FFXIV Guide for You Just Hit 60 in Patch 3.1

Welcome to Ishgard! This is a guide for new players who might be overwhelmed with the amount of content available in the Heavensward Expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. This is not a guide for how to do any content; rather, it is meant to give you a reference list of what order to do things for a streamlined process. If you’re anything like me, having so many options all at once is overwhelming and nerve-wracking. My goal here is to simply help you make a priority list and go through things one step at a time.

This guide will be focused on combat content only. Crafting, gathering, Gold Saucer minigames, and the like will not be included at this time. Also, expect name spoilers, though no plot spoilers outside of that.

Step One (You say we need to talk)
You’ve just hit 60, and you’re probably almost done with the Main Story Quest. You’ve run the Great Gubal Library a few times, and your gear is probably a mishmash of ilvls. Here are your priorities;

Get your overall item level to 145. You can do this by by getting friendly crafters in your Free Company or Linkshells to make it for you, lotting gear from the Library, by buying it from the Market Board, or by going to the vendor nodes in Azys Lla and goblins in Idyllshire and buying NQ white i145 items. I’ve listed those in order of usefulness. Do your best to have a weapon of high ilvl. This will increase your effectiveness more than anything.

Enter and complete the Aetherochemical Research Facility, unlocked as part of the MSQ. It can be difficult to get in solo through the duty finder, as the ARF is not included in any roulettes, so use the Party Finder or ask in your FC/LS for helpers. It is a 4 man dungeon and is actually really cool!

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Enter and complete the Singularity Reactor. This is included in Trials Roulette, so it shouldn’t be extremely difficult to get in via Duty Finder.

Continue on through the 3.1 MSQ. There are no dungeons or trials in this leg of the MSQ, but there is one somewhat-challenging solo instance. You may be able to complete it at i145, but there’s no shame in holding off until you have bumped your item level up. The 3.1 MSQ is not required for anything to be unlocked at this time.

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