2015 ArcheAge Updates revealed

Trion Worlds producer Merv Lee Kwai today published a detailed article letting ArcheAge’s 2 million players know what they can expect to see coming to the game in 2015.

First of all, Trion is improving communication and transparency with players, pledging more from the ArcheAge team on forums, social channels and live streams — starting now.

Some of the key improvements being made include:

Trion will be slowly introducing alternative drop methods to the game to help combat inflation within the game’s economy.
Some of the most popular cosmetic and companion items will be made available through the loyalty system, in addition to supply crates. An example of this is the highly anticipated Sloth glider.

The team will be adding new mechanics like a weekly ranking system for the PvP Arena and Fishing Tournaments.

To ensure that in-game rewards reflect the level of effort taken to obtain them, Trion is making it a priority to review top tier drops and rewards — better loot for harder work!

More bots and hackers kicked from the game create a better experience for all players.

Players now see the initial stages of the road to Diamond Shores, Secrets of Ayanad, which is populated with creatures and quests designed to support the level cap increase to 55.

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