RS rewards trader also offers three new companions

The rewards trader also offers three new companions in the form of miniatures and friendly versions of three iconic monsters Daemonheim.
Small Ice is a baby dragon frozen, you can take if they have a level 85 Dungeoneering and level 99 Summoning and already entering the dungeon resources dragons frozen in the past.
To adopt Mini-Blink , you must have defeated Blink and have a level 95 Dungeoneering.
Finally, to buy the nibbler hope you must have defeated the devourer of hope and have reached level 101 Dungeoneering.
So you have enough room for your new companions, we also increased the maximum capacity of menageries houses players of all levels. The menagerie of the highest level and can accommodate up to 25 animals.
Opportunity to spend floors
If you are a high level player who wants to venture into the depths of Daemonheim optimally, you will probably enjoy the opportunity to spend some floors through your Dungeoneering tokens.
To do this, open the new interface accessible by talking to the dealer rewards, and select stories that you want to pass.
Please note that this feature applies to a player, and a dungeon.
Random dungeons
We also made some improvements to the D & D random dungeons. From the rewards trader of Daemonheim Peninsula, you can acquire the ability to start a random dungeon with free surprise card.
A secret reward may also be obtained by playing the card of the ibis.
General improvements
Finally, we have made several improvements based on your suggestions and comments to make your adventures in Daemonheim more enjoyable:
It is now possible to recharge rings matérian and reset your affinity against chips Dungeoneering ring. These two features are available through the store rewards.
A meter now tells you how long you have spent on a floor while you’re there.
It is possible to use bonfires in the dungeons.
It is now possible to utilize capacity and Elan Escape in the dungeons.
Entering a dungeon is now more fluid, with a new interface that allows you to select the size of the dungeon, the difficulty on the size of your team, and the mode (normal or hard), from a single location.
Beam now shows booties containing newspapers. It is also possible to right-click on the expert Dungeoneering to discover what newspapers you are missing.
We have made technical improvements to the room traps spikes, which should allow the finish smoother and faster.

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If you want to leave the training as soon as possible, don’t want to continue to practice in the basement dig and while the iron is hot, come with me!

According to the arrow, to a next to the gate, open access, spoke to a samurai sword and shield.After the completion of the conversation, you something, and manipulation of the interface that is the place where your equipped weapon.Equipment you just build dagger (dagger), and then talk to the samurai.He will give you a bronze sword (bronze sword) and wood shield (wooden shields), click on them, you’re on the equipment.You combat interface blink (two crossed swords icon), after click, see four options, in turn, is: stab (spurs), Lunge (sprint), slash (chop), block (counter), the first practice Attack (Attack), the second and third practice force (strength), the fourth practice on defense.
Practice attack is to improve your attack accuracy,

Exercise power is to improve your attack limit, make every time to attack the enemy’s blood ceiling, there are many other don’t practice, practice this.

Practice defense make you up to the enemy defensive success rate and reduce the injury of blood.Want to see you this aspect of the data, click the button to see the next to the attack.

Know after finished function, according to the position of the arrow to open the door, into the cage, click on the arrow of mice, so that you began to kill the mice.If you blood loss too much, you can click on before you make bread, or roasted shrimp, they are with blood.Bread and blood 4 points, roast shrimp with 3 points.

Killed the mice after a bones lying on the ground, pick it up.Right click on the bone, select the first option buried bones, so you can practice the priest (Prayer) skills.The priests and the skills that you can temporarily increase your attack and defensive skills.

Buried the bones, you talking to warrior, he will give you 30 root a bow and arrow, you can kill the rat outside the cage.After kill rats, according to the arrow left the basement.In a house inside, talk to people and arrows, this person is a bank clerk, click yes, you can see that your bank there are 25 yuan.After the talk to the bank clerk, next to open the door.Talk with people in it, he is teaching you how to make money.There are a lot of ways to make money, killing the guards, citizens, monster, will get the money.Dot you can pay attention to, and some special place, where there is blood tonic food, there are a lot of monsters.

Ok, out of the door to the arrows point to the church, the priest will teach you how to pray.You control interface also can appear the priest interface (prayer).Prayer is restore your priests, to the offering altar (altar) click, can restore the priest.To continue to talk with him, he will teach you how to chat in the game.But we only accept English chat, can’t type in Chinese.If you want to use Chinese to chat, qq or MSN beside talk, that is what my friends and I chat.And he will teach you the other skills, including how men have been blacklisted.And finished his talk, the way out the door, down the path, entered the sorcerer’s room.

And talk about after wizards, you control interface will be able to use the magic book.Need the use of magic spells, they are divided into: spirit (mind), air (air), water (water), soil (earth), fire (fire) and so on more than 10 kinds.Each magic need to scroll is different, your magic book records.Many magic to several scrolls together, and levels of wizard.You are magic is, of course, grade 1.Start all skills are level.Put your hands all weapons, open the magic book, see spells: magic (wind strike) is ready to use.Pay attention to when using the magic method, you can’t take a bow, otherwise it will default to attack with bows and arrows.Bare hands or with his sword and magic can be.Later you will have a wand wizard, such as special weapons, including the wand of wind, water, fire, earth rod rod rod, and they can buy in the store.When you equip them, you don’t have to carry the series can use magic spells.But each time can be equipped with a magic wand in hand, other spells will be required to carry, and spirit also carries scrolls, 10 + in front of the magic are needed.
Use magic kill chicken cages, and wizards to talk again, you can proceed to the game.

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RSorder’s 2014 year gold delivery speed report

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wow benefits would be outside of PvP matchmaking

We’ve been lucky enough to participate in the alpha for Heroes of the Storm recently, Blizzard’s new ‘Hero Brawler’ (Blizz pls, it’s a MOBA) and it’s been a pretty good experience. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who’s been put off by the daunting learning curve in the past. It streamlines many of the typical MOBA features to the point where they retain much of the fun while sacrificing a lot of the difficulty. Best place to buy wow gold fast and cheap
This is no surprise from Blizzard; if there’s one thing they’ve consistently targeted as a company it’s accessibility. Many players see this as a fault, that lowering barriers to entry will somehow taint the pristine waters of gaming, but personally I believe it’s a philosophy vital to the continued success of PC gaming.
This idea shot straight to the front of my mind when it was brought to my attention that the loot distribution in Destiny is not based on the skill of the player or the difficulty of content, a concept alien to those of us accustomed to the meritocratically ‘fair’ progression of MMOs.
This struck me as counter-intuitive at first, not rewarding skill while using FPS mechanics far better suited to creating skill based content and tracking the competency of players. Considering the problem from the other direction, it’s difficult to imagine what the benefits would be outside of PvP matchmaking.

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Enjoy Christmas Day with an Amazing Frostmourne

We all know that there are various awesome items in World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor and all kinds of weapons are really cool and have great damage. Maybe every WOW fan is dreaming to possess a Warlords of Draenor object in real world and a player showed hers Christmas WOW gift on Reddit.

The post reads that “My boyfriend got me a Custom Steel Frostmourne for Christmas. +480714 Boyfriend XP Points. I’ve never been speechless over a present before” with a picture showing her Frostmourne.

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RS City Elf improvements in areas quest

Today, we offer a wide range of graphical improvements and areas of Lletya quest elves, you can discover by completing the prerequisite quest of the city elf.
Prepare the arrival of the biggest update of the year in a realm of Tirannwn rejuvenated!
Road to Lleyta
The graphical updates today concern four quests: Underpass , Mourning Part 1 , Part 2 Mourning and in the light . Areas quests have been revised and improved texture, giving you a breathtaking gaming experience.
Lletya buildings are now made of carved wood, to make the unique atmosphere of the woodland elf kingdom.
In the light and Cata … Pulte part prerequisite quest to access Prifddinas upon its release this year. Do these quests and their prerequisite is a real achievement, then go on an adventure to land elves now!
Remember that the crystal amulet will give you a daily bonus XP in the skills required for Prifddinas. It will also allow you to get new resources crystal used once the city elf implemented in. You can get advantage of our exclusive offers summer subscription that you will receive a discount of 25% on the subscription.
Have fun!
And also …
A new challenge awaits our artists in the shop of Solomon. Visit his shop to discover outfits vilevigile and aviansie .
You can now log in with a Google account RuneScape.
Players can now pay farmers for protection plot having green aura Main enabled.
Adding passive animation sword Bandos Kyzaj to higher honor and greater Kyzaj bloody quest The fallen god .
Following the session Twitch Mod Dean in order to return to our sheep (warning: coarse language), the following changes were made:
Sheep are less likely to move away after being pushed.
After being repeatedly pushed in a direction that they can not follow the sheep now lead to a randomly chosen area.

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Step 1: Create a new account, and set up a new FUT.
The name of the club will be your managers name, and the squad will be the club you eventually select.
Mr. Manager
RSC Anderlecht
You will be able to transfer up to 40k to this 2nd club to fund it. This will help you create your initial squads (squad, appropriate kits and nearest stadium). The extra amount will help you buy contracts as need or anything else you think may benefit your club.

Step 2: You will be represented by a manager.
You must pick a manager that represents your citizenship or ethnicity. You can not change since it will represent you, but you will change your league accordingly.

Step 3: You will be able to pick your initial league, but it will have to be in a “starter” league.
As you gain prestige, You can move up to higher clubs. You can do this by keeping a star rating or just doing it according to your current division.

Step 4: Captain your country.
Create a national side that represents your citizenship or ethnicity. This will be your fitness squad. I use them solely in tournaments.

Division Types
Div 1-3
Div 4-6
Serie A – Ligue 1
Div 6-8
Russian League – Super Lig – Primeira Liga – Eredivisie – MLS – Süper Lig – Liga Adelante – FL Championship
Div 9-10
Airtricity League – Football League 2 – Scotland League – Football League – Ekstraklasa – Allsvenskan – Tippeligaen – Ligue 2 – Serie B – A-League – Superliga – South African – FLUkrayina Liha – Primera División – ALJ League – LIGA Bancomer MX – Hellas Liga – Scottish Prem – Pro League – Raiffeisen SL – Camp. Scotiabank – 2. Bundesliga – Liga Postobón – A. Bundesliga – K LEAGUE.

You will be able to pick your initial league, but it will have to be in a “starter” league. You can pick any club within the league you have selected. Your squad must always be atleast 60% of that club. The other 40% will be “free agents” from within the league or link-able players.

You may also switch clubs within the league, but must have a successful season which means avoiding relegation.
If you get relegated, you are fired. You must pick a squad from lesser league.
If you obtain a title, you are promoted. You can pick a squad from a higher league.

The last but not least,Pretty much straight forward in terms of concept. You can change it to suit your needs. Here you have it, you can try it out now!

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Jagex released the beginning of RunescapeChristmas event starts from Dec 1 with some other subsequent actions. Festive cheer is the initially that RS players connect with Santa Claus to get a sack of provides. Every day 1 player has one chance to click the graphical user interface of official page to get themed features. Exchange things in your inventory with other participants and you will achieve cheer details which can be used to get XP lamb from Santa and festive papers which is used to develop a giant Christmas. buy old runescape gold with paypal no confirmation! 6% discount code at for paypal users – RSOPAYPAL.
When all pieces of document around the world are gathered to Santa, a worldwide note will be delivered to RS users to tug the giant in a specific place. Purchase cheap RS 2007 rare metal to participate the celebration as soon as possible. RS Christmas Improved Event with Snowboard Award

Runescape established announced on December 15 that the snowboarding and Tirannwn task set began. RS members can start the Tirannwn task provided that the below the ground pass is done. There are four difficulty divisions in the process and surly it will take RS users a little while there having a quiver-slot product that’s ideal for all battle styles, and although skilling since the award.

Apart from, the Princess of Snow’s shown up in Lumbridge crater. She’s missing some rogue snowfall elementals, and requires RS participants to follow her clues, discover them and melt them downward. The compensate here is a snowboard which may be used to enjoy some winter athletic action. Thinking of playing snowboard just like within the real winter months life. Great.

In Elf Town, the voice of seren illuminates two random areas. Thus, Trahaearn will be lit approximately 25% of the time. It is when Trahaearn is illuminated that you will want to do your mining. When the voice is energetic, rocks will sometimes turn out to be harmonized. A harmonized rock and roll will not diminish when it produces an ore, and sometimes produces two ores. A rock and roll can stay harmonized from a minute to in excess of 20 minutes. Stage 95 is needed to mine them.

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why we have implemented all new authenticator RuneScape

There is new content launched RuneScape . The new Grand Master Quest is designed for players with a high level. It solves ancient mysteries and introduces very strong enemies, so that there is enough challenge for the veteran.
In the new Grandmaster quest experienced players not only get answers to some important questions arising from Gielinor, but they can also play against new enemies that are stronger than before. The play area is full of treacherous traps.
This latest quest reveals the entire history of God Zaros. During your search for example, you will learn more about his childhood. Later in the quest,  players can decide whether they help Zaros on his return or to stop him. The right choice do you have in hand.

We know how your account is important to you, and we want to help you protect it from malicious individuals that may be encountered on the internet. This is why we have implemented all new authenticator RuneScape .
The authenticator RuneScape, which is free and available for all RuneScape players and RuneScape old, is a new method of protection that offers a level of security against intrusions into your account.
How does it work?
The authenticator RuneScape is an easy and fast to use system that can be activated from our website.
Once activated, the authenticator uses an application producing temporary codes, such as Google Authenticator for Android, iOS devices, and Blackberry or Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Phones devices to generate a six-digit code.
You will then need to enter this code when prompted after entering your password every time you log in from a new computer.
You can then choose to allow access to your account at this computer for 30 days, if you wish.
The authenticator RuneScape is available now, so why wait? Give optimal protection to your account in two minutes flat !

WOW Patch 6.1 will include the long-awaited reintroduction of heirlooms

World of Warcraft’s first major patch since expansion pack Warlords of Draenor’s launch will be coming in early 2015. Today Blizzard revealed what’s coming in Patch 6.1 and the rest of the year’s updates. Best place to buy wow gold fast and cheap
Patch 6.1, however, will include the long-awaited reintroduction of heirlooms. These experience-boosting, scaling items will be consolidated into a single collection for your entire account much like Mounts or Toys.
“Heirlooms already on characters will be collected into the new UI (similar to other Collections features), base-level Heirlooms will be purchasable from vendors, and upgrade tokens that can be used on Heirlooms to raise their effectiveness to additional level caps will be obtainable through different forms of content. We’ll be looking for your feedback on the new system when the 6.1 PTR goes live.”
The patch will also continue the Legendary ring quest that will run throughout Warlords of Draenor. The next step will give players the chance to recruit a Legendary follower for their Garrison. The identity of this follower is unclear but Blizzard reassures players that this companion will have “suitably Legendary abilities.”

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35K (or 700 FIFA Points) Mega Pack:
The BIGGEST pack yet with a whopping 30, yes THIRTY, items! A mix of players and consumables, at least 26 Gold with 18 Rares.
Pack limit: 5

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Day 1 Offers:
1).special pack offers
2).special tournaments
3).a free untradeable gold pack
4).5x 35K 30 item Special Packs in store

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he second day of FUTMAS is here with limited 20k Rare Consumables packs! Throughout this festive promotion you can expect more pack offers (happy hours) and new tournaments, each day until January 2nd 2015!

Day Two Offer:
20k Rare Consumables packs are available in the store for 24 hours (December 20th-21st 2014). TOTW 14 In-form players (including Santi Cazorla & Mehdi Benatia) are currently available in packs!

20k (or 400 FIFA Points) Rare Consumables Pack:
The most unique consumables, all in a single pack! Includes 12 consumables, all Gold, all Rare.
Pack limit: 5

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