Cambridge Englands Manchester united in the fa cup win promotion

2014-15 playoff game, the fa cup fourth round of the season Manchester united at old trafford 3-0 outmanned Cambridge united into the top 16. Mata, rojo and Wilson to build a work. A total of 3 times the two sides met, in addition to the fa cup this season league 0-0 draw at home in Cambridge, is 1991-92 season’s carling cup second round away game, Manchester united 3-0 win at home, the guest – 1-1 draw. Louis van gaal USES a strong start, di maria, robin van persie, Wayne rooney, mata, blinder, Hector daya in midfield is basic.

25 minutes, mata, di maria cross from the left, after some fee lenny elano, mata the box the ball into an empty net, Manchester united 1-0 at Cambridge. 30 minutes, di maria cross from the left, middle mata capped shot kicked slanting, guard clearance, the area department to meet the ball finish by defenders off the bottom line.

After 32 minutes, di maria on the right corner, point fee lenny chest shot blocked from 12 yards after stopping the ball, van persie left costal area crosses, rojo close range header, Manchester united 2-0 up. The ball is the rojo joining Manchester united after the first goal of the harvest. 43 minutes, di maria cross from the left, nobody defense’s Wayne rooney partial ridiculously turned and volleyed 14 yards. End of the first half, united 2-0 at Cambridge.

The second half began, the 69th minute, mata cross from the left, after some fee lenny ball 7 yards was shot out of the bottom line. The 73th minute, herrera midfielder steal after passing, the area Wilson left foot shot, the ball into the bottom right hand corner, Manchester united 3-0 lead. The 76th minute, herrera passing, department has shot right rib 12 yards high. The 77th minute, cross department has the right, way to rob some shot rooney on the slant.

The 81th minute, cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 for sale hot at Gold4fans with best 24/7 online service! mata passing, rooney area right foot shot just wide of the frontier. The 86th minute, ASHLEY young 10 yards into the left right foot shot was blocked out, rooney shoot ball dunn.The 93th minute, McGee han single-pole shot 14 yards wide. In the end, united’s 3-0 defeat at Cambridge united reach the next round.


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