runescape accomplishment I use and appear to get XP

Now…Managed to get 96 Magic a few canicule ago. It’s so abundant a accomplishment a alternation as a accomplishment I use and appear to get XP. The alone affair I do that gives alot of xp would be alching all those air battlestaffs I make. Otherwise it’s just little $.25 and pieces from teleporting, dungeoneering,RS Gold etc. (Which is why I’m not actual accessible if asked how to alternation Magic.)

Did a agglomeration of annihilation and got to 92 Attack and Defense. I accomplished my assignment appropriate afterwards I got these levels and went to 117 Daemonheim to see about accomplishing some assists. I was 6k xp abroad from 92 Strength and 130 Combat. I saw a guy commercial for attic 40 and traded him so I could join. He arrive me, I was searching at my teams stats, and begin myself booted. 130+only! Oops.

So I went and did 2 dungeons and got the xp and 92 Strength. And 130 combat. I assumption that’s acceptable because I can use W117 now and get easier teams. But to be honest, I don’t absolutely wish to. I’m apathetic at dungeoneering, I get circuitous up in combat. And I accept a lot of accompany who atm are training like crazy so I tag forth with them.

Which advance to 94 Architecture and 85 Dungeoneering for a absolute akin of 2350.

And again 86 Dungeoneering for the fun of it.

So I’ve accomplished my ambition at the alpha of this year. As I ability my 4th ceremony I accept all abilities to at atomic 92 and a few to 96. (If endure year they were beneath 92 I capital to get 92 and beneath 96 get them to 96). I got a few abilities (mining, herblore, constitution, summoning) way accomplished that.

Today I’ve got a ages larboard in this year to anticipate about what I wish to do next year. I’d absolutely adulation to get 90 Dungeoneering this ages too, we’ll see.

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The Stronghold has a main storyline dealing with both your guild and the Steward’s team discovering the various threats and mysteries within this new land. More quests for the main storyline will be unlocked at every other guild level, with the final quest being revealed at guild rank 19 (out of 20).
Meanwhile, each member of the Steward’s team will offer different types of daily quests. The Cleric will give out team-based quests, sending players into tier 1 and tier 2 dungeons. The Master of Coin will ask players to support the various factions in the campaign zones, while the Ranger deals with Heroic Encounters within the Stronghold. The Builder will have quests that deal with issues within the Stronghold, ranging from bulettes trying to eat Halfling workers to the stronghold team pooling together a prize for a time trial race through the Stronghold.

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All of the quests mentioned so far are for level 70 characters, however, each member of the Steward’s team will also offer quests designed for low level players. One example is the Cleric, who will offer a quest to complete level-appropriate dungeons. Doing so will reward players with a large amount of experience.

There is a final type of quest, which is given by specific structures in the Stronghold. The Barracks, Explorer’s Guild, Training Yard, Wizard’s Tower, Temple, and Mercenary Outpost all have unique contacts that will ask players to complete various tasks to help improve the influence of their structure. The Master Explorer of the Explorer’s Guild will send players out to recover items from skill nodes, while the Priest of the Temple will ask players to go out to earn the favor of the gods throughout the world. The quests that they give out will change as the structure ranks up, requiring players to complete more impressive tasks.

We’re all very excited to see how players will interact with these quests and see the story of the Stronghold unravel as they rank up the guild. Module 7: Strongholds is currently on the Preview server, and feedback is being gathered in the forums. Can’t wait to see you all in game!

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OSRS Competitive Tournament Postponed Due to Attack on Office Network

The planning competitive tournament in Old School Runescape was supposed to be held on July 24 with tournament teams & match-up structure revealed in previous days. However, as the office network has been attacked, the stream is not available to enter. Thus, Jagex has announced to postpone the competition and take effort to bring out an addition new protection on network.

Runescape competitive tournament postponed as network attacked

DDoS Attack is a long-standing problem in Old School Runescape that needs to be fixed and Jagex has made some effort to fight against it, for example, adding a death mechanics into game to ensure players have chance to retrieve lost items when die from ddos attacks. Unfortunately, there has not been a perfect solution to avoid this attack. And as the highly anticipated competitive tournament was eventually coming, the office network was attacked to make it unable to stream, leading to the result that the competition is postponed until an addition protection is putting out.

New network protection is tested & camera would be improved

Considering the network attack, some players indicated that renting a small venue out for the weekend and move the streaming equipment; etc over to the new place would be a lot better and make more sense. Based on this concern, Mod Matk explained that it is difficult to move everything from the studio to another location. Thus, effort will be put into creating a new protection, but moving would be an option if the testing of the protection shows it isn’t up to scratch.

At the same time, as players’ feedback showed that the camera and the small view were bad for viewing the fights in tournament, Jagex answered that if the tournament shows it is a big success they will rework how the camera works. Besides, Mod Ian has been doing some work on the zooming to solve the problem in the resizable screen.

Tournament is popular with over 130k people tuning in

Originally, only 8 teams with 5 players in each team would be selected to join in the competitive tournament. And Jagex also explained that the small group setting is aiming at testing the waters to see if everything can go well, as well as whether the community like this kind of pvp or not. We have to say that this foresight has low down the effect on network attack. However, in the meantime, tournament is proved to be a popular form of pvp with over 130k people tuning in and 22k of those tuning in at the same time.


With the great popularity, tournament seems to become a kind of inevitable trend in Old School Runescape. Thus, before the new protection goes into place, feel free to buy cheap rs 2007 gold on RS3gold to train your skill and strengthen team collaboration. The priority will belong to you in the upcoming pvp!

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Runescape 2007 is accepting raids

Runescape is accepting raids,14-year later~~~

Let that bore in for a second.RS Gold – A bold appear in 2001 and was in its prime in 2007 is alone accepting its aboriginal raids fourteen years later. If I saw this news, I anticipation it had to be horrifically out of date, but nope. Raids are advancing to Jagex’s Runescape as allotment of the game’s July update.

A behemothic animal alleged Tuska has comatose assimilate the planet (Urgh, I abhorrence it if that happens), and now players will be able to access a aperture begin on her corpse’s aback to access a new planet alleged Mazcab. On Mazcab, players will accommodated the totally-not-just-mini-Krogan race, the Goebie.

Alongside a endless of added updates and acquaintance that comes with this new planet, there is the abate amount of the aboriginal (!) ten amateur raids. If the amend launches, there will be two administration available, with added planned to be added in afterwards launch.

A video assuming the amend can be begin up top, and if you wish to see the added big changes the July amend is bringing, you can do so on the Runescape blog.

Is this traveling to get you to go aback to Runescape? Or are you one of the abounding humans who larboard already the Grand Exchange fucked aggregate up for anybody ever, with even the attraction of a 2007 server not abundant to accompany you back?

Bring up a Big Cat to Support the osrs gold Work of WWF’s Conservation

In a special Big Cats osrs gold edition of The Drop and donate Bonds to answer quiz questions to adopt four big cat companions and unlock exclusive titles -  strengthen awareness of the predicament of these endangered animals, cooperate with WWF.
Come to Burthorpe and start from the talk with the Conservationist. The test of Big Cats will start twice in an hour – on the hour and at half-past. Earn points by answering questions correctly , which can be used to adopt companions and unlock titles.
You can also use Bonds speaking to the Conservationist to donate to WWF. Every Bond will be given to the Conservationist through July 20th-August 17th, Jagex will donate at least £2.85 to WWF to realise their global protect effort.
Acting now lets you adopt more companions, and per Bond earns non-Ironman characters a big cats gift–containing 7 Treasure Hunter Keys.

learn swtor skills on swtor2credits prepare for game update 3.3

This page here is for players that are new to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which at this current point in time is everyone! I am going to put the more basic guides in this section. Mainly just controls, classes, and knowledge, in other words anything that isn’t directly related to the Gameplay of the game. I will try to get as many guides up on here before launch as I can, if you would like to help me, use the “Submit a Guide” button on the bottom of each and every page on my website.Star Wars: Battlefront allows you to pick three Star Cards before each game. is the best place to buy Swtor Credits, offers the safe and fast Swtor can get cheapest credits on swtor2credits.

Regardless of what faction you pick the classes for both are pretty much the same classes just with different names. Just go with whatever race you like the most or whatever you believe in the most as a true Star Wars fan. “May the force guide you.” (Corny isn’t it?)



After you’ve chosen your allegiance you will then be asked Race, Class and what you want the appearance of your character to be. After going through all of these options and completing your character you will be able to play the game. Choose wisely because at this time there is no way to go back and change the appearance of your character! And be sure to read up on the Advanced Classes your character can choose from and their Specializations, make sure you know what you want before you reach level 10.
Quick Start Guides

The Quick Start Guides section is a list of guides I think everyone should read before playing swtor. The guides you find in this section may relate to certain classes or just the general gameplay as a whole. Whichever, I think you should go over all the ones that pertain to you; these include general gameplay guides, guides on your class and guides on the faction you are choosing. If you read each of these guides I can guarantee you that you will be one step ahead come release. While everyone is still trying to figure things out, you will already know them!

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runescape 07 gold A Quarter Million Guildies

The Runescape team has released interesting data following yesterday’s Clan Update. According to Runescape devs, over 33,000 clans were formed with over a quarter million players joining. Over 350 clans have 50+ members. RuneScape gold. All of this data was gathered during the first 24 hours of the Clan Update.
In just 24 hours more than 250,000 RuneScape players have formed clans, including over 370 clans containing 50 members or more. The update gives RuneScape clans a real presence in the game and included a host of new features including individual clan camps, chat channels, clan customisations, clan websites and new in-game content; Rated Clan Wars.

Latest useful tips to Farm ffxiv gil for Heavensward

Heavensward has released and might put a bit of a wrench in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gil farming techniques. I’m going to go over the standard fare and then go over one of the hard truths of the game about how gil is obtained. This isn’t a comprehensive guide, as the dust hasn’t settled and there isn’t a sure fire way I’ve found yet of farming gil in the post-Heavensward FFXIV world, but there is a few ways to begin to save up for your Thavnairian items.
The Basic Ways to Farm Gil
You can farm gil from a plethora of sources, each of them give you a variety of income. Dungeons, quests, the challenge log, and allegan pieces from quest rewards are all very viable means of farming gil. The main story scenario should land you easily with 300,000 gil or more at level 50 and even more additional gil beyond even there.

Going to dungeons that are now far below your level (at level 60) and cashing in on the treasure chests is another viable way of earning coin, along with just outright nearly soloing a lot of the content. Slightly controversial, but selling a “carry run” through the early level content and especially some of the harder to queue for dungeons is an attractive means for players to make gil right now, although that tapers off in a month or two after posting this guide.

Anything you do in the game will earn your ffxiv gil but most of the activities are not very profitable to just grind at. For that, you’ll need to sell items to other players.

The Uncomfortable Truth – Crafting, Gathering, and Being a Disciples of the Hand and Land
In FFXIV, the best way to acquire gil is through either gathering, which is profitable even at level 1 for shards, crafting which players very much need crafted gear, or through otherwise acquiring loot to sell on the market. While you can grind enemies and quests for a bit, you can just as well find a non-bound item and sell it for 10 to 20k Gil easily no matter its level.

Don’t fret though if you haven’t maxed a crafter out yet, gathering simple low level ingredients and selling them is necessary for other players to level up their crafters.

At any given point in FFXIV there are trends in items needed for the new content. Leveraging gathering and/or crafting to gather and/or create these items will always be one of the best sources of income.

Finally, the staple of everything, converting. Spiritbind gear to yourself to 100% then convert it for the materia, then sell the materia on the market. Looking at materia prices on my server, Coeurl, for IV series is around 5,000 gil. 3k to 10k is reasonable for the various types. If you get a V series, you’re looking at millions of gil right now, and surely some rather high prices throughout the game. I’m seeing almost none available and the few that are around 7 to 10 million.

Savage Might IV is at 15,000 as well. Spiritbonding and desynthing is definitely the way to go. Crafters can craft a full set of gear to spiritbind, then sell the associated gear.

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runescape 2007 gold Core Changes For Magic

When you are playing runescape 2007 gold , you must have many threads to improve the game as what you want it to be. You have your own ideas to change the game but actually you just cannot realize it. But with Runelabs you can post your ideas on it and maybe someday it will come true. Here is the post by one of the runescape players, who want to change for magic. Since EOC, players were unable to cast magic without weapons. We could pre-EoC. However, by forcing mages to use a weapon to cast combat magic, it has really taken a toll on the magical feel of mage, and it’s uniqueness from warrior and archer gameplay, as it feels like a ranged clone. What he suggests is to return hand magic, and viable too. However, magic weapons become more like magic accessories, and are still wise to use. Also, spells will now have their own accuracy and speed bonuses, and their damage will be completely unrealted to the level of a magic weapon used. While spells will provide most of a mage’s accuracy, a small amount of it will come from weapons, and the weapon type that provides the most accuracy is the staff. Although spells will have their attack range nerfed, most staves will provide an attack range bonus, and they’ll become one handed as well. Another key function with staves is that depending on the staff’s type, you can have it hold “spell charges” so you don’t have to carry certain runes. For example, if you’re wielding a fire battlestaff, you can charge it with casts for fire bolt, but you cannot have it hold casts for water bolt, and any of the air runes used cannot be used for air spells. While wands/orbs will have an even weaker role than staves in accuracy. They should still contain a built-in spell that’s equal to the wand’s level. Books will contain enchantmens written by runecrafters that mages can express through their spells. As a result, books give the user’s magic a unique passive effect. Players simply rely solely on a spell’s value for combat. It’s advantage is choice, you can select your stance to be 1h, 2x, or 2h. This will be one of the only ways to 2h magic.

Runescape now has a 10 players raid

You apperceive that the Old Man Runescape just refuses to confine itself to a comfortable agitation chair—pipe on feet, and acclaim puffing at a brace of slippers.Buy RS Gold. No, instead the 14-year-old MMO has just alien raids. Well, a raid. It’s a 10-player affair, and will crave players to biking to the new planet of Mazcab to do action with the minions of Tuska. Who’s Tuska? A apple devourer, it turns out, who was defeated as allotment of a contempo apple event. There will, of course, be new rewards—including new armour and action abilities. The new apple aswell appearance a PvP minigame, a procedurally generated forest, and a agglomeration of mini-quests for the planet’s inhabitants. The ones that don’t wish to eat accomplished planets, that is. Raids are a members-only affair, and so not accessible to the game’s free-to-players. With how aggressive annual hacking is with this game, you would anticipate they would be added accessible absent if it came to appeals. a lot of of the time, they can just analysis annual login history and IP abode comparisons. But aback they don’t accord a rats ass about their players, Ive ashen over 10 years with this game. I’ve absent my capital a few years aback and acquire been acutely bootless with an appeal. I feel as if it’s deleted now so I can’t even accumulate trying. It pains me because I was a affiliate for about 3 years and put a lot of time and accomplishment into my account. My teen-hood was into this bold and do the mods care? What fabricated it worse for me is they let me go through the action of convalescent my annual and displace the passwords, etc. Alone to acquisition out it was banned and they don’t acquire appeals. I aswell acquire a awaiting address to a 72 hour ban that has gone unresponded to for… 2 years. Their chump account is a joke. Honestly, I am a accommodating and reasonable person. If I fuck up, afresh I fucked up, but this is above insane. Id rather accord with that comcast abutment guy who wouldn’t abolish the person’s account than Jagex abutment because at atomic they will allocution to you.