WOW Patch 6.1:The newest on Draenor fishing and Shrink your bodyguard down to size with cheap wow gold

Patch 6.1 is beingshown to people there and when the patch notes are any indication, there are tons of changes coming our way. Fishing, especially, is slotted to acquire a wide range of tweaks — where there have already been some changes on the changes announced within the last few patch notes. While using latest changes, fishing throughout Draenor are going to be streamlined for everyone… although it will still undertake an awful lot of inventory space, so make sure you clear your bags before venturing out fishing.

Here’s the present state of fishing:
Fish caught in Draenor is usually automatically filleted with the Bladebone Hook, a different consumable you can buy from fishing vendors in Draenor. The hook takes an hour. Though i thought this was supposed to have been automatic for everyone without a consumable, negative feedback for the feature have changed Blizzard’s mind.

Different sizes of Savage Piranha have been consolidated wow gold  into Savage Piranha and can be consumed directly for the transformation effect.
Players can always catch enormous fish from pools, no matter skill.
Fish which may have also been caught may be converted to the correct quantity of flesh.
Draenor fishing bait now may last for 10 mins (up from 5 minutes). Bait is not going to spoil, which was originally within the patch notes.
Nat Pagle (Level 3 Fishing Shack) offers you the standard baits should you ask nicely.

Lunkers is now able to caught from fishing pools and possess an increased catch rate with higher fishing skill.
Summoned Cavedwellers now drops random fish flesh and drops less Worm Supreme.
Fish Eggs used as turn-set for the Fishing Shack Daily quest at the moment are bind on pickup with no longer employ a sell value.
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Thank the Light. If there’s one thing that keeps me from using my bodyguards, it’s how they get in the way of literally everything I want to click. The problem is even worse if you play a pet class because your bodyguard tends to stay right behind you instead of to your side.

While exploring my garrison on the patch 6.1 PTR, I was happy to find a vendor in my Barracks that sold me a Bodyguard Miniaturization Device for the bargain price of 250 Garrison Resources (I would have paid 10,000). As you can see from the picture, it shrinks your bodyguard down to a more manageable size that should never get in your way (plus they look really cute mounted up at this size).

The device lasts for 1 hour and has 1 hour cooldown. Best of all, it does work if you dismiss and summon a new bodyguard as the buff is placed on you. If you still haven’t joined the bodyguard club, you really should.

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You can now manage your voyages from anywhere in game with the captain’s log.

This allows you to send your ships out on new voyages and find out the outcome of existing ones without interrupting your other activities. The only exceptions are story voyages, and the few voyages that require you to receive an item in your inventory upon completion.

You do – of course – need to visit your port to do anything else.
New Adventurers
The Memory

There are three new adventurers who can come to your port, taking your crews on new story missions:

The Tengu is a living mask controlling a willing host – not to mention a brave vanquisher of evil. Requires 90 Agility.
The Memory is a young girl born of divine energy, whose first concern is not being harvested! Requires 90 Divination.
The Exile is a gorajo searching the Eastern Lands for her brother. Requires 90 Dungeoneering.
Their adventures will take your crews throughout the existing Eastern Lands regions, culminating in a team mission that features monsters from the deep, uncharted lands, and an enemy who may be familiar from elsewhere in RuneScape.

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All you need to know about Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

As Heart of Thorns evolves Guild Wars 2, the open world will be evolving along with it. In the Heart of Maguuma, where the open-world content and story of the expansion will take place, we’ll build on the foundation of the core principles of Guild Wars 2: the power of our dynamic event system, the belief that playing with others makes for a better experience, the impact of environment on stories, and the joy of exploration and discovery. We’re taking all of these principles to the next level in the Heart of Maguuma.

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Maps with a Purpose

The Living World set the stage for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ in more ways than one. While the story that played out over the course of seasons 1 and 2 set up the awakening of Mordremoth and the story the expansion will tell, the types of maps we added and the stories we told within them have also brought us to where we are with the Heart of Maguuma and the kind of experience the deep jungle will deliver.

The lava-encased remains of the ancient karka are a literal monument to the sheer scale of Guild Wars 2. The Lost Shores event was an epic writing of Guild Wars 2 history, a massive invasion where players and developers simultaneously forged a new play space. We’re not without regret, however, that we can’t storm those shores again.

The ever-looming threat of the sandstorm in Dry Top is more representative of the dynamic, shifting nature of Guild Wars 2—not only for its destruction, but also for its progress. During the sandstorm, the whole of the map enters a secondary phase. This phase affects the map in ways that make it unique from all other maps.

In the deep jungles of Maguuma, you’ll run into similar stories of an even larger scale that occur in secondary phases. For example, the first map you’ll enter in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will tell the story of some of the survivors of the catastrophic Pact Fleet expedition into the jungle. Through the course of each day, the beleaguered Pact members will try to build up defenses and secure their positions so they have a chance of surviving the night—the deadly second phase of this map, when the Mordrem come out in overwhelming numbers.

In the Heart of Maguuma, there are even bigger threats and more epic battles waiting for you. You’ll find maps with a greater replay value and depth of content than anything we’ve put into Guild Wars 2 before, maps that provide a unique experience and multiple layers of gameplay. Rather than a more traditional strategy of rapidly expanding land mass with limited content to fill it, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will focus less on total land mass in the expansion and will instead focus on depth of content within that gameplay space. Each map will be rich in content, rich in 3-D play space, and very deep in replay value to ultimately provide more gameplay value to our players and not leave an empty wasteland of rarely played content behind.


One of the new ways we’re enhancing replay value is through our new outpost system, which changes how we structure events in the world. Nearly all the dynamic events throughout Guild Wars 2 are tied to at least a small portion of local characters and lore. As you complete one dynamic event, you will find yourself facing other dynamic events that continue the story of the area you’re in. You’ll see enemies driven back, defeated foes summoning stronger champions to challenge you, and allies you previously rescued now going on the offensive. There are many possible interactions on a number of scales. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, though, it can be easy to miss these stories playing out across each map.

When you first venture into the jungle, you’ll find that events in the area are tied to what’s happening at a specific site. These locations are our new content outposts, which we’re using to bring individual events together into a larger, more comprehensive experience.

Outposts are content structures that broadly explain and contextualize the consequences of localized groups of dynamic events. If you’ve been to the Silverwastes, you’ve seen a forerunner of this concept at each tower. In the Silverwastes, each tower helps the Pact prepare for its assault, and your successes and failures at each tower affect the sort of events you’ll see around you. In the Heart of Maguuma, you’ll have a similar experience with outposts, which are always vital to preparing for the secondary phase of each map. They may even continue to play an important role during that time.


When you come across one of these outposts, you’ll find a story playing out with the NPCs and in events nearby. As you complete that outpost’s events, NPCs will be able to construct defenses, offer new services, assist you on adventures, and ultimately join in the fight against Mordremoth.

One of the first groups you’ll encounter in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the survivors from the Pact Fleet. Devastated by Mordremoth’s overwhelming power and fearful of the sylvari who answered its call, there’s little hope that they can survive alone in the harsh jungle. Amidst the chaos, a Pact officer named Laranthir gathers the remnants of the Pale Reavers—elite sylvari soldiers—and struggles to maintain a foothold in the jungle and overcome the survivors’ suspicions of him and the other sylvari.

The first steps are to clear out enough space for the Pact forces to breathe and to organize the survivors. From there, you’ll need to work quickly to capture territory and shore up defenses, driving into ancient ruins to force back the enemy horde. Securing the high ground is key because it allows the Pale Reavers to provide fire support during the second phase of the map—nightfall. When the sun slips below the horizon, Mordremoth’s counterattack begins, and its legions spread across the map. Most dangerous of all are his twisted Mordrem wyverns that rule the skies and ravage the remnants of the fallen fleet. You must fight for every inch during the day at this outpost, because the further you push forward with Laranthir and the Pale Reavers, the more chances you’ll have to bring one of these terrifying beasts down.

As an outpost grows, events change and become even more numerous. The outpost may progress through several levels of strength, unlocking new rewards and more opportunities to explore and play.


By their nature, dynamic events are not always available and occasionally have some downtime. Guild Wars 2 has many content opportunities and challenges beyond events, but most are well hidden. Those that aren’t well hidden tend to be available only once per character.

Adventures are the next level of repeatable, on-demand content challenges in the open world. While events remain the core experience within the open world, players will also unlock adventures as they make progress at an outpost.


Nearly any activity, minigame, or challenge you can imagine in Guild Wars 2 could be an adventure. The key difference is that adventures have their own UI, much like events, and offer some amount of active challenge. For example, rather than completing a jumping puzzle, an adventure may challenge you to complete that puzzle in a certain amount of time. Unlike events, however, individual performance is tracked and measured. It’s a challenge for you to overcome. Your performance in adventures will be scored, and you’ll be able to see—and test yourself against—the scores of your friends and guildmates. Because adventures take place in the open world, you’ll see other players working to overcome the same challenges as you, and in many cases you’ll be able to work and excel together. Adventures are a reimagining of the concept of permanent content that you can challenge yourself with and enjoy as you move through the world that’s been around since launch. As a result, you may see some activities you heard about before the launch of Guild Wars 2 make an appearance as adventures.

The challenge of an adventure should be in playing it, not tracking it down, so adventures are displayed on the world map. You’ll also be able to tell if you have yet to claim its rewards. Many adventures are unlocked as part of aiding an outpost. If you find an adventure that is not yet available, you’ll be provided with an explanation of exactly how to access it.

Challenging Content

One of our focuses in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is to provide truly challenging content for our players to overcome. Within the jungle, you’ll encounter entirely new species, creatures, and bosses that are more advanced than the encounters we’ve introduced in the past. These encounters will require greater skills and tactics to overcome, whether you’re adventuring through our jungle on your own or with a party. Not only are we presenting these new challenges throughout the outposts and adventures you’ll find in the jungle, but they’ll also be layered across other types of content experiences. As we get closer to the release of the expansion, we’ll come back and give specific details on the new types of challenging group encounters we’ll be introducing to Guild Wars 2 and explain how these new types of challenges work within the Guild Wars 2 content experience.

Adventures and outposts lay the foundation for exploration and confrontation in the open world of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Check back tomorrow to learn how these tie into our reimagined progression system, Masteries.

survival of the fittest Jagex CEO on the future of RuneScape

it is one of the most widely used games on this planet – serving an at any time-expanding community of millions. And with Runescape 3 around the corner, MailOnline talked to Chief executive officer of Jagex, Mark Gerhard, about the activity, the challenges facing free-to-play video games and…having a tank.Milligrams: ‘It’s simply because RuneScape is exclusive! It’s always been easy to jump in: it’s totally free to get started and runs out of your web browser and doesn’t the requirement any obtain.


‘The gameplay is also distinctive from most other online RPGs – RuneScape is approximately freedom to do your own thing without restrictions; you can be any kind of character you would like, you can explore a whole community, you can choose from a wide variety of game play from designing to fighting, from investing to questing – it is all your decision. It’s also less measures intensive than most similar games, making it a more calming experience that you could take in your own tempo.’MG: ‘Gielinor has long been evolving in the 12 years of RuneScape’s historical past. We’ve additional new continents, new dungeons and new cities.


‘There are also many ways to travel, whether or not running, making use of teleport spells, spirit shrubs, fairy rings or even heat balloons! Recently we additional an easy way to travel called the Lodestone Network, which is ideal for new players to hop between important video game locations quickly.’MG: ‘A huge variety of things really, spanning from world mythology, childhood memories to the vibrant corners in our own imaginations.


‘Sometimes is great just to request an musician to explore tips using a couple of keywords to have the creative juices flowing, then build the backstory from the monsters following the creation of the concept art, converting the “normal” process on its head.’As a company we have a solid background in traditional storytelling so you will always find some nuts ideas hovering around.’MG: ‘Spells tend first of all a written design considering they are generally very practical and also have a strong motive behind their addition to the video game.


‘We need to think about their cost to cast (mages use rune stones to release magical energy, a bit like mystical battery packs) and the amount of damage they are doing to opponents.’Mages in RuneScape don’t only deal with big fireballs and super bolts in combat although, we have spells for a variety of things, such as baking pies, enchanting magical jewellery and even turning your bones into bananas. These spells are often designed to different sorts of spell books too.’


Are there numerous changes for the in-game trading mechanic?MG: ‘No. In RuneScape players are free to trade basically anything to any person, and there exists a player run grand trade stock market, where players buy and sell things from simple potatoes to glorious god swords.’Prices are determined by real supply and demand therefore can fluctuate depending on the activity of the players at the time.’

How perhaps you have listened to fans criticisms in the first video game? And have the enthusiasts steered the development of the game?

MG: ‘Definitely, we’ve always been local community focused which year we’re really seeking to step that up again.’The scenario in RuneScape 3 will probably be shaped by players, week by week over the course of this year.


‘We’re doing beta assessments for the new HTML5 client and the New Interface Method because we want player feedback to help our improvement. We’ve also recently manage a poll to see which other storyline players need to see continued following – the Dwarf journey series triumphed over Pirates and Gnomes!’MG: ‘We released a brand new combat system this past year and have been working with our players to polish it ever since. It is far more thrilling and engaging than before, rewarding gamers for tactical decisions and intelligent use of equipment… as well as being really enjoyable!


‘RuneScape does not limit participants to only ever adopt a single combat style, so you can find yourself switching between brutal 2 handed swords, magical staffs, duel wielding crossbows, tower shields, even summon mighty creatures to accomplish your bidding.’

What are the changes in the Grand Swap? (answered over) How have you rid this game of unbalanced trading and real foreign currency being traded for digital goods?MG: ‘Rather than make alterations to the gameplay to deal with undesirable activity, we now have specialised methods that can detect accounts that are real world trading and handle them according to our guidelines.

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Predict who will be one of forwards in the next TOTW to win free FIFA 15 coins for all consoles. The prediction will end on Tuesday before official release.

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FIFA 15 winter transfer window alive now

We were expecting the first batch of FIFA 15 Winter transfers update to go live at the end of January, just as we saw last year.
However, EA has surprised everyone by putting the transfers completed so far, into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as soon as possible. It means that the likes of Wilfried Bony, Fernando Torres and Shaqiri are now live for Man City, Atletico Madrid and Inter respectively.

EA has confirmed this on their website, Following are all of the transfers that have been activated in the game so far.
With the transfer window very much alive though, EA will be releasing batch 3 and batch 4 in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that.

We’re surprised that EA has acted so early, as usually they wait until the end of the month to push the transfers through in the game. Perhaps they are expecting tons of changes so didn’t want to waste any time – which is great to see.

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One player missing from what we can see is Valdes over to Manchester United – we’re guessing that is the change that is next on EA’s to-do list, but it’s strange that they’ve missed him out.

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A lot more POWER TO Participants WITH RUNELABS

UK – Jagex Game titles Recording studio, makers and custodians in the fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape has launched RuneLabs, further more permitting players to determine the way forward for the video game. RuneLabs can be a important progression of your Gamer Strength motivation, which efficiently unveiled at the end of 2013. Since the scheme’s creation, approximately ten million gamer votes happen to be cast contributing to this kind of initiatives as the Misplaced Town of the Elves enlargement load up and Legacy Method.


RuneLabs permits the city to create suggestions and lobby for support from your larger gamer-base just before one final vote is cast. The minds can result in the introduction of new skills, talk capabilities, smaller-video games, and even new metropolitan areas and planet activities! Gamers may now publish concepts through the RuneLabs internet site with typically the most popular concepts available for voting in the coming several weeks.


“Since the start of Participant Strength this past year, we certainly have viewed our local community get completely immersed with directing the way forward for RuneScape. Over the last year by itself this has generated the growth of Legacy Function along with the developing of Prifddinas, Lost City of the Elves. The delivering of a lot more ability to the neighborhood is definitely an thrilling step, therefore we are actually looking towards finding how participants form the game they really like,” explained Symbol Ogilvie, design director of RuneScape.


Beginning in 2001 because of their primary free-to-enjoy journey activity, RuneScape, Jagex has generated an extensive-standing upright reputation for crafting the world’s very best games online services. Right now they stand as being the UK’s biggest unbiased video games programmers and web publishers. With 40 titles printed up to now, Jagex prides itself on building and submitting extremely popular, reachable, games for numerous players globally.


Endeavor forth in to the rich and immersive middle age fantasy arena of Gielinor, exactly where including the most compact of measures impact the vast community surrounding you. Recognized frequently by Guinness Planet Data since the world’s most in-demand free-to-play MMORPG, with over 200 million athletes and counting. RuneScape provides unrivaled degrees of option to its gamers, in which they may be any individual, slay something and go just about anywhere in their exclusive wide open entire world venture, all within the browser windows.

Rsorder: Rescue Princess for free runescape gold fast During Valentine’s Day

Hattie and Skoll back a whole month of winter. They hunt for rich rewards and XP – if you do not already have them – some icy makeup items.If you’ve hunted beast, everything will be very familiar. The main change is that, XP rewards, now given a combination of normal XP and XP bonuses.

If you are new, or just need a reminder, please continue reading. There are three things you can do:Hattie – Fremennik legend legendary wolf – can be found wandering in the woods southeast of Rellekka. He’s tough, he’s attacking accurate, but working together, you would take him. Anyone who can help the fight will be eligible for the trophy when the wolf howls his last. There is a high chance that he will drop Hattie paws – you can click on to claim the bonus XP normal and beauty in your choice of gloves fighting skills. He can also drop the cosmetic cover and cloak, if you do not have these.

Driscoll is Hattie’s wilier brothers and sisters, and must add a log fire, the west entrance to Rellekka are attracted to Gielinor. Once added to the fire Driscoll 120 logs will show his face. Like Hattie, you may need help to beat him, but anyone who contributed – whether in combat or by adding the log – when he can plunder, he can drop Driscoll falls.He boots – which give normal and agile bonus XP or amulets and cosmetics, if you do not have it – click when logging.

Al is a Valkyrie who is to ensure that is the end of the sixth age thing. She also lost her helmet and spear, needs your help to get them back.Li Hadi lost or Skol – or harvesting plume rich colonial Rellekka southeast – have access to one of the projects. Once you get the best of both Al Golden apple speak. You’ll get bonus XP normal and a large chunk of your choice in prayer or divination, plus Al helmet and spear cosmetic cover, if you do not have them since last year.

Hattie and Skoll here until February 19th, so be sure before this, so your reward. Please note: If you have gloves or boots from the same period last year unclaimed prize XP, certain requirements before participating in this year’s event if – otherwise, it will be lost.

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Rescue princess to help her date with the prince, and you will be rewarded free RS gold, Fire capes and others for your kindness. Besides, there will be a series of activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Rescue Princess

All clues will start to be shown on January 28, 2015 at 03:00 a.m. GMT.

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Back to World Of Warcraft in WoD

It was going to take a lot to get me back into World of Warcraft. Almost half a decade had passed since the last time I set foot in Blizzard’s shifting virtual realm. Back then, having played intermittently over the course of a few years, that lingering sense of fatigue finally bubbled to the surface.

wow gold hot sale on

Despite the recent launch of Cataclysm, World of Warcraft’s third expansion, my desire to log in every morning waned to that point that I flat-out cancelled my subscription. It was an easy choice at the time though one I would inevitably come to question, whenever bored of playing consoles or craving some MMO action.

At no point during my voyage through Azeroth did I ever reach the higher echelon of Warcraft die-hards. I didn’t share that same level of passion or worship required to join a guild of strangers, complete dailies, and join raiding parties. Still, I was a regular player, with hundreds of hours spread between numerous characters, each exploring their own corner of the Warcraft universe.

More importantly, during my years spent as a thrall to Blizzard, I had garnered a sacred fountain of memories that remain fresh in my mind even to this day. From creating that first custom character to my self-imposed quest from Ironforge to Teldrassil, there were some genuinely seminal moments.

Going into Warlords of Draenor, I knew I would never be able to recreate these personal set pieces. Thankfully, Blizzard was on the same page and, instead of pandering to my nostalgic tendencies, the developer kept me focused on the path that lay ahead, not the one which I had reluctantly left behind.

This latest expansion wastes no time when it comes to setting the scene. Deep within the arid wastes known as The Blasted Lands, a dark portal has arisen, spewing forth a relentless tide of Orcs calling themselves The Iron Horde. Seeing the imminent threat, thousands of heroes flood from kingdoms far and wide to hold back the invasion. In a last ditch attempt to save their homeworld, an elite brigade of Azeroth’s finest -including yourself- breach the portal, looking to end the threat once and for all. Beyond its foreboding depths you find a war torn Draenor and, on top of that, an alternate timeline.

For me, the Dark Portal (or Great Portal, as it is also known) signified more than just an assembly of polygons and textures: it was my gateway back into World of Warcraft.

The one thing that had always held me back from renewing my subscription was knowing that straight out of the gate I’d be playing catch up. Even with my best character – a level sixty two shaman – I was looking at a solid thirty to forty hours of continuous play just to get a taste of the game’s freshest content.

Warlords swept away that barrier within minutes of me cracking open the box. By the time I’d finished messing about with its flashy, velcro-sealed cover, I used the expansion’s free code to net myself an instant level 90 dwarf paladin.

Jumping straight in at the deep end after a four-year hiatus sounds like a lot to take on. It is, in truth, yet the way Blizzard slowly integrates its new wave of fast-trackers makes the opening hours of Warlords extremely approachable. As soon as my paladin appeared on-screen, I was expecting a mosaic of icons to suddenly to blow up in my face, each one denoting an extremely complex power bound to one of innumerable hotkeys. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Instead, the game drip-feeds your character new abilities upon completing earmarked quests, expanding their combat dynamism while trying not to overwhelm the player.

Hot:RuneScape debates auction halls on retro servers

The old school servers for RuneScape are something of a community experiment. Yes, the servers are meant to keep a classic feeling alive alongside the modern game, but they’re also meant to be fun for the players. This is why the developers have opened up a thread for discussing whether or not to bring the Grand Exchange on to the old school servers, with a detailed explanation of the potential benefits and drawbacks.

Some of the features available in the Grand Exchange on the “main” version of the game would not necessarily be available on the old school site due to technical limitations. It would, however, replace the Trading Post while still leaving the game’s normal trade interface untouched. If you’re an old school gamer who wants to sound off on the matter, take a look at the thread and figure out what would best serve the community. That’s why it’s up for discussion, after all. Thanks for all buyer that often buy rs gold from