The most unforgettable WOW task

Many people have asked the have you been playinh WOW ten years?
Ten years ,there has a rustic charm that attracts me.It is not the wow gold,it is the story!Yes,i love the wow countless and various story .perhaps that the games are more and more persuing speed and tolerating the process just like fast food, and the BOSS is more and more weaker ,but In the Plot of task, WOW is still not changed its passion .Hot-blooded,moved,anger,mercy,show in front of us by a series of bring the joy and sorrows to players.the game player! what we need to do is enjoy the story…
Love and family
I think this task should be put on NO.1,you must remember that”race does not represent the honor,I have seen the most noble orc,and the most despicable human.We also remember the sad thatTaelan Fordring died in front of him…
The truth will reliese us
Watch the task of soul state,Arthas Menethil and Muradin’s story,no need for me to say it.
O Nick Sia’s lair door opening task
This task is very awful,we had crumbled,we had to load down instance zones,made a courtesy visit to finish.But go Into Stormwind with marshal is really happy.I feel I was a very dangerous character,the guards are all kneel.
Fight with ourselves
I have deep impressed by this WLK task,which some people may have Wyrmrest Temple, you hold the hourglass to fight for future/past . you will summon a person that is very like you when you use props.The first one you called out is you exist in the future.and over the next few days when you finish the task, you can call out you lived in the past the past.The logic of the story is perfect and dialoguelogic in it is also very intresting.
enduring ambition
all the people who have played the Night will know that this task is very the Black Sea,then i started to cry’goodbye,Serui,my love,we will see each other in the future time……how can i do ,my love..if without you. how i do…how can i live in the word without you….’is it a little bit have a air of Shakespeare?
panada novice task
LZ still feel that the most part is the novice task in the last.the master really have a kind of life guider or fatherly cathch.sometimes just like the teacher in the film of Kungfu Panda in Buddist monk. remenbered that i had a bow then……..
Will always bear in mind
The night elves all know,this task is ultra touching.In the Black Sea coast,I began to cry because the dialogue.”Goodbye,Serri Leen,my love.And we can finally see…” “How do, my lovePeople…What am I gonna do without you. Without you…How can I have the courage to survive in this world…”Shakespeare is here?
Panda new task
I still feel that the new task at last the most touching,master really kinda life mentor,my feeling,a bit like kung fu panda,teacher,the monk Lin,I Also bowed…

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