Tips to Make ArcheAge Gold easy and fast!

In ArcheAge Online, earning gold is the basic to enjoy the game.Here are two simple ways to make ArcheAge gold fast.
Farm Crafts for ArcheAge Gold
Over a dozen new recipes have also been introduced. 14 recipes for the Brilliant Hasla Relics and Eternal Hasla Relics, the second and third Hasla weapon tiers, respectively, are now available for use at the cost of a varying amount of Gilda Dust, and a recipe for an Illustrious Storage Chest has been added to Regal Carpentry Workbench.
Players can now view and utilize designs for the vehicles the Apex Squall Car, Ezi’s Glider, the Moonshadow Glider, the Red Dragon Glider, and the Thunderbolt Glider at Mirage Isle. In addition, the flight properties of Ezi’s Glider, the Moonshadow Glider, the Thunderbolt Glider, the Red Dragon Glider, and the Feathered Dragon Glider have been balanced to match more closely with the Ultimate Glider. This means that all vehicles remain equal on the overworld in terms of stats, but retain their unique abilities between them. The four-slot Farm Wagon recipe now requires a two-slot Farm Cart summoning scroll for use, transforming the Farm Cart from an ordinary item into a more refined upgrade path.
Archeum Tree Saplings for ArcheAge Gold
Those wishing to stock up on valuable Archeum Tree Saplings will be happy to hear that their price has now been reduced from 1 ArcheAge gold to 10 copper among vendors.
Regarding the updated interface, bugs surrounding the in-game map and Regal Carpentry Workbench have since been addressed. Players can also report spam directly from within a chat from now on. The trade interface now includes a notification for players who change a locked trade into an unlocked trade. A three-second delay for when a player can choose to accept a locked or unlocked trade has been added to this new feature to prevent any possible mistakes.

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