Helpful ways to make rs 07 gold fast for a beginner

Like real money in our rs 07 gold daily life, RS gold plays a very important role in the game Runescape. Players need it to protect themselves as well as to beat down others. So if you are just a beginner in Runescape, you must learn some ways to make RS gold fast. If you have found the effective Runescape gold making methods, then you will have enough money to buy better armor and weapons.

As a low level player the simple way to make fast RS gold is to collect items that needed by higher level players. High levelplayers who do not want to spend time on the items will buy from you. At this time you can sell your items for high price. You can see that the gold is rolling after you. There are mainly two items that are best selling items in the early times.

1. Feathers. Feathers is a thing that massively needed by players. Killing chicken is the simplest thing to do in the game to get feathers. In Runescape there are so many skills you can work on at one time such as combat, cooking and prayer. Each feather can be sold for about 4 gold pieces in the Grand Exchange. That is truly not a lot but feather is easy to get 1000 feathers for each chicken will drop about 5 feathers.

2. Cow hides. Once you have leveled up a little you can buy a better armor and weapon and move to the cow field. Each cow you kill will drop a cowhide. Each cowhide can sell for more than 100 gold pieces at the Grand Exchange.

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