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Commendations on the other hand are used to purchase equipment. From Warzones, you get Warzone Commendations. These can be used to purchase gear for a variety of levels and are ultimately used to get access to the best PvP gear. Swtor credits buy online at now 10% free bonus!

You get the bulk of your Commendations by completing Warzones. Commendations seem to be awarded not only based on whether or not you win, but how long the match lasted. For example a 6 minute win in Huttball does not give the same amount of commendations as a 15 minute win, even if the medals earned are the same.

In addition to Warzone length, the better you do in the Warzone, the more Commendations you get. This is primarily influenced by medals (which are discussed in the section below on maximizing Warzone rewards).

At the end of a Warzone, players can vote for who is the “MVP” of the match as well. Each time someone votes for you, you get an extra Commendation. Overall in the grand scheme of things this does not amount to much, but it is fun to get a few extra commendations if you performed well for the team.

Note that the best PvP gear often requires Mercenary Commendations. The easiest way to get these is to actually exchange Warzone commendations at any PvP Vendor (found in the Warzone starting area) at a rate of 30 Warzone commendations to 10 Mercenary commendations.

The only way I know of to get Mercenary commendations at the moment is to open up the PvP chests on Tattooine or Ilum, which may contain 20 tokens, but this is not nearly as efficient as just trading Warzone commendations.
SWTOR PvP Guide – Earning More Commendations With Medals

You will notice that throughout a match, there are a variety of ways you can earn a “medal”. Each medal gives you an extra 5 commendations and 50 valor points, so getting a bunch of medals really helps speed up the rate at which you gain rewards.

While there are plenty of medals, focusing on some of the hard to get ones may cut your commendation earnings short. Instead, worry about the ones below, which are very easy to unlock:

Medic – 2.5k healing from a single heal
Demolisher – 2.5k damage from a single attack (AoE attacks do not count)
Trauma Surgeon – 5k healing from a single heal
Quick Draw – Getting a killing blow on one player
Combatant – Dealing 75k damage
Healer – Healing for 75k health
Defender – Earning 1k Defender Points (standing near a node which you own in Alderaan, standing near a door in Voidstar on defense, being near and attacking the opposite team’s ball carrier in huttball)
Warden – Earning 3k Defender Points (only easy to do in Alderaan)
Assassin – Killing a player in a one-on-one fight
Shield – Defending 5k total health in a game (i.e. using your Guard/Protect ability on another player)
Guardian – Defending 2k health in one life
Paladin – Defending 10k health in one life
Commando – Killing 10 enemy players
Soldier – Killing 25 enemy players
These are the 15 easiest medals to unlock in SWTOR Warzones. Of course, not every class can get all of these medals. Not every class has a guard ability for the defense medals whereas other classes do not have any healing ability.

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