Methods to Make ArcheAge Gold with Labor Points System easily

Under the labor points system, earning ArcheAge gold can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Labor points work are much like health and mana in that they are constantly being used and replenished within normal gameplay, but have no immediate effect on the user’s ability to participate in combat and interact with other players. Labor points are instead required to complete several basic tasks, such as crafting, reaping harvests, or building houses and ships. The more difficult a task, the more points are spent and the more experience is gained. Labor points are recovered at different rates for premium and non-premium players, and non-premium players are only able to regain labor points when logged in to their ArcheAge account. Regardless, the bar will always be refilled with a little time and patience.
Labored Tasks for Earning ArcheAge Gold
While this may seem like a restrictive system for prospective gold farmers, one can theoretically build a money-making empire without having to worry about labor points.
By paying other users in ArcheAge gold to complete labor tasks for you, you will rise to the level cap in no time at all, making it considerably easier to make ArcheAge gold fast. While some may be hesitant to part with their precious ArcheAge gold initially, this method can pay off beautifully in the long run. You can rest while your workers happily accept their pay, and before long, you will have more gold than your account can carry, and all without you ever having to spend a single labor point.
Of course, not everyone knows enough ArcheAge players to be able to pull this off effectively, and not everyone has enough gold to pay a significant number of workers. Completing laborious tasks to earn ArcheAge gold is a reliable, but not entirely exciting process. Popular methods includes crafting and selling trade packs, building up farms, and creating special houses with beds.
Crafting a trade pack costs 60 labor points, as does trading it in to a NPC vendor. Trade packs can be filled with most items you’ll find in-game, and keeping a close eye on supply and demand in the in-game economy is the key to earning ArcheAge gold. By filling a pack with items and travelling to an area where these items are expensive and difficult to find, you can then sell the pack for a tidy profit. Be careful, though — trade packs are highly sought after in the world of ArcheAge and visibly encumber the player, making them a prime target for murderoues thieves.
Harvest ArcheAge gold in Farms and Housing
Creating your own virtual farm is as easy as buying a few seeds, but building a truly profitable farm will require a little more effort. Just as traders need to keep an eye on the world’s supply and demand, farmers must study the constantly fluctuating prices of their wares-to-be. The act of harvesting crops can cost varying amounts of labor points, so try not to overwork yourself.
Building a house can cost a signigicant amount of labor points, but the payoff is substantial. Many homes include beds, which can be slept in to regain labor points in seconds. It pays for itself!
Trade Your Earned ArcheAge Gold
Of course, you could always just buy the gold from online sellers. Sites such as host a number of buyers and sellers for the latest virtual currency from around the world, and registration is completely free. Simply clicking on a listing from a verified seller and purchasing it with real money will get you your ArcheAge gold in no time, and all without you ever having to lose precious labor points.

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