RS rewards trader also offers three new companions

The rewards trader also offers three new companions in the form of miniatures and friendly versions of three iconic monsters Daemonheim.
Small Ice is a baby dragon frozen, you can take if they have a level 85 Dungeoneering and level 99 Summoning and already entering the dungeon resources dragons frozen in the past.
To adopt Mini-Blink , you must have defeated Blink and have a level 95 Dungeoneering.
Finally, to buy the nibbler hope you must have defeated the devourer of hope and have reached level 101 Dungeoneering.
So you have enough room for your new companions, we also increased the maximum capacity of menageries houses players of all levels. The menagerie of the highest level and can accommodate up to 25 animals.
Opportunity to spend floors
If you are a high level player who wants to venture into the depths of Daemonheim optimally, you will probably enjoy the opportunity to spend some floors through your Dungeoneering tokens.
To do this, open the new interface accessible by talking to the dealer rewards, and select stories that you want to pass.
Please note that this feature applies to a player, and a dungeon.
Random dungeons
We also made some improvements to the D & D random dungeons. From the rewards trader of Daemonheim Peninsula, you can acquire the ability to start a random dungeon with free surprise card.
A secret reward may also be obtained by playing the card of the ibis.
General improvements
Finally, we have made several improvements based on your suggestions and comments to make your adventures in Daemonheim more enjoyable:
It is now possible to recharge rings matérian and reset your affinity against chips Dungeoneering ring. These two features are available through the store rewards.
A meter now tells you how long you have spent on a floor while you’re there.
It is possible to use bonfires in the dungeons.
It is now possible to utilize capacity and Elan Escape in the dungeons.
Entering a dungeon is now more fluid, with a new interface that allows you to select the size of the dungeon, the difficulty on the size of your team, and the mode (normal or hard), from a single location.
Beam now shows booties containing newspapers. It is also possible to right-click on the expert Dungeoneering to discover what newspapers you are missing.
We have made technical improvements to the room traps spikes, which should allow the finish smoother and faster.

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