Get Dragon Trinkets in RS3 Treasure Hunter to Fight against Chromatic Dragon

With the various contents released, the dragon trinket comes to Treasure Hunter with a range of functions to shine your eyes! New amulet helps to pick up and note dragon bones and hides from all chromatic dragons, and a chance to instantly kill them! Buy cheap runescape gold to begin your dragon slayer adventure now!

What are the functions of dragon trinkets?

1. They can pick up and note dragon bones and hides.

2. No need additional slayer assignment, but stacks with those assignments you have, and they will give you slayer XP on skill. You won’t miss it since the slayer & bonus weekend (May 15- May 18) is coming to the monthly Road Trip and allows you to get more additional slayer XP.

3. They can provide draconic deathblows with 5% chance per hit to instantly kill dragon above 80% life point. This instant slayer with draconic deathblows can only work on chromatic dragon, but cannot work on KBD and QBD.

4. They can teleport you to dragon locations. Right-click to activate this function (the first three functions activate automatically).

How many trinkets each function consumes?

When using different functions to fight against chromatic dragon, dragon trinkets will be consumed with different amounts. When pick up and note each bone or hide, per baby dragon kill consumes 1 trinket, while per adult dragon kill consumes two; when use a deathblow to kill dragon, each baby dragon consumes 1 trinket, and adult dragon consumes two; The additional Slayer XP given is relative to the power of the dragon killed, and it consumes 1 trinket per dragon killed, with the exception of brutal greens (3), the KBD (10) and the QBD (15);

How to get the dragon trinkets?

The dragon trinkets can be received from Treasure Hunter. From 00:00 UTC (game time) on May 15 to 23:59 UTC on May 18, log in Treasure Hunter and you can receive 75 dragon trinkets for free. Continue to enter Treasure Hunter, and you will gain bigger chance to get more trinkets, and if not, get more rare rs items at least. Prepare more keys for entry. And if it is not so urgent for you to exchange bonds for rs 3 gold, you can redeem it for keys.

Treasure Hunter isn’t going anywhere, and this update can make skilling easier and more productive while providing many extra bonuses. If you love it, simply pick up cheap rs3 gold with 8% discount on RS3gold with the discount code “LEGACY8OFF” and have fun in your dragon slayer adventure!


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