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RSorder 7th Anniversary Party: Free runescape 2007 gold cheap Giveaways is coming! Does anyone remember that Mod Ronan guaranteed to never convert old worlds to osrs F2P when F2P launches in Old School Runescape, but add some if necessary? But currently, he posted to take advices about what worlds should be F2P in OSRS.

Changes on members-only worlds
When F2P was available in RS07, Mod Ronan claimed frankly that Jagex would “be using the existing F2P worlds and, if necessary, adding additional worlds,” and never “be converting any existing worlds from members to F2P.”

Some people recalled Old School Poll 15 prior to F2P, where Jagex mustered remarks on whether 10 worlds should be removed from the world list to boost activity on the other world. We wouldn’t consider this matter now.

Within a month, Jagex posted to collect suggestions on what worlds should be converted to F2P. What do you think about such change?

Change World 1 or add new worlds?
In face of such an astonishing change on worlds, people stand for two factions. Some insist to add worlds for F2P as Jagex promised, because worlds for members only are already crowd, even it is already pretty hard to find an empty world for stuff like kraken & smoke devil boss. But others think that few worlds can be changed for F2P, like World 1 or a RP world.

A fair number of supporters suggest converting World 1 to F2P. Currently, worlds have about 300 players average, which is so small. Converting worlds will improve competition and less people will be able to do specific bosses so that the demand for those RS07 items will become high.

Few of them have given out a daring plan, converting a RP world to F2P. They are fond of RPing, but there are 40 thousand people in it so that they cannot get there. If there is a F2P RP server, it should be fine.

Which worlds would you like to be converted to F2P? Or is it more reasonable to add new worlds for F2P than to convert old worlds? Anyway, extra 5% free RS07 gold bonus is still ongoing, and everyone can buy cheapest RS 07 gold at Rsorder. Have fun!

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RSorder 7th Anniversary Celebration


The FIFA 15 coins cheapest of best coach of the year award

2014 C ronaldo Chenggong defending to seize the golden globe, the other seven awards also have their own belonging. Loew beat carlo ancelotti and simone elected coach of the year, J, with the World Cup was elected puskas award, the Chinese women’s football legend sun to attend as presenters. Former Juventus star alessandro del piero as presenters, the selection of judges is the world’s professional about 52000 members of trade unions, and according to the 433 formation to vote.

FIFA goalkeeper of the year: neuer (bayern Munich/Germany)

The FIFA annual best defender: ram (bayern Munich/Germany), thiago silva (Paris st germain/Brazil), David lewis (Paris st germain/Brazil), ramos (real Madrid/Spain)

The FIFA annual best midfielders: di maria (real Madrid and Manchester united/Argentina), Tony cross (bayern Munich and real Madrid/Germany), iniesta/Spain (Barcelona)

FIFA annual best striker: cristiano ronaldo (real Madrid)/Portugal, messi Barcelona/Argentina, arjen robben (bayern/the Netherlands)

FIFA President prize: sweet chuan yu chi. 2014 FIFA President prize awarded for football career of lifelong Japanese journalists chuan yu chi, xiang chuan yu chi is a professional player, when he was young have reported football more than 60 years. He is a reporter reports the Brazilian World Cup the eldest, was also specially in FIFA’s official website published an article gave him a high affirmation. After winning xiang chuan yu chi said: “this is a great honor, my English improved a lot since 1979, when blatter, President of the world youth championship is a member of the organizing committee. Friends are supporting me back to the signatures of cristiano ronaldo and messi.”

The FIFA fair competition: FIFA volunteers. FIFA secretary general Mr G announced that 2014 FIFA fair competition will be awarded to all the volunteers in the FIFA tournament, anwar, special thanks to the volunteers, volunteer representatives came to power, then accept the attendees.

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Runescape Hati and Skoll are back

Sköll and Hati, the winter wolf found in the legends of the Fremennik, are back and bring additional PE for all those who get beat, plus new ornamental image changes based on the Valkyrie.

This year’s novelty is embodied by Eir, a Valkyrie preparing for the End of Things, an event which, according to their belief, will take place during the Sixth Age. Eir lost his Shadowcraft Cap and his spear, and needs your help to get them back.

You can get these items after defeating Hati or Sköll or after collecting the enriched lucíferos swarming colony in Southeast Rellekka. You can get the same object twice if you continue completing these tasks, but only get the other when you exchange them on a player.

For example, if you get the spear after killing one of the wolves or after training Divinization, get more spears if you keep doing it, but not get the Shadowcraft Cap. Then you should get two spears, find someone who has the Shadowcraft Cap and exchange launches you spare him.

Bring the spear and Shadowcraft Cap to Eir and will reward you with additional prayer or Divinization in addition to changes in both ornamental objects PE image.

You’ll find you hanging Hati Southeast Rellekka. It is strong, but can he confront him several players at once, and any help in the fight to defeat can be rewarded. If you are complicating the situation, leading a group of friends or join others who are in the area.

Defeating Hati will loose objects to all who participated. It is very likely that booty includes the Hati paws. Clicking on these gloves, you get additional PE in combat skill you choose. It is also likely to release a hood and ornamental layer, unless you already have the previous years.

Sköll is more elusive and should attract adding logs to a fire that is west of the entrance to Rellekka. You can use any type of trunk and not gain advantage if you use very high standards.

Sköll once 120 logs are added to the fire (which help all players of that world) appears. As with Hati, you may need help to defeat him, but anyone who contributes to or participates in fire fighting can be rewarded after death Sköll.

Sköll releasable Sköll boots and clicking on them will claim EP Agility or Tala. You can also drop an ornamental charm, in case you have not yet.

Notice: if you claimed your additional PE Hati paws or Sköll your boots, make sure to click on the object and add extras to your overall PE before completing the event this year. Otherwise, you will lose them.

FIFA 15 Transfer Market Inaccessible with FIFA 15 Coins Delayed

Since the release of FIFA 15, EA servers are going down under heavy demand. And the breakdown of servers happens both through planned maintenance and even unscheduled on occasion. This time, this issue lasts over 36 hours and the Transfer Market has been unavailable.

In Saturday morning, EA servers broke down for many of Product Reviews readers across the UK. Afterwards, this outage spreads in Europe, even US. At first, official posted that this issues would affect on the FUT store. At that night, EA Support issues a statement, explaining that “FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be inaccessible via the Web and Companion Apps.” And they will make an important maintenance to fix that.

This outage means that all trades in FIFA 15 will be unable to deal with temporarily until EA’s maintenance is finished. Out of this reason, Fifapal has to inform all customers that all orders of FIFA 15 coins on Fifapal will be delayed to deliver temporarily.

But there is no any effect on making orders on Fifapal. So you can still place order for FIFA 15 coins PS4 cheap for sale on our site. What’s more, we promised that we will try our best to complete your orders right now once the maintenance is finished. And the earlier order you place, the earlier it will be completed.

While promising to complete orders as soon as possible, you still need spend a little longer time in waiting, because there will be much more order hoarding there. And we will appreciate you for your understanding and patience.

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The Team of the Tournament of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was announced and packs will be available from Friday midnight, February 13 until Monday, February 16 at 6pm (UK time). Check who is in the list of FUT 15 TOTT

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An Update for Orlando City with safewow fifa 15 coins sale

As City admirers calculation down the time until they can play as their admired club on the accepted video game, we yield a attending at an adapted agenda and their ratings.

Well, it’s about that time. The MLS division is about aloft us (hopefully) cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 , which agency the accepted soccer video bold FIFA 15 will be adapted to cover Orlando City SC as a playable team. As it stands appropriate now, the alone way to do annihilation with Orlando is to play the Ultimate Aggregation mode. Currently, alone Kaká, Tally Hall and Brek Shea are in the bold as Orlando City players.

According to assorted sources, an amend to FIFA 15 is due to appear out on Feb. 14, or thereabouts. In the update, Orlando should be fabricated a playable aggregation with adapted rosters and such. In the aforementioned update, all the Orlando players currently on the agenda should be added to Ultimate Aggregation as well.

But why delay until again to see what the aggregation looks like? As I did about a ages ago, I created a adorned architecture archetypal with all the players on the aggregation at the time, which was alone 18 players. Now the agenda stands at 30 players and, acknowledgment to, I fabricated an adapted clear of what the agenda will attending like this year, complete with all the amateur ratings anon from the bold itself.

(Note: This blueprint I put calm doesn’t reflect any anticipation of a starting lineup. It’s just how I advised it.)

Overall, it’s a solid agenda for a first-year team. Kaká is still the alone gold amateur on the team, about apostle Paulo André would accept been addition gold with a 75 rating, but he will no best be signing with Orlando. A acceptable amount of argent players (any amateur rated 65-74) are brindled throughout the team, including Brek Shea, Amobi Okugo, Aurelien Collin, Donovan Ricketts, Tally Hall, Gustavo and Carlos Rivas. The blow of the agenda is angled out by brownish players, who are 64 rated and under. Most of the brownish players, however, are either absolutely young, or new to the video bold itself.

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RS Survey Calculation of combat level

A new survey from the category Stone Dragon is available today, and is entitled Calculation of combat level . We ask you via this survey what is the formula that you would like us to use in. This formula will be applied throughout the game and not just for the battle mode with old, if he comes to be implemented.

With the launch of polls “Power to the players’ and the improvements implemented on servers in the beta test combat, the community has been much discussion of the battle, including the calculation of the level of combat. We also organized informal surveys to gather your feeling about the English forums (you can view by clicking here and here ). It is clear that the current formula for calculating the level of combat does not work for you, and that many players wanted to express their opinion on this subject through a survey. And so that’s what we offer today.

The community has been much discussion of the formula for calculating the level of combat she prefers and improvements that we could make. We will offer two surveys. The first allows you to choose the basic formula to be used in play (the phrase “138″ or the words “200″). The second survey will allow you to tell us if you want to make some adjustments to this formula of combat level. We will strive to create a poll for queries of the most popular community.

We decided to offer an initial choice between two known formulas, rather than offer a completely different calculation. The transition to the formula for calculating the combat level “200″ was not simple, and we think it would not be in the interest of the game forcing you to fit you back to a new formula. We also believe that the benefits of a new system can be obtained by simply modifying one of the existing formulas.

The survey is available now and for two weeks. You have until February 28 to express your opinion. log in game to vote now!

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Jagex has declared credit card-collecting online game Chronicle: RuneScape Legends set in exactly the same planet as its lengthy-running MMO.

Thanks for discharge at some period in 2015 on mobile, Mac, tablet and PC, Chronicle will apparently concentrate on pitting you from other athletes once you’ve established a powerful enough retinue of charge cards.

“Played out out within the webpages of any living publication this game targets mission creating, letting athletes to art their own small RPGs against foes, which include timeless RuneScape boss monsters, just before stepping into tighten PvP battle,” the studio clarifies.

More information about Chronicle will be revealed in the coming months, though it currently sounds quite similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, another PvP-centric card game that’s a spin-off from the company’s World of Warcraft MMO.

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The FIFA 15 carling cup semi final at home draw with Chelsea

2014-15, the season’s carling cup semi-final first leg at anfield a 1-1 draw against Chelsea, the penalty in the shoot-out azar, Stirling’s equaliser, Steven gerrard in the column. Two teams play a total of 169 times, in the history of Liverpool 74-35-60, 256 goals in 238 ball possession of certain advantages. But in the last five meetings on both sides, the reds 2 negative, have 3. First round of meetings on both sides of the season, Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to rivals at home. Although the lead zhan, cahill and costa goals helped Chelsea win reversal.

17 minutes, put down the box zhan azar, referee executed.Azar himself, taking the ball easily into the lower right corner. Liverpool take on Chelsea 1-0. 32 minutes, outside the box on the left side of the free kick opportunity, gerrard curled effort by goalkeeper out directly. 43 minutes, the area library mourinho shot slightly higher than that of beam refraction. End of the first half, Chelsea’s 1-0 ahead of Liverpool.

To continue in the second half, 46 minutes, Chelsea the back straight, small law intentionally a leak, costa form a single pole. That mourinho’s strike the ball first. 54 minutes, library mourinho box pass sterling, the foot shot was off. 59 minutes, Liverpool equaliser. Henderson midfielder prequel sterling, the latter turned directly to accelerate open cahill shoot directly, after the ball into the goal of the lower right corner.

The 75th minute, Henderson long shots was saved, sterling follow shot was saved again. 79 minutes, pull the rana large area near the line shooting prowess by Kurt tuva fly single hand saved. The match, Liverpool’s 1-1 draw at Chelsea.

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You should master some necessary skills in runescape

For individuals gamers that simply sign up for runescape, to complete every day missions is actually an excellent way to allow them to achieve a higher degree within the online game. Rs Gold gamers could possibly get much more encounter with the method. Generally, the actual every day missions are extremely wide selection.

Players may decide to perform what type of every day missions based on their very own conditions. However it established fact in order to all of us it may invest considerable time to complete every day missions. Therefore, a few gamers might not be prepared to select this process.

They might really feel this can just help to make their own initiatives within vain. It’s not difficult to acquire which there are plenty associated with abilities required for gamers to understand. We are able to not really grasp many of these abilities very easily. By using creating ability, you are able to obtain a number of Rs Items.

Of program, you are able to decide to market these things, you’ll be able to obtain much more Cheap Runescape Gold. This can be a excellent ability. Additionally, it might help all of us to coach the additional abilities. To ensure that we are able to proceed additional within runescape, we should grasp a few required abilities.

Fut 15 AFCON TOTT Available at Midnight UK with Chikhaoui and Toure

The Team of the Tournament of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was announced and packs will be available from Friday midnight, February 13 until Monday, February 16 at 6pm (UK time). Check who is in the list of FUT 15 TOTT AFCON.

What is the Team of the Tournament?

The Team of the Tournament is a group of players who get new in-form cards for their good performance in a specific competition. Fut 15 TOTT is about in-form players in the Africa Cup of Nations 2015 won by Ivory Coast. The new cards have been available in packs already. So buy these packs for your favorite AFCON players with FUT 15 coins cheap.


Team of the Tournament of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Starting Eleven:

GK: Razak Brimah – CD Mirandés (Spain) – Ghana

LB: Abdul Rahman Baba – FC Augsburg (Germany) – Ghana

CB: Kolo Touré – Liverpool (England) – Ivory Coast

RWB: Serge Aurier – Paris Saint-Germain (France) – Ivory Coast

CDM: Serey Die – VFB Stuttgart (Germany) – Ivory Coast

CM: Yaya Touré – Manchester City (England) – Ivory Coast

CM: Nabil Bentaleb – Tottenham Hotspur (England) – Algeria

LM: André Ayew – Olympique de Marseille (France) – Ghana

RM: Christian Atsu – Everton (England) – Ghana

LW: Max-Alain Gradel – AS Saint-Etienne (Frnace) – Ivory Coast

ST: Wilfried Bony – Manchester City (England) – Ivory Coast


GK: Didier Ovono Ebang – KV Oostende (Belgium) – Gabon

CB: Kara Mbodji – RC Genk (Belgium) – Senegal

CB: Jonathan Mensah – Evian Thonon Gaillard FC (France) – Ghana

CDM: Chancel Mbemba – Anderlecht (Belgium) – DR Congo

LM: Yannick Bolasie – Crystal Palace (England) – DR Congo

LM: Balboa – Estoril (Portugal) – Equatorial Guinea

CF: Yassine Chikhaoui – FC Zürich – Tunisia

Notice on FIFA 15 TOTT

Except for the valid time of these packs, you also should know:

1. TOTW in FIFA 15 will not be affected by TOTT.

2. Players’ updates are postponed for February 20th, one week later, because of FIFA 15 TOTT.

3. The cards of this TOTT are orange and black, distinguishing from the green cards of the top tournaments, like World Cups.

4. You can have both the original NIF and the new card in your club, but a squad only has one of them.

5. The old cards you gained before remain the original rating and attributes unless you buy them in packs this time with FIFA 15 coins for sale.

FIFA 15 tournament packs have been available already. You can gain free FIFA 15 coins PS4 or other consoles on Fifapal Facebook by predicting FIFA 15 TOTW forwards and then buy packs.


As the tradition, the next rendition of the St. Patrick’s Day tournament may come on March, 2015. It should be a good opportunity to make FIFA 15 coins fast, but you need to invest the right players at first. Here are some tips about how to invest the right players for the FIFA 15 St. Patricks Day

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