RS skillcape needs an update from a graphical tidy-up to a full redesign

As we all know, runescape skillcape has been existed for years. Along with the release of the rs skillcape, lots of players are found their new goals, and tried so hard to get that. At the same time, problems about the skillcape are also occurs. Many of players are asked for those rs skillcapes to be graphically updated. Is that really necessary in your opinion?

RS skillcape is a cape of accomplishment

Runescape skillcape is an iconic reward for those who gain 99 in a skill, and it symbolizes achieving the highest possible level in a particular skill or the completion of every quest.
Meanwhile, rs skill mastery cape looks different from the ordinary level 99 skill cape. For example, the skill symbol in skill mastery cape is lower than on an ordinary skillcape with particle smoke emitting from the bottom of the cape.

RS skillcape needs an update from a graphical tidy-up to a full redesign

There are a bunch of players who insist that skillcapes need to be redesigned, because they think those skiicapes are totally outdated from 2006.
Those capes need to be redesigned unique to each rs skill, so players would feel like much more of an accomplishment and way to show it off.
Besides, runescape level 99 capes should not be more visually appealing than their level 120 counterparts. So they may either fix the clipping issues and leave it alone or rework all skillcapes including 120 capes.

RS skillcape is already the best the way it is now

Conversely, still some players who believe that runescape skillcape look perfectly all rigt. Also, they think that since 2006, skillcaps are some of the most iconic items in the entire game, so it shouldn’t be changed at all.
In other words, an update is far from necessary and development time can be spent more efficiently, as we still get a lot of other graphical things that could be improved.

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