Which point the fifa 15 is greater than fifa 14 with instant fut 15 coins?

cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 FIFA 15 greatly improved the goalie systemFIFA is necessary later in the year, when and players meet, we also witness to the importance of the EA brand. FIFA series in the history of the game of football can not be ignored, for it is not just a new game every year, too, is the transfer of some of the latest stuff, forcing people to chase the trend. FIFA in many ways was a success, and for this, EA is how to do it?

“We want to make every player likes to play a game.” Producer Nick Channon said in interviews with foreign media in the VG247. “The idea seems bland but this is really our goal every year is to make the best game, and we will continue to do so.”

According to say so, then this year’s FIFA15 will be after FIFA14 best game, what is the difference between the two? EA’s answer is: The biggest change is the goalkeeper systems.

“We rewrote the goalie’s program.” Channon said, “It took us two years. Goalkeepers need more artificial intelligence to analyze and handle events, we now have a powerful processor, we are able to goalkeeper performance is well presented, doing all it can to let them play their role, which is what we make in this biggest change. ”

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