FIFA announced its the latest rankings with free FIFA 15 coins

FIFA has released the latest men’s national rankings, with in the Asian cup in January 2015 3-1, the Chinese team ranking is rising on January 14, ranked 82th. In Asia, Iran ranked first, South Korea with excellent performance of the Asian cup on queue 2nd surpassed Japan, Japan ranked third, the Chinese team ranked in Asia, up from ninth last month to the seventh.

The Brazilian World Cup champions Germany or without suspense title, is 1728.78 points, Argentina’s World Cup finalists, followed by South American rivals the Columbia team in third place. Was ranked no. 4 to 10 of Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, France, Uruguay and Spain. Other teams in the world, Italy ranked 12th, England was ranked the 15th.

In order to be able to ensure that the Chinese team in the march of the FIFA rankings in Asia in the first eight, is listed as the World Cup 2018 qualifier 40 better seeds, the Chinese football association confirmed that the Chinese men’s soccer with Africa on March 27, the highest ranked a friendly match against Tunisia. In addition, 31, will also take on bahrain, although on before the Asian cup, which performance is not very desirable, but its technical characteristic and individual ability still deep national coach perrin recognition, and conducive to the team’s response to this warm-up 40 that may be encountered strong competition rivals.

Worldwide, the top 10 were Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, France and Spain. Among them, the French than down one of the previous period, Uruguay up 1, 1 drop in Spain.

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