“Personally, I still view Jagex as the least greedy gaming company out there. I like how you will guys will almost allways be doing charity events honest safe music downloads.In time everything on rs is going to be worth nothing as a result of that. None leaving the game and much more Say hello to the game.That’s highly exaggerated Tommy, but double drops is unquestionably harmful to the economy.Isn’t this about the Charity yet you consult this, there is an choice to not pick any of them also no ones forcing someone to get that bonus xp so how about not occurring it for your weekend, Problem Solved.”cheap rs gold

“2x drops since whats the point of maxing everything then having no other to max. with 2x drops, it will make people wish to boss more. So ultimately, 2x xp= faster maxing = make rs boring and 2x item= cash, charms, slower skill maxing but funner.most people train buyables on 2x xp. double drops would get invested on skills/inflating economy. have you thought to just cut towards chase and train 2x the pace at 1/2 the price?”

“because gett8ng skills to 99 can be a major part of the game so y make lvling it faster? plus a lot of people contemplating themselves, 2x drops may also help people who has become hacked.”

” I miss running for gaming from enemies simply because they didn’t always have to be clicked to fight. The earlier Wizard Tower of all time impossibly laggy update. I miss the previous way the avatars employed to stand, walk, and run before EoC. I do not like how tall the avatars look now. I miss the existing faces to the avatars besides, and hate the way they stand whilst in combat, or running from combat. I miss in the event the staffs were held such as a stick insect. I miss the existing combat, you bet certain moves seemed a great deal cooler and more mysterious then what is sold with EoC. I miss when the game seemed dangerous, now it’s too easy, just as a noob. I still play and i also don’t mind EoC a lot…but it’s really significantly less fun because it was once before EoC. JS. Everything before EoC was obviously a masterpiece of simplicity. Now it’s simply been changed an excessive amount.”

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