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Most reliable place to buy rs3 gold on RSorder within 3-10 Mins. Can you do me a favour, let me apperceive your ping on the Australian servers for RS3 and again for the US servers as well.Such as,RS Gold

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Australian Server Ping is commonly 30-60

New Zealand Ping is commonly 20-40

World 15 Barrows is commonly 30-50

US Server Ping is commonly 200-300

These are the a lot of accepted but it aswell will go lower and higher.

Ok!My Pings for RS3 servers are as follows…

USA (East Coast): 260 and 265

USA (West Coast): 195 and 208

Australia: 28 and 44

And as there are aswell UK servers on OSRS…

UK: 333 and 338

Personaly And online bold I play I absolutely dont like any ping >100 so yeah. Amuse add some Aus servers ASAP.

I anticipate it’s fair to accept australian servers – aswell P mods can’t analyze themselves on the forums. So you ability not be able to put badges next to their names in abutment list. Hope to see these servers brought in.

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