we won’t see the results until Warlords is released

To aid in the war against bots, the team will be http://www.wowtoes.com/ improving the reporting process and tuning its automated bot detection. Gaffney said that the studio will be unrelenting in its prosecution of such accounts: “We’re attacking this with a full-spectrum approach as a placeholder until we get to the better tools that should help in the short-medium term. We acknowledge it sucks when you see obvious cheaters, and we’re working to eliminate it.”

Why the changes? Watcher hit the forums to explain, and to point out that the perks people normally associate with guilds aren’t really going away entirely. Some of them, like Ride Like the Wind or Honorable Mention will just be rolled into the game as default behavior, rather than offered as a perk of any kind. So yes, while the perk is getting removed, we won’t really see a change — flight paths will simply go 25% faster by default. The Cash Flow perk, however, is being flat out removed, and Watcher had some really good points as to why this is being changed.

You cannot currently roll an alt in this game without being immediately spammed by random guild invites and whispers from people looking to have players join their guild. While some of these guild invitations could arguably be “legitimate,” many of them are nothing more than farming schemes for players to gather gold, level guilds, and then sell the guilds — perks, players and all — off to the highest bidder. Will the removal of Cash Flow deter this behavior? That’s a really good question, and I’m sure we won’t see the results until Warlords is released.

For most guilds, this really won’t be an issue, because Cash Flow contributes very little to a guild bank’s coffers unless you have a lot of players looting a lot of creatures for gold. From what I’ve experienced, Cash Flow will generate a tremendous amount of gold at the onset of an expansion as everyone levels, and then peter off to almost nothing once everyone has hit max level and stops doing quests on a daily basis.

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