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Finally, Neverwinter Xbox One players get the chance to play Elemental Evil Module since September 8. As we all know, it will come with the other three expansions, including Curse of Icewind Dale, Shadowmantle and Fury of the Feywild. Wanna to experience all these content? Stock up neverwinter xbox buy astral diamond to be ready!

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Main features of Xbox Elemental Evil

Similarly to PC version of Neverwinter, Mod 6 is still free to play for all players. But differently, there are a lot of fixes in Xbox One version so that it goes better than PC version. Specifically, with these four expansions comes the Oathbound Paladin class, a level cap increase to 70, four new campaigns, eight exciting new zones.

Changes about dungeons in Xbox Mod 6

Along with the above new content, there are some changes on dungeons. In Neverwinter Xbox, the dungeons will be harder and require people to join a guild and use team work. It will bring players new challenges, in both game play and Astral Diamonds Neverwinter Xbox earning.

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In addition, it is wise to stock up useful mounts and companions in advance for the release of Xbox One Elemental Evil. generally speaking, rank 4 mounts always comes from lockboxes. But you can also easily find some helpful companions with the guide. Neverwinter elemental evil module will launch for Xbox one soon. Good luck and have fun!

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Exciting Changes in the RuneScape Team

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Although Lenovo announced Aggregation is not what we do often, I expect I’ll be allotted a number of provocative change RUNESCAPE team.

Ministry of Defence has been answered Osborne RuneScape’s lead designer. With his noisy enthusiasm, artistic, and energy, the Ministry of Defence Osborne will baby sit RUNESCAPE of art and design, we can accept the happy team, arrest RUNESCAPE larger structural problems and actively promote our artistic ambitions capital game.

Eventually, the game’s all-encompassing design his burden of population.

Conor is a new DoD may you rich, but he has the amount of movement of Jagex years. He will assume the role of senior production and take care of all of RUNESCAPE bold team. DOD Conor has done extensive work allowances by an amount of team we organized, dynamic and increase efficiency, including our technical and enjoyable groups. DOD Conor now taken absolute albatross in RuneScape compilation pipeline, to ensure that we can achieve our ambitious agreement in the future.

Some of you know, the Department of Defense and the president again Jagex portside portside a large gap, we bare filled. I enjoy to say that the Ministry of Defence Drew – active force abeam rich beyond esoteric improve development – the population burden of this. He is a new role in the development manager of unity, Drew will have agreed albatross and esoteric discipline development, coding standards and ability to develop hearing RUNESCAPE team.

runescape 07 gold Additional Action Bars

This week rs gold is runescape 07 gold going to release more updates in game. The Light Within is finally available, with many other awesome improvements. So we are going to view the new adds.

Have you ever wanted to have multiple, hot-key enabled action bars open on your Runescape HUD? The Ninjas have made it so. Head to the Settings interface to enable up to four additional on-screen action bars, and drag them freely around the screen and resize them as you wish, finding your perfect set-up.

Now, runescape enabled a great deal of high level content for Ironman players this week. First up, Ironmen players may now group with each other to access all bosses that use the boss instancing system. They may also create groups to access the Raid “Liberation of Mazcab”.

Lootshare has also been enabled to Ironman accounts-although it will only work on bosses. Alongside these changes they’ve opened up a few areas in the game that were previously inaccessible to Ironman players. These include areas such as the Kalphite King’s lair, Vorago’s borehole, Mobilising Armies and Barbarian Assault.

On top of this, they’ve also made it possible for Ironman players to earn the Completionist and Trimmed Completionist cape. To unlock those songs you previously couldn’t access, simply attempt to enter or interact with the content in question. Keep an eye out for broadcasts as Ironman players start making Runescape history.

Strut your stuff with four new walk animations, available in Solomon’s Store. Happy, Sad, Proud and Angry make up the gamut of emotional states on display. Please note that these animation only work when weapons are sheathed.

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Jar Jar Binks just might be one of the most hated Star Wars characters ever. Honestly, I’m not sure why. I really didn’t think he was that bad. Unlike many who seem to have been annoyed greatly by the character, I found him a bit charming. (I know, I know… don’t shoot me.) is the best place to buy Swtor Credits, offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.hope you can enjoy it .

When George Lucas was making Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999), he famously said, “Jar Jar’s the key to all this, if we get Jar Jar working. ‘Cause he’s a funnier character than we’ve ever had in the movies.” That really didn’t work out so well for him since Binks ended up becoming one of the most hated movie characters ever. That doesn’t seem to sway Lucas very much, as he still loves Jar Jar

At the recent Disney D3 Expo, Lucas explained how he feels about Binks, why he loves the character and how he was inspired by Goofy.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an influence Disney has had on me,” Lucas said. “I will say one secret that nobody knows; not many people realize that Goofy was the inspiration for Jar Jar Binks,” Lucas said. “I know that you will look at him differently now. It’s pretty obvious, actually, but, um, I love Goofy and I love Jar Jar.”

A lot of people are probably shaking their heads in disbelief or disagreement but it’s still nice to hear from Lucas how he feels and why he isn’t swayed by the fact that so many people really hate Jar Jar.

So what do you think? Love Jar Jar? Hate him? Did this explanation from Lucas change how you view Jar Jar?

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Runescape Need A Healing Role

Are all your Runescape players feeling the same? Runescape need a healing role. For a long timeRunescape Gold has been short of a healing role though. So we suggested to update a healing role for rs.

We have the heal other spells, but in many scenarios, it is just not a plausible method of healing. It takes time for Barricade to cooldown and leaves the healing role empty. Though there are a few problems with a healing role fitting in at all.

A healing role would greatly devalue food. What if the spell to heal other used a catalyst to produce the healing? Noted food instead of my own life? On top of the Rune Costs.

Healing is difficult to do when there are large groups of people in the area of the person you’re trying to heal. What is you could click their name in the group window to target them? Before or after you click the heal is up to Jagex, whatever would be easier to code.

With this method of healing, it would devalue all high end food entirely. What if we limited how many of the noted food the spell could consume at once?

A few extra notes: the number of food consumed would be LP healed, divided by how much healing each food gives, rounded up. So healing 7,237 while using noted Sharks as a catalyst would cost 4 noted sharks.

Selecting a catalyst should be streamlined and easy to do, before the combat starts. Similar to the way selecting a spell works. The cooldown for casting the spell should be small, as to not produce dead content. Maybe 3 seconds to prevent spam-casting with low level foods equipped as a catalyst.

There would be an AOE version of this spell with a 3×3 radius, it would have a 50% higher cap on catalysts consumed. Both variants of the spell would share the same cooldown.

All About Runescape Hard Mode Nex with runescape 2007 gold

For some runescape players, hard mode nex is their love. However, Nex hard mode has been parked, which means no hard mode nex for the foreseeable future despite Nex being a well loved boss since 2011. It is really a pity for us. So here is a idea for Hard Mode nex.The most reliable site to buy runescape 2007 gold with paypal without any

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OSR-Account with 40 attack, 70 strength, 1 defense
OSR-Account with 40 attack, 80 strength and 1 defense
OSR – Account with 60 attack, 80 strength and 1 defense
RS 07 account

Nex is my favorite boss, the lore is great, phases are repeatable so you don’t get KOed by being unlucky unless you make a mistake. Imo we are in need of a new boss not just because armour/weapons values are turning meh as inventor is aiming to fix that. We need a new boss for the fun of learning the new boss, getting new drops, meeting new people and all of the fun associated with such things.

The problem is Jagex thinks they can’t mess up an update like this which may have put development on hold, so Jegex may think it requires lots more resources than it does. Well look at RS 2007, the team is tiny and the content they produce is awesome. Yes, it 100% needs redinement but the core content itself is very good.

Lets say the Nex hard mode created doesn’t live up to the hype then fix the mistakes, don’t twiddle your fingers. Nex hard mode will add a real value to the game, One we have not had in a while. That being said the community will hop on your…if you majorly mess up which isn’t a bad thing, think of it as extra free Q&A.

Add in some sort of scaling feature so lower level players can enjoy the boss. Maybe remove the unique drops and up the value of items dropped. One of the good things about nex is you get a decent drop most of the time.

This would take a lot of development time but the code can be reused for other future bosses and maybe even older bosses. That being said not an important addition but it will allow more people to enjoy nex hard mode.

Also, make hard mode worth doing as a repeatable boss. People only do hard mode rago for bombi because huge team sizes outway the increased drop rate. The unique items should be new balanced items, attuned item attachments for nex armours, some form of buff for 2h melee weapons?

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OSR-Dragon defender
OSR-Void Knight gloves
OSR-Void Knight ranger helm

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Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Quick Overview
Time: 4 hours
Quests: None
Skills: Level 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, 30 Ranging
735 ranged xp
1,470 cooking xp
262 fletching xp
Ogre bow, ability to fletch Ogre arrows, ability to cook Chompy birds and hunt them for cool hats (See Chompy Hunting Guide).
Quest points gained upon completion: 2


safewow Elder Scrolls Online Drink Guide:Psijic Ambrosia

The Psijic Ambrosia is a drink in Elder Scrolls Online which bestows 50% additional XP gain to a character for 30 minutes.
The Psijic Ambrosia is an XP booster. It is a drink, just like other drinks in ESO, and can be crafted with Provisioning. When you drink a Psijic Ambrosia your character will receive an additional 50% XP from all sources for 30 minutes.

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If you log out during the 30 minute duration the timer will pause and continue when you log back in.

You can use the Psijic Ambrosia on top of other food and drinks and nothing will cancel the Psijic Ambrosia effects except for logging out which pauses the timer. You can’t use two or more Psijic Ambroisa at the same time. The Psijic Ambrosia does stack with other methods of XP boosting such as the Ring of Mara and ESO Plus.

The Psijic Ambrosia works with XP gain so it will advance your Level or Veteran Rank and will also count towards gaining Champion Points.

The reason that the Psijic Ambrosia exists at all is because of the planned introduction of a similar potion or scroll to the Crown Store which will grant 50% additional XP for 2 hours. The Psijic Ambrosia can’t be purchased on the Crown Store and must be crafted with Provisioning.

Just like any other drink in ESO you can craft a Psijic Ambrosia if you know and obtain the ingredients and have learned the recipe.
The 7 fragments can only be obtained by completing Provisiong Writs. The higher level Writs have a better chance of rewarding a fragment.

You have to have the Recipe Quality passive at Rank 4 and the Recipe Improvement passive at Rank 6 to lean the recipe for the Psijic Ambrosia.

Once you have found the recipe fragments, learned the recipe and gathered the ingredients you can craft a Psijic Ambrosia at any Cooking Fire like a regular food or drink.

Your Provisioning passives such as Connoisseur (increased drink duration) and Brewer (increased number of items made per ingredients) will work with the Psijic Ambrosia.

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RuneScape players in gallery

The Goebie planet now, you have your last chance to submit your work to the latest gold RuneScape athletes compete in the gallery. The topic this time is the Goebie planet, a new world. Enter and win signed a similar concept art, bonds and Runecoins prizes.
Here are the details of the information.
A new world opened up Gielinor players. The Goebies are peace-loving race to find a hero. Mazcab is a city that has felt the wrath of Tuska, but has not been destroyed her. The Airut followers took over the world which was once known as Chantli of Goebie planet.
As part of the game, they want you to explore Mazcab world, a portion of your favorite city their creation.
Image provided You can Mazcab be let your creativity flow, and provide you think is your favorite part of the city look like if it still Chantli image. How do you think the game Goebies life and decorate your own city? You will see what color? What kind of nature on this land?
There are so many activities in the city. The cemetery is full of knowledge. The NemiForest full of mystery and wonder. The area is full of small Kanatan and Otot games and tasks.
Please note that your creation must be based on current topics related to art in RuneScape. It is your own work of art, a maximum capacity of 2MB, accepts JPG, PNG, GIF. Your entry must be submitted before the deadline.

rs 2007 gold Character Showcase Solomon Store Patch Week

The release this week rs 2007 gold is a quiet one, and we want to inform you why.

We’d originally planned to release the latest Grandmaster Quest Light Within the last week – including a massive expansion in Ancient curses and spells to open up a whole new way to play high-level game.

Late last week, we made the decision to delay the release of the quest by a week. We have gone ahead as originally planned, it would have met the high standards required for such a complex, eager to unexpected piece of content – especially one that has far-reaching effects in other areas of the game high-level.

Put simply, we’d rather take another week to give the contents of polish and quality you deserve, rather than putting it before it was ready.

We strive to bring brightness in up to scratch. In the meantime, check out the patch notes for details of adjustments and tweaks now, and read on for the details of an epic addition to Store and live-streaming schedule this week Solomon.

Please accept our apologies for the delay, and any disappointment this may have caused. September’s update next week to be a doozy, with The Light Within, multiple on-screen action bar and Ironman bossing group and completionist cloak ability. We hope you agree that it was worth the wait!

The RuneScape Team

Artist Showcase – Barbarian outfit | Store Solomon

Now, the first three showcase pieces from our terrifyingly talented artists coming Store Solomon: the infamous outfit.

Ante Mod character artist is given the opportunity to cut loose and flex her creative muscles, coming up with the design to show off his vision and skill.

The theme for release today is just the ‘melee’, and the infamous outfit did not disappoint. Consists of a full cosmetic ingredient override – with weapons – and a walk impressively powerful animation, it has a rugged appearance for the battle brawlers born everywhere.

He picked up the outfit today, and keep an eye out for ranged and magic-themed offerings, upcoming.

RuneCoins need? You can buy them through the website, or click ‘Make’ from within the Store Solomon.

Live stream Week

Every week we stream developer Q & As, in-game events and more. Watch our rivers and search schedule over a full streaming on our Twitch channel.

Check out our YouTube channel, too, for the recap video of the medium may be missed, including spells and prayers funny teaser last week!

This week, we have something fairly new for you – read on to find out more.

Developer Q & A: Big Raffle Balthazar’s | 16:00 UTC, Tuesday August 18

Join the usual cast of JMods streaming sofas as they will take your questions, and show you some things you can expect from the Big Raffle Balthazar returning in September!

Ask your questions in the forums, Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA.

Stream Community: steal from 1,000 Araxxor / Araxxi kill! | 20:00 UTC, Tuesday August 18

This 1-year birthday Araxxor in July, and we thought we’d celebrate by killing him (and Araxxi) 1,000 times, for your viewing pleasure.

You can see all the loot – will Mod Mod Jon JD or get a coveted pet boss, or the parts to assemble toxic weapons? Tune in from 20:00 hours of the game and find out!

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Glorious PvPers! Season 6 is upon us and we hope everyone is enjoying the intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark cordially invite you to hunt each other down for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some brilliant prizes from their personal collection of antiques and beloved possessions!Sw-tor-credits provide cheapestswtor credits for you !! offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.Hope you can enjoy it.

In Season 6 there will be a new reward system in place which you can read about in a previous blog.

Below is a table with information and cost of the specific rewards, let’s get to it!

In Season 6 there is a brand new tier exclusive item – The Battle Flag of Recognition – that can be used to place a holo-flag over a fallen enemy in either appreciation of the honorable fight or recognition of the user’s supreme skill. The flag can be earned in either a Bronze, Silver or Gold version but all are a great way to stand out on the battle field.

We will be showing off the Battle Flags, Trophy Frames, Weapon Set, and Mount rewards at a later time. Stay tuned and get in there and go berserk!

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