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A Boston court delivered a big blow Thursday to a company buy wow gold cheap that claims to own “virtual worlds,” rejecting claims that game maker Activision should pay for using talking avatars in popular online titles like World of Warcraft.

In a ruling, U.S. District Judge Denise Casper wrote that patents belonging to Worlds Inc. appear invalid because the inventions they describe already appeared in public before the patents were filed.

The patents themselves, including US Patent 7,181,690, claim “a method for enabling a first user to interact with other users in a virtual space,” and are based on an earlier filing from 1996 that depicts the “invention” in action.

The patents in question belong to an obscure company called Worlds Inc. that raised eyebrows in 2009 when it announced that it owned the rights to virtual worlds and that it would sue the entire gaming industry, including giants like Activision and Second Life. But as one report suggests, Worlds Inc. hasn’t done much game-making of late, but instead turned its old patents over to a contingency fee law firm in hopes of a windfall — it’s become a patent troll in other words.

Worlds Inc.’s hope for a windfall met a setback, however, after the judge shot down its attempt to string together old and new patents (a process called continuation) in order to sue Activision. The ruling, embedded below, is highly technical but the gist of it is that the judge found that Worlds Inc. had failed to comply with patent regulations and that public policy means the company shouldn’t get any slack.

The ruling comes as the Supreme Court is about to hear an important case over whether software patents, like the ones being wielded by Worlds Inc., should even be allowed in the first place. Such patents are unpopular among many game developers who argue they cover basic ideas, rather than inventions, and that, in any case, game code is also protected by copyright (see the comments in this Polygon story about the Worlds Inc. case for a smart discussion of the issue).

In response to the decision, Worlds Inc. has sent out press releases portraying the ruling as a victory, but this is largely a public relations effort. While, as the release points out, the patent office has corrections to the patents, that will only allow Worlds Inc. to sue for “future acts of infringement” — meaning the company says it will now go after “Call or Duty: Ghosts” instead. That will be a long slog, however given Activision’s summary judgement victory this week.

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The overriding thing that we can see is that there is no consensus within the community as to how we should deal with these issues. Due to this we need to make a decision on how to proceed with each issue. Below we hope to explain why we have taken the decisions we have. cheapest runescape 3 gold at, you can use the 8% discount code – RS3GOLD.

The key issues we had to consider when it came to splashing was that it has always been a part of Old School, however until the random events were removed it was something which wasn’t appealing to players. Of course, there are those who think that splashing should remain as it is an easy way to level magic. However, we think that if everyone could get 99 magic easily any future update to the magic skill would be redundant.

What we have decided to do is to emulate the effect of random events if you are splashing. So, if you are splashing in an area where you can receive random events and not interacting with the game for a period of time, your account will stop auto-retaliating.

Nightmare Zone
Out of all the options, AFK training using Guthans in Nightmare Zone received the least amount of support to be changed. There are two things we had to consider which we believe make this a significantly differently to splashing. Firstly, the account you need in order to AFK in Nightmare Zone requires significant investment in terms of levels and equipment to take advantage of this.

We have polled numerous changes specifically to combat this and all have failed to pass. As such we think it is unwise to make a change without it passing a poll. We are more than open to poll good suggestions so please do let us know if you have any.

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Details on RS Ironman Hardcore Modes

Think you know RuneScape like the back of your hand? Would you rather be completely self-sufficient? If you are the Rambo of RS, we have something for you later this month.
Inspired by the popular ‘Ironman Challenge’ created by the community, we create an official way for him in RuneScape. It is a pilot project, so we welcome your comments, and if it is popular, will continue to improve this first version.
When setting up the account, you can choose between the Ironman and Ironman Hardcore modes. These can be disabled, but not activated.
The Ironman mode prevents comercies using the Great Market to bet on and win duels Arena PE several multiplayer situations. In short, you are alone or lonely. Anything you want to use against you or want to fight, you have to make it or get it on your own. You must be totally self sufficient.
The Ironman Hardcore mode adds another twist. If you die, you can not re-enter that character. Death is a permanent and very definite end, so you better think twice before entering a dangerous situation. You thought yourself a seismic wand was a breeze? Well, try, we challenge you to a double or nothing.
Players from the Ironman and Ironman Hardcore modes will be identified in the game by a flagship exclusive chat, similar to the Premier Club, and there will be leaderboards celebrating the toughest among men and women of iron. Let’s see who is the challenge.
However, this is only a preliminary plan, and we can not promise a particular update will come out in a day or a specific time. To enjoy the updates with the highest quality in the shortest time possible, try to test and refine the content to the moment just before the release, so sometimes there may be changes or take a little longer than necessary. We do not care to change our plan if necessary, because they never release an update if you are not ready.

Tips to Change the scouts and the lack of numbering in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode and are the opportunity for virtual football fans put all their knowledge about the sport show, creating casts and winning championships. Created the team of your dreams? Time to select his scouts and numbering. Check out the tutorial.

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Step 1: Have logged in Ultimate Team mode, go to the tab “Squads” and select “Active Squad”.
Step 2: On with the players, press Y / Triangle (Xbox / Playstation) to access the options menu.
Step 3: To select lack of scouts, choose “Player Roles”.
Step 4: On this screen, select the type of collection, such as near misses (Short Free Kick) or Corner (Left / Right Corner) and press A / X to set a collector.
Step 5: Now select the player who will be responsible for that kind of beat. Remember that you can change the player before hitting the lack holding RT / R2.
Step 6: Repeat the process for each type of beat, and finally select the team captain.
Step 7: To change the number of their athletes, return to the menu and select “Numbers Kit”.
Step 8: Set a number for each player. Note that when you choose a number already used by another athlete, he will receive the numbering used by the new owner of the shirt.

Why the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Turn Red with cheapest fifa 15 coins

If you play FIFA 15 mobile, you may be curious to find that your FIFA 15 turn red today. What’s going on? Now FIFA 15 mobile cooperate with AppStore to participate the AIDS charity campaign. Read on to find the details.

Dec. 1 is the World AIDS Day. RED, the charity started in 2006 by singer Bono with a mission to rid the world of HIV/AIDS, will turn the campaign’s proceeds over to The Global Fund for use in providing antiretroviral treatment to AIDS sufferers primarily in Africa. It’s a two-week campaign runs from Monday through Dec 7.

EA call this as a special limited-time event with a slogan saying that score goals, save lives. Help fight AIDS, simply by scoring goals. The 100% of the proceeds of purchase price from RED points packs will be donated to the Global Fund to fight against AIDS. You can use those points to unlock players packs filled with incredible all stars. FIFA 15 is also updated with a special (RED) tournament challenge – win it and you will unlock world famous Rafa Marquez. So build your ultimate (RED) team, and help spread the word.

By customized products with cooperating AppStore, EA make FUT 15 red. During the two-week campaign, all FUT 15 mobile items such as display, color of players’ cards will turn red. If you have update your FIFA 15 app, you will find that the latest TOTW now appear red.

It’s great that EA participate the campaign to be a responsible company citizen as well as spread positive energy to all FIFA 15 fans. But what’s more important for FIFA 15 players is better game experience. Server issue bothers FIFA 15 users for a long time, with still no accurate solutions from EA yet. Only when they do well in improving FIFA 15, there will be more faithful FUT 15 enthusiasts, bringing better effects the time they hold suck events.

Anyway, it’s a meaningful event that you can enjoy game and help people at the same time.Enjoy the big event!

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RuneScape huge, unique and exciting multiplayer content

Join a group to play multiplayer content RuneScape thanks to the grouping!
Access the grouping system through the interface of the Community. In the List pane from the group on the left, you will see a drop down menu based on skills, minigames and boss battles activities.
Then, to select one of the options above, please click on the “Enter Queue” in the central panel, which also contains information regarding requirements, rewards and settings that you can be useful button.
Want to spend a multiplayer action or would you rather take a surprise? You can click on the “Random Group” button, and leave it to the cluster system to choose the content for you. If there is no option that interests you, simply search for it in the left pane, select it and click the box “Exclude from automatic group selection.”
Note: Please note that the system is designed to introduce you to a multiplayer game as soon as possible, so that the minigames favor busiest players at that time.
In the Members group on the right, and you can separate the interface system to bring it to the clustering of the screen panel you prefer, you go see the band members go under this form. When you want to start, click on “In position” to transfer you to the world of the group leader. If you want to leave the group, you only have to click the button found on the bottom of the panel.
The Group Members panel also includes controls through which leaders can create and manage their groups. This section includes icons to create a group; invite players throw or block; divide the group into teams for a specific minigame; and perform a number of functions related to lists of friends and foes, and private messages.
As the traditional mode, try the impact of grouping system interfaces were minimized. It works in a very similar way, but accessing it through the Options menu or an icon on the minimap. A direct interface to the “Members” link replaced the “Notes”, which are now accessed through another minimap icon.
RuneScape has a huge, unique and exciting multiplayer content that is waiting for you to discover. With the grouping system, there is no reason not to try something new, and perhaps, forging friendships along the way.
Have fun, and as always, leave your thoughts in the forums.

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I have discovered a few methods to make Runescape Gold without a great deal of attempts, one solution that we found was through the Slayer skill. cheapest runescape 3 gold with 8% off now at

The Slayer ability is excellent for advancing over the sport and training your own persona. All you need to perform is have the falls from every monster you kill as you cooperate, it is definitely so easy. Assess those inside out the door cost checker by the end of each and every excursion, once you gather the items which are fallen.

You will quickly start to identify that you’ll be obtaining money, and fast! After you have completed your Slayer undertaking, or possibly a few Slayer jobs in a row, possible go towards the Grand Exchange and offer your things. Even if the items aren’t selling nicely, selling those pieces of the most beneficial cost from the Grand Trade, will allow to still build a lot of cash.

I personally typical at the very least 200 -600k nighttime from slayer undertakings. After only a week of your practice slayer to have a few hours everyday, you are thinking about 2 – 5M a week. As you will quickly get harder endeavors which have been countless harder, your own personal slayer Amount increases. As soon as you achieve Slayer level 80 Valuable items are dropped more by these monsters, you are likely to continue to rake within the gold. I own a person better of over 2.5M in one day, plus it’s potential to make more, to match the project.
Runescape : Ardougne & Duel Tournaments Update
A pair of updates have been launched in RuneScape. The first update, the Ardougne Achievement Diary, will set players on a number of new tasks as they explore Ardougne in ways they’ve never done before.
The second update brings a number of new changes to the Duel Tournament system. Players will now be automatically assigned to a registrar based on their combat level and other factors when entering the duel tournament waiting room.RuneScape gold. Also, players who place second in these tournaments will receive 20% of the entry fees as their reward.

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Last week, EA introduced a completely new Messi credit card for FIFA 15. It absolutely was an exclusive card designed for Barcelona FC superstar Messi, in celebration of the player splitting the document for the best goals scored in Los angeles Liga throughout history and also splitting the record for many objectives scored in Champions League history as well.Now EA are awarding the player using the ‘Record Breaker’ Messi card in FIFA Greatest Crew, which comes with a remarkable 95 status. This is an rise in two total from his 93 that transported together with the online game as well as an increase in the 94 in-kind cards that he has received for his performances this season.

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Players have the chance to win this special card for a whole week, with EA making exceptions given the fact that it’s a special one-off card.Now we have an image comparison to show you, giving you an exact breakdown in the stat differences between Messi’s new card and the recent in-form card.A 97 Dribble, 95 Pace and 93 Shooting ability is pretty incredible and if you manage to pull out this card your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is going to get a serious upgrade.

With that said, we can easily presently provide you with the very first Messi record circuit breaker in a package effect, as you privileged gamer has was able to draw this out from a pack.Even better, he filmed his reaction and you could see it by viewing the video below – ensure you watch before the quite end to see Messi.


awesome map based on the acclaimed play Jagex

A user has invested three years of work into creating this awesome map based on the acclaimed play Jagex.
Minecraft is a game that offers endless possibilities, that if they join with the best minds can become impressive creations. Again, we have seen as a user of the popular game has created a map that will surprise more than one. Can you imagine seeing Runescape in the particular world of Minecraft? As it is now possible.
Creation is the work Mattie400 user, who has dared to recreate the world of Runescape in the world of Minecraft, which according to his own account on Reddit, has taken three years to carry out. Has been finally completed its work with a map that is the result of a cross between the 2007 version and the current 2014, you can see in the video that we leave at the end of the news.
The map launched a few years ago has been massively and modified by other users, so this latest version is not available for download. However, the possibility has been offered to the first hundred people to write down your username in Minecraft in the comments of the video on their YouTube channel, to play with them to the alpha figure that inevitably already been overtaken . What do you think this stunning recreation?

Need/Greed VS Personal Loot, Heads-up of Warlords WOW Dungeon Loot

Recently, Blizzard has posted a heads-up on buy cheap wow gold upcoming dungeon changes in new expansion world of warcraft. It says the current Default Loot Method will be replaced by Need/Greed. To cheer, or not to cheer, that is a question, because there is a divergence among people.

Reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed

On world of warcraft warlords of draenor date, some people have hit the level cap. And to get ilvl 610 requirement to head into Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeons, they buy ilvl 660 tournament gear in Ashran with 50 wow gold for sale cheap at safewow without hesitation, even though this gear is just usable in War Games.

Coincidentally, Blizzard announced the coming changes of dungeons, reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed along with additional 50 Garrison Resources for completing the first Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeon of the day.

The devs intend to improve the dungeon loot experience by using Raid Finder’s personal loot system, which was successful in eliminating drops that weren’t usable by anyone in the group, and reducing loot contention in some cases in Mists of Pandaria.

But given players feedback that system is unrewarding, they are reverting the default loot method in Dungeon Finder back to Need Before Greed, evaluating how to better present and structure dungeon personal loot, and re-introducing the system in the future.

Main focus on less rewarding

Most people always complain there is no feeling rewarding enough with Personal Loot system, because all you would see is gold. Instead of the odd for 5 people to get gear off of one boss, this system will make everybody fight over for 1 piece of gear.

Maybe there is indeed a lack of understanding of the system (after all, people don’t ninja for os/vendoring), but that is not saying it is perfect. Usually, people clear an entire dungeon and never see any drops. It is so weird. Maybe players cannot get anything with Need Before Greed either, but they would see the loot drop, maybe missing out on the rolls, maybe giving to the right class for the item. It is at least a spiritual comfort.

Perhaps Blizzard can make the personal loot system more appealing so that complaints calm down for a while, and then everyone is happy. Anyway, fast wow gold is necessary at any time in world of warcraft expansions, especially for Warlords dungeons. buy gold wow at Safewow to enjoy the Black Friday promo.

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