FIFA 15 Torres strike even real Madrid to Barcelona

Kissing calderon’s turf, torres celebrate after coming home in the most loving way home the first ball. Return to atletico Madrid jin a second life, goals and luck, the king’s cup for two round against real Madrid, Barcelona he three times in the second-half lightning war in less than 1 minute. Return to atletico Madrid first shot was all scored 3, eliminated real Madrid also makes Barcelona scares.

Last round against the bernabeu and torres both second-half score against real Madrid in the opening is less than 1 minutes, in order to help the king’s cup second leg champions they dream shattered. It goal comes earlier, gates will tell miss, only 38 seconds Barcelona goal or Barcelona bane fernando torres for many years, this is his ninth breached red blues goal, atletico Madrid eight Chelsea 1 ball.

Despite its back, have to 19, but atletico fans love of fernando torres, torres home debut 45000 tribute, and that when kaka in the bernabeu equally grand welcome ceremony. This is atletico Madrid at home to Barcelona scored 100 goals, 70 home before two top scorer is manolo 6 balls and caminero five goals, fernando torres will be personal in atletico Madrid total score up to 94 pitches, equalling manolo tied for history, 13 into three goals can transcend another sharpshooter Fran 96 pitches.

Torres, 38 seconds, not only over the last 46 seconds, become the fastest after the handover, is also the fastest since 1974 Barcelona king’s cup goal, red blues on a faster has lost the ball goes back in June 1974, orvieto Mali ja-gyeong scoring opening 20 seconds. And a king’s cup on atletico Madrid less than 1 minutes to score against Barcelona, is in May 1967, adela.This is 2011 benzema opening after scoring 22 seconds, Barcelona in Madrid’s second goal quickly in four years.

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