Why does GW2 need an expansion?

With Guild Wars 2 approaching to two-year anniversary, the topic of an expansion becomes more and more popular than before. Will Living Story be a lead of a big expansion release? If it is, what new continents and new end-game content is coming?


Why are people eager for a new expansion?


On the surface, people want more stuff to do, because the game has been for a long time. It seems ArenaNet has realized this, and is trying to solve the Living Story system. But obviously, it is not enough to most players, and episodes do not meet the need of the hungry players. They are waiting each fortnight to experience the new story.

While players are happy with the influx of new things to do, the new expansion will bring another fortune to the developer, which should be far more than from the Living Story.


Why does GW2 need an expansion?


Maybe plenty of people worry whether the expansion can receive as much attention as the plan. And the improvement of Living Story may have a shock to the expansion. Personally, the developer should focus on the development of the game in the long run. Adding new races and professions could reinvigorate many of the existing starting zones, and players will stay for a longer time on this new expansion.


Some suggestions for expansion content


Actually, no one means, the release of a new expansion is a denial to Living Story. On the contrary, we should keep improving it, after all few players think, it should be perfect to add a time-consuming content, like challenging dungeons or underworld.

According to most people’s feedback, players have a normal intendancy to new content and new race. Although Tyria is rich with various races, the polar bear and bird-people races should be added to richen the culture of the game. Besides, new dungeons are also what most players claim for.


In my opinion, they should release a new expansion with the coming of GW2 two-year anniversary to thrill players. Besides, more contents are being added in the Living Story. You can buy GW2 gold cheap at gold4fans to experience the new content.