old school runescape gold Zoom and The Herb Sack

This week’s update is here and Old School is about to get a lot bigger… Or smaller. You can now decide thanks to the addition of the zoom feature!


The zoom feature can now be found in your settings tab, allowing you to zoom in or out of Old School to suit your needs. Whether you’re at a big boss and you want to catch all of the action or you want a close-up screenshot of your fashionscape outfit, the zoom feature will be able to help you out.

By default, the zoom feature will not be adjustable by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. To enable this, head into your settings and click the zoom icon. If you do not want to use the scroll wheel to adjust your zoom you can instead stick to using the bar in your settings tab.

The difference between being fully zoomed in and fully zoomed out is quite drastic. Here is a comparison of the two:

If at any point you want to return to the familiar default amount of zoom, you can right click the zoom icon found in your settings tab and select “Restore Default Zoom”.

The herb sack

The herb sack is now available from slayer masters for a cost of 750 slayer reward points. The herb sack allows you to store up to 30 of each of the following grimy herbs:

Grimy guam

Grimy marrentill

Grimy tarromin

Grimy harralander

Grimy ranarr weed

Grimy toadflax

Grimy irit leaf

Grimy avantoe

Grimy kwuarm

Grimy snapdragon

Grimy cadantine

Grimy lantadyme

Grimy dwarf weed

Grimy torstol

Never again will you be have to live through the pain of leaving a grimy herb on the ground to disappear. With space for up to 420 grimy herbs, the herb sack will be a must-have for slayers.