OSRS Tournament Arena Will Open to All Players in Mid-July for Three Weeks

Tournament Arena has receive lots of concerns since it was introduced to Old School Runescape in early June. With the chance of getting full gear without any osrs gold paying, it is irresistible lure for almost all PK lovers. Now as it approaches closely, Jagex brought us the good news that it will open to ALL players!

Team up to join in with its’ opening for all players

In the earlier news, we have introduced the details about osrs competitive tournament (called as tournament arena here), including applying methods, competitive modes and other relative concerns. However, it’s worth mentioning that this tournament was confirmed to open to every player rather than the original 40 ones.

Originally, 40 players in 8 teams will be picked up from the applying group to join in this tournament, which caused worries about how these 8 teams will be chosen and complaints on the little chance for players. “It doesn’t seem very meaningful if there are only 40 people who get to play, and 15 of those people win prizes”. Fortunately, it finally comes to give a chance for all players, so the only thing you need to do is find 4 of your friends to team up!

Show your skill with maxed stats grants on private server

Well, the maxed stats would be the most unique appeal in this tournament, meaning that you needn’t pay for any gold, items, or gear but get highest level, and choose the best equipments freely. So the winning factor will be up to your skills and collaboration in your team. Besides, for security consideration, private dedicated tournament servers will be offered for thethree weeks’ competition. You will log back into the normal game servers once you have finished on the tournament servers, with your original level and stats, of course.

Mark the date of July 24, on which the tournament begins. And before it comes alive, you can buy cheap rs 2007 gold on RS3gold to get more training and improve your skill. Enjoy it and wish you good luck to get the one of the share cash prize of total $10,000!


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Runescape Revolution will be here

Pick-up your swords, bows and wands. Revolution has arrived!
“How dare you are making improvements depending on just what community has called for! I will “quit” now and make sure I let everyone learn about it, while they will not ever  care and i also will not quit!”you see somebody obviously mind this revolution.
Of curse you’ll find somebody Respond it by saying”Actually I bet even if they simply  simply changed the combat system back, or compromised people would still find  something diffrent to complain about. It takes place day in and day out. I actually think this is a  good edition to combat. Why quit over items like this? Simply quitting because an  update isn’t everything you wanted so that it is. But despite the fact that your quitting you will look at  Facebook and keep adopting the runescape page simply to specifically say your quitting  and complain even more! Have you thought to just go and play another thing by leaving us non  whiners with it.” People will invariably complain about things and it is an oversight to be handled by them.
“Legacy even is a compromise. I voted yes for Legacy because it’s exactly what the majority  wants but I am wondering hopefully was a option, as you say people will always  complain.”"It’s like building your bank account over numerous years of progress depending on the  previous combat system then your entire time which you’ve invested gets dumped on.  Tbh i don’t even find EoC enjoyable, it’s simply clicking abilities constantly. I go for the earlier system that you STILL could multitask and wish for a “high” hit and  comboing.”"But everyone was complaining about things before EOC even happened. So  basically things i am saying perhaps there is is definitely destined to be people that aren’t happy. If  they never created EOC im sure people would nevertheless be complaining and whining even if updates usually are not what they desire. In truth that is that goes.”
I’m sure game is not perfect because perfection is, after all, relative. Plus a game  can not be ideal for everyone. But you can’t disregard the fact that the majority of the  people complaining now, including me, will be in respond to EoC, which can be terrible. Just  examine Jagex’s profits/Revenue/Players Online. Numbers don’t lie. People played RS  as it was obviously a different combat interface through the standard MMO.

ffxiv The cards for 59 soon to be 60 DRK

I notice there’s been a lot of concern about Dark Night currently, 59-soon-to-be-60 DRK main here. I’ll go over the cards I’d most like to receive in order of priority.
1. Ewer. Yes, please. When MT, Dark Knight burns through their MP pool even faster than Black Mage. If you ever watch our MP bar during a fight it’s a constant up and down, with only a few self-regenerating abilities available to us with Grit on. This job is all about MP management and being low at critical points can hamper our ability to tank effectively, such as having to round up a bunch of adds while not being able to use Unleashed. And unlike Black Mage, Ewer is less likely to alter our rotation in a bad way. Receiving a Ewer at almost anytime while MT would greatly effect my effectiveness over the next 30 seconds. When offtanking, Ewer is less important since we can use Blood Weapon to keep MP up more or less at full. However, if you or your co-healer is rapidly losing mana due to phases requiring heavy healing periods it is probably better to give this buff to yourself/them at that time; it could save the BRD or Machinist from using their refresh abilities and losing DPS.

2. Arrow. In short fights DRK really doesn’t have any TP issues – none of our weaponskills cost more than 70 TP and our tools that are TP-intensive to other jobs instead use MP. Receiving Arrow would allow us to get more Syphon Strikes off to help MP regeneration. A good choice for us with minimal negative impact. If you’re just using this for a general DPS increase though probably MNK would get a lot out of this buff as well.

3. Bole. A solid card for any tank, I feel this buff is most useful during the initial phase of big pulls or for tank buster moves, which should be obvious. Yet this wouldn’t change how I approach a situation calling for damage reduction – I’m still going to pop cooldowns where appropriate – so I really think using this is more for your benefit since you’re the one healing me. You could also spread this card and save it for predictable, damaging AoE with Expanded Royal Road.

4. Spire. Yeah I said before that Dark Knight doesn’t have any TP issues. In short fights. I was doing Ramuh HM for a friend earlier today, and as MT I realized that I had completely gone dry about halfway through it. Ramuh HM is one of those fights that has absolutely no downtime for the MT since there are no tank swapping mechanics built into it. For fights like this, I will run out of TP eventually. Another poster in this thread said DRK and PLD were the only physical jobs with no form of TP-regen ability, and he was right. While this card can be a boon to other melee jobs like MNK, a DRK can still benefit. Our need for this is going to be on a per-fight basis so you’ll have to use your own discretion as to the best choice for it.

5. Spear. Another tricky card for the reasons OP outlined. A lot of DRK’s off-GCD abilities don’t have super long cooldowns with the exception of Shadow Wall and Living Dead. Living Dead is an ability that is either planned at very specific times or an oh-shit button, both scenarios being hard to plan around a random buff system. There’s more appropriate jobs to use this on. My guess is DRG, NIN, or hell even WAR would get more out of this than us.

6. Balance. Shouldn’t have to be said, but this buff simply isn’t for a tank class unless using expanded Royal Road. Give it to a DPS

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runescape 2007 gold Treasure Hunter Summer Raffle

Bring your beach Lumbridge runescape 2007 gold crater and pick up some unique prizes this weekend – like a baby turtle pet, animated sand robe and Environmental crabTransmogrification hat! How to Enter the lottery From 0:00 PM UTC until 25 June 23:59 UTC on June 28 to get the mystery boxes by bringing buckets of sand Reyna in Lumbridge crater, daily challenges, or Treasure Hunter. Opening mystery boxes gives you the opportunity to win a prize, the character that can be clicked on and redeem any of the five unique prizes:     Sand Peninsula – complete with CSS animations     Baby turtle – super-cute pet follower     Bucket and spade – a melee weapon and shield overrides     Coconut Hat – head bypass     Sand Castle loot bar Please note Sandy Cape on Monday changed the game to do the upgrade of sand cascading effect clearer. You can see both versions of the peninsula – as well as the pet turtle – in the Preview section, or over our Vine channel. If you do not get a sign to unlock the mystery box, you can still get a consolation prize: a stack of water balloons, a royal battleship kit, a huge prismatic star or a lamp, or the medium of cash in the bag. Please note that water balloons are only available for a consolation prize Ironman players. Reyna will give you the mystery of the box when that eight buckets of sand for her, up to three times a day. Your first, he will also give you a beach party ticket. Hold on here – the Lumbridge crater Beach Party begins next week, you can change the goody bag! You can get up to two boxes per day of daily challenges, and you can win more Treasure Hunter. From 28 June until the beach party ends, you have the option of requiring a great mystery box Reyna each regular mystery box, you have opened (including the opening 28). Each will give you the chance to win the lottery the star prize – a crab Transmogrification hat. This sought-after part of the summer headgear is tradeable until the picture is taken while wearing it. Crab Hat Consolation prizes a great mystery boxes are the same as regular ones. Enjoy! Get ready to enjoy the summer sun on the beach party of the year. Have fun, and let us know your feedback over on the forums! RuneScape Team Previews What is Treasure Hunter? Treasure Hunter is a mini game – play within the RuneScape – where players use the keys will require game items, such as awards. These range from useful resources for rare weapons and exclusive gear. Playing Treasure Hunter is simple – click the icon opens the treasure chest when you log in. If you have not played before, just follow the screen guide. Everyone gets at least one key day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or storage redeeming the Bonds. If you want more, you can also buy buttons the website, or by clicking “Buy Keys’ within the user interface of the game Treasure Hunter.

hare your RuneScape memories2

“I became component of Devious Mud beta program, though I like the pre-eoc servers. Hell, even pre-ge times were great, going to world 2 would be a beast though, looking to decipher who’s selling or buying what.”
“I recall messing around with friends in the past, doing quests and seeing how the game got a lot more “fancy”. one day just playing like every other day, then *BOOM* fancy update appeared.But a few things i remember above all would be the endless hours i oftentimes tried, killing lesser demons back before EoC.”
” I remember if your boogey bow was F2P. Full rune costs around ~180k gp. Holiday events that was entirely F2P, everyone got each of the possible rewards from it. The old dance emote. The old armor looks with the plumes. Muddy key would have been a myth it can be expensive. That Jagex said Runescape 2 can be FREE, these days there are Runescape 3 for F2P and P2P and Runescape 2(Old school) is made for P2P.”
“Going before they said RS2 would remain free if people voted because of it, the trainer told us Runescape 2 would Be free. Whether or not this was always free, they don’t really must have people vote into it, the having people voting correctly was an forced choice give RS2 the opportunity to turn to P2P, if it works out P2P, the members can’t really blame Jagex because of it. The voting so that it is F2P was just to have increased revenue(whether it proved P2P) and free advertisement since people would mention it to people and attempt to cause them to become vote.”
“When every moment was set with planning, action ,and excitement where Guards has a purpose and you also could possibly be attacked anywhere. When training on Black Knights was the important challenge.”
“I remember the times people use dragon claws/armadyl godsword special attack to knock cold others in pvp(wildy, soul wars, etc) that slice and dice(4 swift slashes) or the judgement(1 powerful slash) can deal lots of destruction of opponent with a few game ticks
and all sorts of other Rs Goldspecial attacks(e.g. korasi sword, saradomin sword, etc)…truly amazing
Jagex, you made EoC into RS(removed special attack), have you forgetten to feature passive effect towards the weapons that had special attack? (I appreciate you add the passive effects into godswords, but you have forgotten dragon claws, saradomin sword, and whatever else that falls into this)”

Adventures in The Star Wars: the Old Republic with Plenty SWTOR Gold

Now players can buy SWTOR Gold at sw-tor-credits.com with such a low price and fast delivery. The Star Wars: the Old Republic is become hot in MMO game world! Now let us have a look on Kai Zykken here, which is everyone’s heard of the amazing adventures. It is obvious that players do not know that there’s even less to players than being really great at everything. It is true that once a player is also a connoisseur of all the galaxy’s finest things, and today, players is going to share a few of their favorites!

Players pretty sure that they have found themselves wondered like that, “How could I do this same boring stuff, but look awesome like Kai Zykken when I do it?”The answer is usually like this: my new line of sleek and unique vehicles! All these are big and small without any types. Just dive right in!

Next let us have a look on Mega Mounts. Have players ever been speeding around Vaiken Spacedock in your Korrealis, thinking of yourself, “If only some brilliant vehicle maker could give me a way to take up even more space, players would regard it really important and attractive.”

The player usually took the types of things that player love as follows, Transports, combat droids, even rancors, which all been made small. As a matter of fact, their “smallness” is guaranteed to develop their relative statured. If players like small and cute Mount, then Kai’s Micro Mounts are designed for them! Now just buy enough SWTOR Gold for sale online to exchange the materials for the Mounts.

Astrologians Guide: Benefits on Cards & Buff to Enjoy Classes in FFXIV Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward has been alive for some days. When adventuring the new area in Eorzea, you may need cheap ffxiv gil and some knowledge on class playing to smooth your experience. As one of the newly added three classes, Astrologian would be a playable class, so here Safewow summarizes the experience on maximally using cards to play Astrologians well!

Have a good understanding of every job

The launch of FFXIV Heavensward has brought many new features, like limit breaks on classes, as well as level cap, flying mounts & more that shown on Safewow. Class is one of the biggest parts in ffxiv, while Astrologian is a new and potential class among all. To play it well, players need to have a good understanding of every other job. On one hand, to make the most use of your cards, you need to know what type of skills and what resources other jobs use. On the other hand, other jobs also need to know about Astrologian to make the most out of their cards by taking advantage of what Astrologians give you.

Know advantages of cards and maximize their function

1. Balance (dps+) increases the overall DPS by a whole 10% and more when enhanced.
2. Bole (def+) can reduce damage taken by 10%, which mostly be used on tanks during a large pull.
3. Arrow (atk spd+) can lower GCD, increase skill speed, and also spell speed by 10%.
4. Spear (CD-) reduces the cooldowns of skills by 20% for a whole 5th of the time, which goes for all Ninjutsu, all DRG jumps, BRD’s Bloodletter, Rain of Death, PLD’s insane amount of buffs, and even Hallowed Ground. Note that it is a little difficult to use because it only reduces the cooldowns of skills that are not already on cooldown. So spam them only after you get the Spear card buff.
5. Ewer (MP cost-) reduces the MP costs of all your skills by 20%. To put that into perspective, every 5 holy’s a WHM casts, they will get a 6th for free. If a BLM casts 5 fires or fire IVs, they can now cast a 6th before they have to switch to ice! More DPS!
6. Spire (TP cost-) reduces the TP costs. You can now pay for 5 and get 1 free for any AoE spamming.

Know about Royal Road to buff your class

Royal Roading is a way to buff your cards. Since it is only available to draw one card per 30 seconds, you need to know well about it and figure out what you are trying to do. Here are three types of buffs.
1. Expand: With a circle in circle, it is a buff that can be applied to everyone in group, though, at a reduced potency. So you need to stay close to make sure you get that buff.
2. Extend: when there is a clock inside the circle, the next buff used on the person will be extended in duration to make a longer buff.
3. Enhance: With a plus sign inside the circle, it means the next buff used will be at 150% potency.

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The GE is a huge superior of activity improvement

The alone affair I’m absolutely adjoin is the use of Venom weapons/armor in alarming PvP. Added than that, I don’t apperception any of the updates at all. In fact, they’re absolutely awesome.

The GE is a huge superior of activity improvement–not to acknowledgment extenuative end users money AND convalescent producers’ balance by abbreviation transaction costs for RuneScape gold. I adore the oldschool aspect of OSRS, but I amount the homesickness far beneath than I amount the time I save by not accepting to buy all my items in person.

Jagex fabricated a lot of bad agreeable over time, but they aswell fabricated a lot of acceptable content; let’s not bandy the babyish out with the bathwater by afraid reintroducing updates which fabricated the bold a lot added agreeable to play.

It’s what happens if you accord updates to a bequest server. Let’s face it admitting if OSRS had no updates the bold would apparently accept comatose in it’s player-base by now. Homesickness alone goes so far.

The GE advancing out makes things 10x easier afresh they were, but at the aforementioned time this absolutely isnt 07scape anymore. Like you said in your affair jagex is like repeating themselves.

runescape 2007 gold Adamant and rune dragons

Adamant and rune dragons runescape 2007 gold are here! Courtesy of Dragonforcae and voted for by you, they’re fresh from RuneLabs and ready for battle. Delve beneath Brimhaven and jaunt through the World Gate to Kethsi to face these new monsters in high-level combat.

Earn new rewards such as upgrades to make level 90 power boots, a dragon slaying ring and rare, prestigious cosmetics. Learn forgotten lore, too, as you uncover the lost secrets of the Dragonkin. If you need to buy more merchandise, you can buy more Runescape Gold.

This week we’ve also got two new bank boosters in Solomon’s Store – available free to members – details of the week’s streams and news on the winners of our recent community competitions.

How to Start

Adamant dragons can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon. They’re formidable foes, so you’ll need high combat levels and anti-dragon breath equipment to survive. You’ll find more dragons behind magical barriers – passable at 70, 80 and 90 Slayer. Adamant dragons are available as a slayer assignment from Kuradal or Morvran.

Rune dragons are farther away – on Mount Firewake on the world of Kethsi. This new area is only accessible through the World Gate south of Eagle’s Peak, once you’ve completed Fate of the Gods and Ritual of the Mahjarrat. The only slayer master who will assign them is Morvran.

To stand a chance against these mightiest of monsters, you’ll – of course – need anti-dragon gear. It’s also wise to come packing dragonbane ammo, as anything else will deal greatly reduced damage until the rune dragons’ armour plating is breached.

Rune dragons also have a flight phase – all the more reason to come geared for range – and an enrage phase where their maximum damage increases with each attack.

Regular rune dragons are challenging enough, but elite rune dragons can also spawn on their death. These have all the deadly abilities of their kin, with a significant boost in power – and more lucrative loot.

For two weeks following today’s release, there are increased spawn rates on both adamant and rune dragons, and an increased chance for elites to spawn when rune dragons are killed. There’s also twice the chance to get an adamant or rune dragon slayer assignment.


Speaking of loot, there are bags of it to be had for intrepid dragon slayers. Their drop tables are brimming with valuables, including some all-new rewards unavailable anywhere else.

Rune dragons can drop items to upgrade steadfast, glaiven or ragefire boots, making level 90 power boots in all three styles. You’ll need two of the appropriate item to make an upgrade. The boots degrade, eventually reverting to their level-85 base items. Note that rune dragons only drop the upgrade components while on a Slayer task from Morvran. Elite rune dragons always have a chance to drop them.

The Kethsi ring is a possible drop from elite rune dragons, and imparts a 4% damage boost against metallic dragons when worn – 8% against those in Kuradal’s dungeon. It also gives teleports to adamant or rune dragons – which can be shared by a social slayer partner, if they’re also able to reach the dragons. The ring has five teleport charges, and is destroyed when those are used up.

Elite dragons will – rarely – drop a Kethsi scroll, which unlocks part of the cosmetic Kethsi outfit – styled after the long-dead mages of that world.

There are murals in Brimhaven and on Kethsi which can be cleansed with a fully charged dragonfire shield at 60 and 80 Firemaking. This grants a lump of Firemaking XP, and adds words to your Dragonkin primer.

Adamant and rune dragons also drop pages of the journal of a Dactyl Dragonkin who continued Kerapac’s experiments on metal dragons.

Check in at RuneLabs!

Today’s update really shows the awesome things we can accomplish through RuneLabs.

This month, we’re looking for similarly monstrous high-level mobs – keep submitting, keep supporting, and look forward to more RuneLabs content in the future!

Runefest 2015 Come for RS 3 and OSRS Players on October 3

Are you still immersed in RS 3 Tuska world event for more rewards and XP gains? Or if you are an OSRS player who are looking for some ideas to shape Deadman Mode? Either way, you won’t want to miss the biggest event hold for both rs 3 and rs 2007 players- Runefest will come on October 3 with tickets available in early July!

Runefest 2015 will last one day in London as usual

Runefest is an annual Jagex-run real world event for RuneScape players, allowing kinds of activities, multifarious items, and future contents revealed… Although there is not so much information about this year’s Runefest, we have some things confirmed.

Firstly, the fifth Runefest will be also held in Tobacco Dock venue in London, UK, while the released date is October 3. Besides, tickets will be sold in early July at the price of 99 pounds, containing the all-day and all-access pass.

Similar to last year, bonds are also available for tickets booking, flight, room and other spending. It is somewhat refers to micro transaction for someone, but at least convenient for players who have bonds or want to redeem extra rs gold for bonds. For some players’ curiousness, 35 bonds are required for one ticket last year. Even if the price of bonds is not the same as last year, there won’t be far difference.

Tips for players that haven’t joined in this event before

If it is your initial contact with Runefest, tips below from other players may be helpful.

1. You can come in cosplay, but wearing something that isn’t too hot will make you feel more comfortable. And find something runescape to wear is recommended.

2. Try to get there early for the night before since the queue is immense.

3. If that is possible, go with friends or make some by finding out who is going.

4. Get a selfie with game designers there, you’ll treasure it.

5. Bring 2 pounds or so in case they have gorgeous bacon rolls on offered just like before.

For players who are hyped for this event, not the date and you will have a whale of a time! And for some other players who cannot go due to some reasons, time, age, or so, you can get cheap rs  2007 gold and rs3 gold from RS3gold to hop into the upcoming loads of new contents! Enjoy yourself!


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