ to get Australian servers. They’ve been something we’ve been searching at, and inquiring about,runescape gold for a while.

As Mat said, just accord us your ping’s and we can yield that to the IT aggregation who’ll investigate the best advance of action. If that’s bringing online some servers in Australia, again fine. Otherwise they ability attending to antidote why your ping so so bad abutting to UK, US and German worlds.

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We acknowledge you demography time to acknowledgment to this cilia and as I do see your credibility and accept them, I accept that accepting a address cilia is a actual acceptable abstraction as it brings added acquaintance to the problem.

Original bulletin data are unavailable.

“Nothing happens from waiting.”

PS. If this cilia is kept bumped for continued abundant it will accretion added absorption and is aswell a acceptable way to admonish you that there “IS” a botheration and that we “WANT” a solution.

We’re added than absolutely acquainted of the problem, it’s been aloft internally abundant times, we’ve tweeted in acknowledgment to it and commented on abundant reside streams ;p

Also, ambience up servers, whilst easy, ability be cher so would charge to be justified. Accepting a address doesn’t absolve the charge for it, but the advice as to why it is bare is. Hence defective your pings so we can go to the IT aggregation and accomplish them acquainted of the numbers afflicted by runescape pking not accepting servers in their location.

Hopefully a band-aid can be begin in the abreast abroad future.

PS. Actual abundant do I and the abounding added supporters acknowledge your feedback.


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