Death towards the Dorgeshuun old school runescape gold!

Considering that the Lost Tribe old school runescape gold quest many humans have visited the Dorgeshuun mines, but no cave goblin has yet were built with a tour from the surface. The Dorgeshuun Council fears that this H.A.M. group could possibly be planning another attack, as well as send a real estate agent for the surface to look into, and they are generally seeking an adventurer to act like a guide. RuneScape gold. Introduce your new Dorgeshuun friend to Lumbridge’s residents, silently take out guards, and foil those intending to bring Death on the Dorgeshuun!
If you’re able to save the town you may be rewarded with many Thieving and Ranging XP, as well as the Dorgeshuun will highlight ways to use the special attacks of two of the heightened weapons. Additionally , you will access a whole new a higher level the H.A.M. cave and steal larger rewards.
In other news…
The mighty Guthix has decreed the the years have come for his tears to present Construction xp to adventurers for whom it is their lowest skill, but as long as they own a family house.


“Personally, I still view Jagex as the least greedy gaming company out there. I like how you will guys will almost allways be doing charity events honest safe music downloads.In time everything on rs is going to be worth nothing as a result of that. None leaving the game and much more Say hello to the game.That’s highly exaggerated Tommy, but double drops is unquestionably harmful to the economy.Isn’t this about the Charity yet you consult this, there is an choice to not pick any of them also no ones forcing someone to get that bonus xp so how about not occurring it for your weekend, Problem Solved.”cheap rs gold

“2x drops since whats the point of maxing everything then having no other to max. with 2x drops, it will make people wish to boss more. So ultimately, 2x xp= faster maxing = make rs boring and 2x item= cash, charms, slower skill maxing but funner.most people train buyables on 2x xp. double drops would get invested on skills/inflating economy. have you thought to just cut towards chase and train 2x the pace at 1/2 the price?”

“because gett8ng skills to 99 can be a major part of the game so y make lvling it faster? plus a lot of people contemplating themselves, 2x drops may also help people who has become hacked.”

” I miss running for gaming from enemies simply because they didn’t always have to be clicked to fight. The earlier Wizard Tower of all time impossibly laggy update. I miss the previous way the avatars employed to stand, walk, and run before EoC. I do not like how tall the avatars look now. I miss the existing faces to the avatars besides, and hate the way they stand whilst in combat, or running from combat. I miss in the event the staffs were held such as a stick insect. I miss the existing combat, you bet certain moves seemed a great deal cooler and more mysterious then what is sold with EoC. I miss when the game seemed dangerous, now it’s too easy, just as a noob. I still play and i also don’t mind EoC a lot…but it’s really significantly less fun because it was once before EoC. JS. Everything before EoC was obviously a masterpiece of simplicity. Now it’s simply been changed an excessive amount.”

NHL 16 Release: 5 Things Gamers Need to Know No

The NHL 16 release date is just months away and while EA did not announce the specific date we know a lot about the NHL 16 release that gamers and fans will want to know today to get amped up and ready for the game.

Even before E3 2015 there are a lot of details for gamers to learn about the NHL 16 release and the new NHL 16 features that are coming to consoles this fall.

Gamers who cannot wait to play NHL on Xbox One can use EA Access to play NHL 15 as part of the Vault that comes with a $4.99 a month or $30 a year EA Access membership. This also allows gamers to trade in a physical copy before values drop any further..

The NHL 16 release date is set for September 2015. EA did not confirm a specific date for the new game, which is not surprising at this stage.

The NHL 16 release includes the Xbox One and PS4. There is also a NHL Legacy Edition coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

EA did not announce the specific NHL 16 release date, but the odds are good that it will come on September 8, 2015. The last two NHL games arrived on a Tuesday around this date, and it sits between the Madden 16 release and the FIFA 16 release.

What is NHL 16 Legacy Edition?

The NHL 16 Legacy combines popular modes from the previous NHL games and updated rosters and still carries a $59.99 price tag.

There are no new features from the main release coming to this version. Gamers often joke that EA charges $60 a year for an updated roster, and in this case it looks like the gaming company plans to try this scenario for anyone who has not yet updated to the PS4 or Xbox One.

With the NHL 16 Legacy edition gamers also get authentic schedules and gameplay modes from the best versions of NHL games from earlier in EA’s run with the game.

New NHL 16 Features

Here is a look at the new NHL 16 features that EA highlights. We may see other items appear as EA shares more details about the game.

EA Sports Hockey League is back to deliver an online mode that allows gamers to pick a specialized class for a new experience on the ice. EA shares, “Player skill and your ability to play as a team will now be the determining factor in who wins and loses hockey games.”

Play as a team with 6 v. 6 online Team play or Online Couch Co-Op that lets anyone get into the action and allows fans to grab friends to play as everyone on the ice.

Single player mode isn’t forgotten in NHL 16. Ea includes a GM mode, NHL 16 Ultimate Team and a Pro Fantasy mode. When you are GM, you need to worry about ho players work together and overall player morale. In the Be a Pro game your play will dictate the type of player you are as you progress from a rookie to a pro.

A new NHL 16 training tool makes it easier to learn how to play better and will help you understand the game even more. This reminds us of the new training mode that Madden 15 delivered last year.

EA packs in new controls on offense and defense that the company doesn’t describe in full. EA does say that, “NHL 16 delivers a balanced gameplay experience that makes every position on the ice meaningful to team success.”

The new Precision Skating tool lets you make more purposeful movements and with seamless puck pick ups there is more control for the player and new options to maneuver into a scoring position.

EA also adds in NHL Playoff beards when you take your team to the playoffs, more realistic arenas, players and commentary.

NHL 16 Demo Release

The odds are very good for a NHL 16 demo to arrive before the NHL 16 release date. EA delivered a NHL 15 demo about two weeks before the NHL 15 release.

If EA sticks to this strategy we could see a NHL 16 demo release in the last week of August. Odds are good that the demo might arrive on August 25th, the same day as the full Madden 16 release.

On Xbox One we expect to se an early NHL 16 release that allows gamers to play the full game up to five days early for a total of six hours of game play. This is a perk for EA access members that all signs suggest will continue in 2015.

NHL 16 Pre-Orders and Deals

The NHL 16 release date is months away still, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pre-order it now. NHL 16 is coming on disc and digital on the same day.

Right now you can pre-order NHL 16 from GameStop and Amazon. There is no NHL 16 pre-order deal for $10 off at Best Buy like we often see for new games, but Gamers Club Unlocked will knock the price down to $48.

The digital NHL 16 pre-orders are not live yet on PSN or Xbox Live, but EA lists them as coming soon. With EA Access on the Xbox One gamers can save 10% off the digital version of the game.

At this time there are no NHL 16 pre-order bonuses, but that will likely change later this year. On Amazon and other retailers the pre-order date may list December 31st, but that is just a placeholder

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Safewow share YES/NO Tips and cheap ffxiv gil for playing ffxiv Heavensward Better

Following our YES/NO post we would like to give some helpful Tips to new and old players that we have learned while playing these past a few years.
Tip 1 . Do not use steam if you cant commit.
Tip 2 .Do not steal from your new FCs bank.
Tip 3 .Attack the mob that is marked in your dungeon 1 means attack this one first 2 means 2nd and so on.

Tip 4 .Dungeon queues are long but you do not need to sit there doing nothing. You can craft/gather or do fates while waiting on queues (unless you are 50) I would advise you pick up gathering to do while waiting on queues since it is easy to finish so you have time to change classes and hit commence. Also good money maker.
Tip 5 .if you are not a tank please do not pull the mob. If your tank is taking a long time to pull please ask nicely that he pulls.
Tip 6 .HP right away after dying if there are no other players in sight.

Tip 7 .Want to get to level 10 quick but do not want to go through the hassle it takes to get there? Have a friend kill high level mobs after you claim them you can get from 1-10 in around 10-20min. (Swiftperch Area)
Tip 8 .Want to get quick sol? If you are a tank or healer queue into Shiva Hard mode and chances are you will get a new person if it is not bright (nexus light) that is 90 sol in 5 minutes)
Tip 9 .Want to make some gil but do not want to spend gil to make gil? Farm fleece and you can make around 20k a stack if you are lucky around 100k an hour (Sales my vary)

Tip 10 .Want a ilevel110 piece of gear? buy or farm the mats and get or pay someone to make it for you. You will save a lot of gil that way.
Tip 11 .Always tell people you are new so they can talk to you and tell you how it is done.
Tip 12 .Level every class to 15 this way you will know what you like and what you do not like as well as having them 15 for job quests.

Tip 13 .Always do your class and job quests and unlock your job crystal at 30. you get 2 abilities from class quests at level 15 and 30.
Tip 14 .Wear the right accessories not just for you but for the rest of the group.

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Details on Old School The June Ahead

June is here and it is going to be a big month. In fact, it is going to be exactly the size you want it to be thanks to resizable mode! The rest of the month is set to be very big, too, with new JMods, the midsummer event, two polls and the opening of the competitive tournament applications. Let’s get into the details of what we have planned for June. Mods Alfred & Day Today we gained two JMods here on the Old School team! Mod Alfred and Mod Day. Mod Alfred is the returning junior artist for the Old School team, here to work alongside Mod Ghost. Alfred first joined the Old School team in 2014 and is just now returning after completing his final year at university. He is a true veteran and has played RuneScape since classic. His role is to model, animate and concept a whole variety of arty things. When he isn’t doing that he is the ‘onion eater, scorpion muncher and chilli destroyer’. Mod Day is a brand new addition to the Old School team working as our junior QA tester. As an avid ‘scaper and a lover of games, she will be a valuable addition to the team as she helps Mod John C win the battle against the bugs! These names will become familiar over the coming weeks as Mods Alfred and Day get stuck into their roles. Be sure to head over to Twitter to say hi to Mod Alfred and Mod Day. We’ll also be seeing a new content developer joining the Old School team later on this week so be sure to keep an eye out! Resizable mode The wait is finally over. This Thursday resizable mode will be coming to Old School RuneScape. The ability to make the most of your monitor is almost here. The most common question that we are seeing come up with resizable mode is about the interface. To clear up any confusion, let’s take a look at the different options you will have in resizable mode. There are three different interface options when using resizable mode: opaque background, the position of the stone buttons and opaque chat box. If you are playing with a fairly thin window size, the bottom line button layout may stack the buttons to make sure they are all visible and easily clicked. It is also possible to hide your chat box and inventory by clicking on the currently selected tab. You can see a few, full resizable mode screenshots here. Want to see more? You’ll have to hold tight. Thursday is just around the corner! Competitive tournament applications On the 24th of July we will be hosting the first ever RuneScape Competitive Tournament. You and four friends can fight in unique PvP arenas, using the best accounts and best equipment in Old School to win a share of $10,000! If you are think you are among the best PKers out there, you now have the chance to prove it! We’ll be giving $5,000 to the first place team, $3,000 to the second place team and $2,000 to the 3rd place team. This tournament will be 100% online. Avoiding the hassle of bringing everyone to one location and allowing players to compete in the tournament from the comfort of their own home. Of course, the entire event will be live streamed on This tournament will allow us to dip our toes in the competitive gaming scene and help us gauge whether there’s potential to host a larger scaled tournament at a venue like RuneFest. Midsummer event The druids of Taverly are, once again, having some trouble fighting off evil spirits. Later on this month you will get your chance to help the druids protect nature from the threat of corruption. The midsummer event will run for two weeks and will give you an opportunity to get your hands on the ever-nostalgic disks of returning and half full wine jugs. But who knows? Maybe you’re more interested in hugging a few trees. Either way, keep an eye out for the event starting later on in June. Content poll #34 & priority poll Later on this month we will be running content poll #34. This poll will include the summer slayer expansion, for which we will be releasing a second developer blog tomorrow! We will also be running a priority poll in June. We last ran a priority poll in September and have since released content for all of the top priorities for the community. Another priority poll will give us a fresh idea of what is important to the community for the next stretch of 2015.

Some Exciting Changes in the RuneScape Team cheap runescape 2007 gold

Thanks for you come to rsorder to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold or reading some good information about runescape, now le’t go: While announcement aggregation changes to the association isn’t something we do regularly, I anticipation I would allotment some agitative changes to the RuneScape Team. Mod Osborne has been answer to Lead Designer of RuneScape. With his clamorous passion, artistic accomplishment and energy, Mod Osborne will baby-sit RuneScape’s artistic design, acceptable the agreeable teams, arrest RuneScape’s bigger architecture questions, and active advanced our artistic ambitions for the capital game. Ultimately, he’s demography albatross for the game’s all-embracing design. Mod Conor may be new to abounding of you, but he’s been a Jagex athletic for a amount of years now. He will undertake the role of Senior Producer and baby-sit all of the RuneScape bold teams. Mod Conor has done a abundant job in allowance a amount of our teams get organised, energised and added efficient, including our technology and agreeable groups. Mod Conor now takes albatross for RuneScape’s absolute assembly pipeline, ensuring we can realise our big ambitions for agreeable in the future. As some of you know, Mod Dean afresh larboard Jagex and larboard a big gap that we bare to fill. I’m admiring to say that Mod Drew – the active force abaft abounding improvements beyond abstruse development – will be demography albatross for this. In his new role as Agreeable Development Manager, Drew will yield albatross for agreeable and abstruse development disciplines, coding standards and abilities development aural the RuneScape Team. In Mods Osborne, Conor and Drew we accept a absolutely able administration aggregation as we attending advanced to a arch summer, Invention, RuneFest 2015 and our 15th ceremony celebrations next January. We accept a appropriate Developer Q&A planned with all three next anniversary area we will be discussing approaching affairs and updates and best appellation aspirations for the game. I, as Head of Studio, and Mod Mark, as all-embracing flat Architecture Director, will still be giving advice and ideas. but as our absorption is advance beyond assorted development teams – including Chronicle, our accessible RuneScape action agenda bold – it will be Mods Osborne, Conor and Drew arch the circadian development of RuneScape. This come from, but will update more information about runescape, plz don’t leave.

RS3 Purchasable Color Wheel: Is In-game MTX Acceptable for You?

Recently, the color wheel was introduced to RS3, allowing players to customize your SGS outfits with different colors. However, it has become, after Action Bar issue, another controversial topic due to its requirement of Runescape coins to buy prismatic colors. Moreover, it even caused a petition for free color wheel, which further process to a discussion on MTX.

Details of color wheel update

RS3 Color Wheel

According to Mod Sayln, the color wheel is confirmed to release after players’ long-term requirement. It allows players to further customize SGS outfits by buying extra prismatic dyes. Originally, when you pay for a dye, you will unlock one slot and set any color you wish. The choosing color will always belong to you without any limitation on using amount. If you’d like to pick another prismatic color, it will cost another prismatic dye and unlock another slot, up to a total of 8. When you have total 8 colors and still want a new one, you can still pay for it, but it will override one current color. Prices are set as below: 195 runescape coins for 2 Prismatic Dyes, 350 runescape coins for 4 Prismatic Dyes, and 625 for 8 Prismatic Dyes, meaning that you will get more discounts when buying more dyes.

Complaints & suggestion about MTX

As this update has been expected to be free offer for a long time, it seems unacceptable when hearing that it requires paying for using. Some players told that they actuallylike cosmetics, but cannot accept so much things work behind paywall, experience outfits, protean items, spring cleaners,… those should be free and available to everyone. Stuff that gives an advantage should be earned, not bought.

To deal with the argument about MTX, some suggestions are pointed out as following:

1. MTX updates only happen either every other week, or the same frequency as quality game updates (not patch weeks). This means a maximum of 3 MTX updates a month can be accepted.

2. Pay to Win content should be stopped, nerfed heavily, or made easily accessible in game permanently. In addition, Pay to Win content should not be overpowered if every person obtained it. Simply said, nerf it or remove it.

3. Make them transparent so that players can see and easily communicate with Jmod team about these issues.

Explanation from Jagex Balance

Based on this hot discussion, Jagex balance has given his explanation-the current colors you have access would remain free, but these are in addition to the current ones, which won’t make you lose anything. And he takes t-shirt as an example to explain that purchasable color is not equal to pay twice- assuming you have bought a t-shirt before and still want to buy another when there is better option, which cannot be regarded as twice payment, so is color wheel.

It seems not an easily-solve problem. In fact, things are always developing from criticism and improvement. Perhaps more understanding is needed to promote our beloved game to be better. Anyway, RS3gold does hope there would be a satisfactory solution soon, and welcome every player in need to buy cheap rs 3 gold for sale here!


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Runescape Fighting buy rs 07 gold

Rivers and lakes combat system features. The fight was an important aspect of the game, allowing players to get the goods to defeat monsters or completing tasks. An indicator of the level of fighting is a powerful player in the fight or NPC. For the players, this is a mathematical formula applied to their fighting skills.

Players involved in the fighting by clicking on the enemy they want their people to attack and will automatically continue to fight until they kill opponents, death, or quit the fight. Most of the game is essentially a medieval weapon or fantasy, and characteristics of the different advantages and disadvantages. Players can also summon a familiar battle assist, using special attacks called “capacity” extra damage, and use potions and prayer skills upgrading capability.

The fight was broken down into three main categories: melee, magic and range. Melee attacks are close range magic attacks focus on the use of runestones cast,] and the use of long-range attack missile weapons arrow, darts or knife. These battles types that make up the triangle “battle”, the effectiveness of management style to the way the stone scissors cloth, nearly overcome unequal, ranging wins magic, magic fight melee, each style itself is neutral.

Advantages and disadvantages of fighting triangle apply to npc and the player’s opponents. Players do not need to choose a character class is not bound to a specific category of combat. They can be changed freely between or combine these three styles of fighting by switching weapons and armor.

Useful guide of FFXIV fatigue and surplus system

Final Fantasy 14 Fatigue and surplus System could be one of the most debatable features in this game. Today, you will find that the operation of fatigue and surplus.
The surplus system, which was designed to mainly stop players from leveling too quick without making the grind to level up to max level take such a long time. If you have not played FFXI, then you will know that basically when North Americans and Europeans at first rolled on the servers, leveling from 1 to 75 in about 50 days of break was considered very fast.

Just as players could consider, large amount of players who bought the game will never made it to 50 without the FFXIV power leveling or FFXIV Gil! Nowadays in FFXIV, the level upgrade is faster than before, since it is getting a group. Prevent to stop making the same mistake, the developers came up with the fatigue system.

Basically, once you reach a certain threshold of experience points earned, player get a message that says that “you are now in surplus” or something approximate this sentence, and players earn vitiated XP. There are 16 levels of surplus, and when players come to level 8, they stop to earning the points of experience.

As a matter of fact, the first 8 levels are hidden that you may not see then you do not experience a punishment for hitting these levels of surplus. As soon as players come to level 9, they will earn a small punishment that will increases until level 16, and at the point that players stop earning experience points altogether.

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Positive points demon factions property analysis old school runescape gold

Let me talk first attribute points old school runescape gold factions. Upright: L level is plus 1 point defense, 11:00 blood, add a little blood is blood plus 14-15, plus power by 3:00 to be 4/4/3, plus 1 min 5 hit, 2-3 to avoid. Xiepai: Anti-liter one is 1:00 9:00 Blood, add a little blood is 13-14 blood, increases the power by 3:00 to be 3/3/2, plus 1 min 4 hit 2-3 to avoid. Magic School: 1:00 liter as an anti 14:00, add a little blood is 15-16 blood, power by 3:00 to be 6/6/5, plus 1 min 3 of 6 hits avoided.

Well, I attribute points factions said a bit from attribute points is the best, the worst Xiepai magic school, but from the weaponry is the best school of magic Xiepai worst, decent are in the middle, there is the attack speed, evil is the fastest, down is magic.

But I found that I got a evil 8, add 25 power 12 min, the attack was 77, just out to get the weapon (double ax). 8 decency to take the same 99 novice sword attack. Magic send eight newcomers promise to take 133 attacks.

Also, take a different weapon attacks are not the same, magic gun attack a lot higher than the same level of take Xu attack. Evil, too, with a knife than a pair of high Tomahawk lot, you would have the same level of knife and gun attacks and Yue Xu higher than it was, but there is not much higher, but after the equipment go up against a lot worse, n is the same, to take the 13 knives and 13 to take the ax, even if you take the ax and take the knife attack 16 13 almost.

Magic and n are the same, there is the skills, basic skills are the same. 54 different skills in evil is the increase of female attack, is the yin, magic, male property defense, magic attack speed is home, the first change in the PK, and will not look at second, and basically look, who attribute attack or high property anti-high.