Decorate the Housing In Strongholds with cheap swtor credits in

With the patch 2.9 notes, now a list of SWTOR Galactic Stronghold Decorations are also available for players. According to all these stuff, a great large number of players are worrying that their stock of swtor credits are awefully insufficient. More worse, some players even wonder whether they are screwed up by this new expansion because the cost of the housing in Strongholds is far beyond their burden.

First time to get hands on Galactic Strongholds.

After the 2.9 patch notes by Eric Musco, he posted another short note to suggest as many as players to get involved in the Galactic Strongholds: “One of the things we are realy eager to have all of you do is play! In fact, we want as many of you to play as possible” Eric said in Swtor Community. This is easy to understand since this is the first time that players are given the chance to tst on PTS in the Strongholds and they expect to get as many feedbacks as possible.

How about players’ feelings about the Housing in Strongholds?

To fulfill the great curiosity of the Strongholds, a great large number of players have a try on the PTS. However, even just a short experience of the housing made them know a fact that too many swtor credits are needed to support this adventure. “We don’t make decorations, we make currency tokens. THREE of them. How, after 3 years, does Bioware still not understand economic basics?” Said by some player with great anger.

Players have to prepare a great large number of swtor credits for decorations.

Though some players are still trying to stay optimistic that they might add an actual schematic of a decoration, the reality implies the time will be far away from players’ expectations, making them experience a real slap in the face. Though the Cartel Market has been more and more crazy and successful, the reality that there will be no crafting offered all players a feeling that they are playing for getting those pointless player-made currency tokens.

How do players get sufficient Swtor credits to decorate the housing?

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On RuneScape we take things a step further

At RuneScape, we strive to engage with our various social media communities to gauge their thoughts on particular updates, ask for feedback, and to share their own creations, as well as create a safe, fun, friendly, enjoyable environment where players can interact with each other. For example, we have over 100 Jagex Moderators, and over 200 Player Moderators on Twitter, sharing the latest updates, answering player queries for their specialist areas, and offering advice and help where needed. We want our players to feel valued, and that what they say can have a demonstrative impact on the way we go about business as a company – social media.

When it comes to community, communication is king. If you don’t communicate, someone else will do it for you, and then you can’t control it. When liaising with players, it needs to be done in a way which is understandable, open and transparent. Whether it’s passing on valuable feedback to the developers, relaying important information onto the community or simply sharing community successes with your player base, it’s all about making sure players know they’re making a real difference.

By engaging, listening and communicating effectively with your players, they’ll feel part of the conversation, invested in the game and valued by the business. Here at Jagex we’re always talking to our players, whether it’s on our official forums, through our social media channels, in-game or even in person through our player visits and real life events; we take communicating effectively with our community seriously, and as an important two-way flow of information.

Get to Araxxor’s home by heading south in runescape

Araxxor is here and he can’t wait to tear you limb from limb in a solo or duo boss battle to the death! When we polled the sort of boss content you wanted earlier this year, the message was clear: there’s nothing you like more than grappling with a beefy combat boss. Araxxor won’t disappoint, as you choose your route through his lair, dodge hazards, and finally face the beast himself.  Buy cheap rs 3 gold at:

There are regularly shifting layouts to the lair, and loads of amazing rewards – including level 90 two-handed weapons and creepily cute spider pets. Read More about Araxxor:

Getting Started
Get to Araxxor’s home by heading south along the eastern coast of Morytania from Port Phasmatys. Once you’re there, enter the Araxyte Hive and you’ll find a webbed-over entrance to the boss-fight area.Click on it, and you’ll have the option to enter a non-instanced version, or to create/join an instance. You can also limit the instance to just one person, if you wish, or set a pass number to restrict access.Note that only one person can enter the non-instanced version at a time per world.

The Fight
As you battle Araxxor, you’ll need to lure him through various areas of the Araxyte Hive. There are several routes to choose from – of which only some will available, changing every few days – and Araxxor will have different abilities depending on which route you take. Araxxor’s encounter is in your control – it’s up to you how you choose to engage him. Moving through the paths and dealing with his mechanics will influence the difficulty and how the fight plays out. Experiment, and find your preferred spider-wrangling strategy.

There’s no keeping a big spider down, either – each time you defeat Araxxor, he’ll come back bigger, badder and angrier than before, for the rest of that day. As such, defeating him several times in succession will become gradually harder. It’ll also become significantly more difficult if you bring a friend – he’ll be tougher, and his attacks will hit far harder. You’ll need tight-knit teamwork to survive Araxxor’s onslaught.

First among the amazing rewards on offer are level 90 two-handed weapons for all three combat styles: the noxious scythe, noxious longbow and noxious staff. These monstrous tools of destruction are the finest of their kind and come with new special attacks. You’ll put them together by combining a spider’s leg, plus one of three arachnid body parts received as rare drops. There’s a terrifyingly cute spider pet too, also obtainable as a rare drop. Once you have it, you can unlock new versions the spider as well, by completing special achievements while fighting Araxxor solo. Click on the cocooned corpse outside Araxxor’s lair to find out more.

Tell you Barcelona Issued out Shocking News and to gain cheap fut 14 cins

Although Messi’s contract with Barcelona last to June 2018, this does not mean that his position in Barcelona is indestructible. Spain secret network famous journalist Jose Felix revealed that some of Barcelona seniors insisted that the club must immediately sell Messi.

Some seniors believe that Messi does not feel happy at Barcelona, and he is also in insufficient power. It looks like it has been impossible to return to top. No matter in what ways, now is the best time to sell Messi, Barca should seize the opportunity to sell the Argentine record prices, so Barcelona can pay off most of the debt. Almost every day, Barcelona President Tomei uri will face such a request. But he now strongly suppressed this voice.

In fact, Messi did not swear to stay in Barcelona in his all life, shortly after he had just been renewed on the social networking site said: “My future is decided by the Barcelona fans, I chose to stay because I still can feel the love of the fans, but if I do not feel this love, then I’ll find a new solution, “at the end of last season, leaving Barcelona, before joining the national team, Messi once again stressed:” if fans questioned me, I hope I leave, then I will accept without any problem.”

Executives who support the sale of Messi believe that Barcelona significantly decline in the past two seasons. In addition, according to Felix disclosure, Messi doesn’t have much enthusiasm is in the club current plan. In the meanwhile, the other clubs are still interested in Messi. is your best site to buy fifa coins and learn latest fifa 15 news.

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The scoring Brazil 2014 World Cup star

The scoring Brazil 2014 World Cup star, played 6 seasons at Real Madrid and here we have more coves aspects of his life.

James Rodriguez has become the national hero of Colombia. The new player of Real Madrid was the architect of his selection for the first time to classify the quarterfinals of the World Brazil 2014 thanks to goals scored against Uruguay at the Maracana. You know all about his life as a player and here are 10 creeks trivia, you probably do not know:

1 – As a family. James Rodriguez is not far from the family or when concentrated in the selection of Colombia. Spend his wife, Daniela Ospina, is the sister of David Ospina, the archer combo.

2 – Football genes. Wilson James Rodriguez James Rodriguez’s father, also dedicated football before he was born the current star of Colombia. Got to play in the youth team in 1985 and played for clubs such as Independiente Medellín, Cúcuta Deportivo and Deportes Tolima.

3 – Far from his father. However, James Rodriguez hardly grew up with his father. At 3 years he went to live with his stepfather, Juan Carlos Restrepo, who guided his talent to excel in his playing career.

(Source: bestiary balloon)

4 – Family brawl. James Rodriguez’s passion for football also gets him through his uncle, Antonio Rodriguez, who played for Independiente Medellin, but was killed in the mid-nineties.

5 – Shy salsa. The music he likes the Colombian attacker is gravy, but has great talent for dancing. But Juan Cuadrado and his teammates always invite you to celebrate his goals with steps.

6 – Student distance. The Colombian, 23, is fully dedicated to high-level football, but does not neglect studies and maintains his academic career thanks to new technologies. James Rodríguez studied Ingeniaría Systems in the National Open and Distance University.

7 – Great vision. According to several medical tests, James Rodriguez has greater peripheral vision than the average of other people. This allows you to have a wider field of vision and thus find it easier to see the other players on the court.

8 – FIFA enthusiast. With 15 years was introduced in the world of football video games and since I’m a great fan of FIFA. As fate would have it years later James Rodríguez own image out of FIFA 14.

9 – Admired by ghosts. James Rodriguez was the author of a goal that generated a photograph that went around the world to qualify as paranormal. He ran the legend that a ghost was recorded in the snapshot as Colombia has scored a goal against Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League.

10 – Kiss the tattoo. His last goal celebrations are always kissing his forearm where he has tattooed the name of his daughter Salome.

Wildstar Online Leveling Up Guide with WildStar Online Gold

The number one question is always “how to level up fast in wildstar online?”. There are many wildstar online Honestly, there is an easy way to level up quickly in wildstar online. You must focus on leveling up and nothing else. You can’t try to rush through the quests and move on to the next area or try to spend WildStar Online Gold to for better weapons too quickly.
Complete All Quest
When you’re doing quests, make sure you complete all the quests in your area. Don’t move on until you have completed all of them. Also, don’t worry about which reward is best. You will have better items once you have reached a high enough level anyway.

Also, if you can complete more than one quest at the same time. Then I recommend doing so. Complete 2 or 3 quests at the same time, saves you time from doing the quests one by one. Time saved means you will be able to complete more quests in a shorter amount of time than one by one.

When To Clear The Dungeon
You want to clear the dungeon after you have completed all the quests in your area. This allows you to clear it fairly easy. This way you’re not under leveled for the things in the dungeon. Also, if you can do it with a group that would be best but I will touch on this later in the article.

PvP Matches
When to do PvP matches and how many to do before moving onto the next area. You want to do a minimum of 3 pvp matches before moving onto the next area after you have completed all the quests in the area and the dungeon. This will allow you to be prepared for the next area and level up quickly in wildstar online. Just like the dungeon, your best option is doing pvp matches with a group. I will touch on this right now.

Level Up With A Group
If you have friends that wildstar online or know some hardcore gamers that are getting into wildstar online than leveling up as a group is your best option. Just don’t team up with someone that needs to take a lot of breaks such as going to the bathroom, smoking, or whatever. Also, don’t team up with some kid that needs to be in bed by 8pm or that one guy that needs to be in bed by 10pm or he will wake up late for work.

Leveling up with a group that will play wildstar online as much as you do and as hard as you do will make things go a lot smoother. Make sure your group all know what you’re doing in order. All the quests in the area, then the dungeon, and then 3 pvp matches before moving onto the next area of wildstar online.


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Old school F2P trial reduced the number of members

It has been a while since the announcement of old school F2P trial, and there are lots of players who hope that the time of F2P trial can be extended. However, through the long time launching, Jagex expressed that they now have no plans to extend the trial for a longer period of time.

Old school F2P trial increased the number of bots
Old School F2P Trial Bots

There is no doubt that F2P trial is definitely a great opportunity for bots. According to the graph from Jagex, we could clearly see a sudden glut of bots join all with the intention of farming yews and selling the proceeds.
However, as Jagex disabled yew trees for the trial, the amount of bots are declined rapidly. That means F2P without the yew trees was not going to increase the bot population.
All in all, bots in osrs are more under control now than ever.

Old school F2P trial reduced the number of members
When the F2P trial launched, there was a reduction of about 30% in new accounts becoming members in old school.
As we all know, members are the key for building a vibrant and active community to support the stability of Old School. However, it seems that giving permanent access to F2P will cause more members to unsubscribe without bringing any noticeable increase in new members.
Therefore, in consideration of a health growth of old school, Jagex now have no plans to extend the trial for a longer period of time or offer a F2P version where you have access to it permanently.

Old school F2P trial will open for any account until 28th of August
As lots of you mentioned that some of your friends didn’t want to come back and start a new account, Jagex is now announced that from the 24th July until the 28th of August, any account which has not been a member for 90 days will be able to access the F2P servers for 2 weeks. This will be in addition to the trial continuing to work for new accounts.

If you haven’t try F2P trial yet, come to seize your chance before 28th of August. Besides, there is also a summer special offer of 25% off 3 months of membership open until the 28th July. Enjoy all of those benefits in old school runescape!

Ratings of the top ten soccer players in FIFA 15

Recently, a set of pictures show some of top player ratings in FIFA 15 have been leaked. Is it true the player ratings are posted out before the release of FIFA 15? Loyal fans, it is time to carry fifa coins cheap to head to FIFA 15!

Ratings of the top ten soccer players in FIFA 15


The picture on the right seems like the top ten football players in FIFA 15, including Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta, Neymar, Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Are these FIFA 15 player cards available now?

If it is true, Messi and Ronaldo should be the best players in the game with 94 overall ratings. And Luis Suarez with a four-point boost from FIFA 14 is placed second while James Rodriguez gets a three-point jump to 86 overall.

In fact, this picture is unreliable, because it is just a good Photoshop picture of current player cards with updated ratings.


Two signs to debunk this myth


Nothing is foolproof, and any Photoshop pictures all can be debunked by the truth. There are two loopholes in this picture.


First, the players’ photos are identical to those of FIFA 14 versions. Even though EA Sports does reuse some old photos, the photos of the top players must get refreshed, especially for the transferred players. As we all know, Luis Suarez has moved to Barcelona, but this picture still shows Suarez wears red Liverpool jersey.


Second, all FIFA 15 player cards here are unchangeable from FIFA 14, but obviously, EA updates the player card designs every year, as long as Ultimate Team is launched.


It is understood that fans can’t wait to put their favorite players into practice, but FIFA 15 is still not launched until September 23. But everyone can prepare FIFA coins for sale at gold4fans for the launch of FIFA 15 in advance.

FIFA 15 Lionel Messi Announced For Cover Of New Video Game with fast fifa 14 coins

Lionel Messi might have lost the 2014 World Cup, but being on the cover fifa 15 coins of one of the most popular sports video game franchises in the world is comparable.The Argentine star was announced as the FIFA 15 cover athlete on Monday.The 27-year-old is fresh off a World Cup in which he helped Argentina reach the final and won the Golden Ball.

As usual, EA Sports will have different covers for a few different regions across the globe, but Messi will feature prominently on every separate edition. According to IGN’s Evan Campbell, this is the third year in a row in the FIFA series in which the Barcelona attacker has earned the honor. Messi was also on the cover of FIFA Street.

The FIFA series has generally been hailed by fans year in and year out as one of the best sports games on the market, so it’s of course appropriate that the cover boy is one of the best players in the world. Having Messi on the cover is essentially a statement from the game’s developers that they believe nobody can touch their product. is your best site to buy fifa 14 ultimate team coins and learn latest fifa 15 news.

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Wildstar Trigger Fingers AMPs Location Map with Wildstar Gold Cheap Sale

In the Wildstar, you can’t purchase all classes’ AMP point from vendor. You should acquire some AMP point through monster drop. As we all know, the most expensive AMP for now is the Trigger Fingers. The market price of Trigger Fingers almost above 1500 Wildstar gold. Although the other AMPs are not so expensive, the average price beyond hundreds gold. So, how can we get these AMPs?
Now, we have collected the level 50 map for Trigger Fingers AMP drop location:

In these two maps, not only there are Trigger Fingers AMP, but also there are other rare AMP and some purple Wildstar items. Those are very valuable. We sorted the AMP listed which can’t purchase from store.

If you acquire these AMP don’t sell out in store,you can get excellent price in Auction House. I was own hundreds gold in my backpack, but it isn’t enough to pay my moth-card. But now, i have thousands Wildstar gold, why not come with us!

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