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In FIFA Ultimate Team, there is a controversy which one will perform better in FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup between Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke? Here, I will show you not only their advantages and disadvantages, but also players’ opinions. You can gain cheap Fifa 14 coins for sale at gold4fans to take them up.


Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke are all strikers in FUT World Cup. Since these two players have similar skill points, many players, including me, are confused which one is better for FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup.

First, they have had the same workrates M/M.

Second, their skills are ranked three Stars, and Weak Foot is four. That means, they have the same loss rate.

Third, Dribbling and defending are 75 points and 48 points respectively.

Last, they all have had 82 points of Ball Control. From these data, it is no different to choose any of them.


Except for the above similarities, you should pay more attention to their differences, because the differences will determine what outcome you will gain.

Lukaku’s advantages. First, has got 84 in Pace, but Benteke is 81. That means, Lukaku has a faster speed than Benteke. Second, he has got an extra 4 points in passing rate compared with Benteke. Last, he has 65 Futhead Creator Rating, 2 points higher than his rivals.

Benteke’s advantages. First, Benteke has won Lukaku with another two points in Shooting and Futhead Attacker Rating. Second, he has got 83 Heading, about 4 points higher than Lukaku. Last, his Futhead Defebder Rating is higher than that of Lukaku with another three points.

In a word, Lukaku’s total stats are higher than that of Benteke by only one score. But as for Futhead Ratings, Benteke is relatively outstanding in both Attacker and Defender.

Personally, I prefer Benteke to join in my team through this comparison, because I like his higher Futhead Rating, and they have no big difference in stats. But maybe you have another choice. After all, different people need different skills to win the game. So you can make a choice according to your needs. Anyway, you can buy cheap FIFA 14 coins at gold4fans to make use of the players you choose.

Analysis for DPS and TANK Classes with wildstar gold

Most of players are keen on challenging this PvP map, so we are glad to share the experience of DPS and TANK classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn.

DPS Classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn

* Warrior is very aggressive type of DPS class which has high explosive damage. If you enter into this battleground to use Rampage without great PvP equipments, you would feel frustrated. The Warrior would better focus on the light armor class or the healer, as you know, the high damage means week viability. Therefore, you need the powerful Healer to match with you.

* Spellslinger, almost every player would choose DPS Spellslinger although it need your smart operation. The characteristic of Spellslinger is long-distance attack and high damage. The Flash Freeze which prevents movement for 4s, and the Assassinate can deal amazing physical damage to a foe. As for my personal experience, i think Spellslinger need to speed lots of time on Practice Grounds.

* Stalker: Please choose Tether Mine, or else nobody would be afraid of you. The behind or in stealth damage of Impale is very high, even though the Tank can’t bear it.While, the disadvantage is that only for 1 foe, the ability in group fight is feeble.

* Engineer: The DOT of Engineer is incredible, it is a good forward. Especially, you should pay attention Electrocute which has a slender electricity, it has high damage and long distance. If you are a DPS Engineer, you should choose some attributes to increase viability.

TANK Classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn

* Engineer: It is the most common Tank in Wildstar, which has various assistance skills. Such as, Unstable Anomaly,Unsteady Miasma,Particle Ejector,Cook Red,Obstruct Vision and so on.We can adjust the skill build in according with the opponents’ skills.If you play as a main Tank, it has high resistance and endurance, but the weakness is the poor movement ability.

* Warrior: There is less people play as Tank Warrior due to the powerless attack. While,the skill of Grapple, Power Link and Defense Grid,Flash Bang are great. The DPS warrior sometimes can play as TANK Warrior as well,because the high damage are easy to output. As for now, the specific Tank Warrior is less. So, to choose Warrior as the vice-Tank would be good choice!

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RS skillcape needs an update from a graphical tidy-up to a full redesign

As we all know, runescape skillcape has been existed for years. Along with the release of the rs skillcape, lots of players are found their new goals, and tried so hard to get that. At the same time, problems about the skillcape are also occurs. Many of players are asked for those rs skillcapes to be graphically updated. Is that really necessary in your opinion?

RS skillcape is a cape of accomplishment

Runescape skillcape is an iconic reward for those who gain 99 in a skill, and it symbolizes achieving the highest possible level in a particular skill or the completion of every quest.
Meanwhile, rs skill mastery cape looks different from the ordinary level 99 skill cape. For example, the skill symbol in skill mastery cape is lower than on an ordinary skillcape with particle smoke emitting from the bottom of the cape.

RS skillcape needs an update from a graphical tidy-up to a full redesign

There are a bunch of players who insist that skillcapes need to be redesigned, because they think those skiicapes are totally outdated from 2006.
Those capes need to be redesigned unique to each rs skill, so players would feel like much more of an accomplishment and way to show it off.
Besides, runescape level 99 capes should not be more visually appealing than their level 120 counterparts. So they may either fix the clipping issues and leave it alone or rework all skillcapes including 120 capes.

RS skillcape is already the best the way it is now

Conversely, still some players who believe that runescape skillcape look perfectly all rigt. Also, they think that since 2006, skillcaps are some of the most iconic items in the entire game, so it shouldn’t be changed at all.
In other words, an update is far from necessary and development time can be spent more efficiently, as we still get a lot of other graphical things that could be improved.

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FIFA 14 Team Rankings Top 5 Teams Right

Most major football leagues around the world are reaching their ends, with the two biggest still in the thick of title races. Liverpool have edged ahead with scintillating form in the Premier League despite all expectations at the start of the season, and Atletico Madrid are likewise in a surprising lead in La Liga over Real Madrid and Barcelona.

FIFA 14 Team of the Season

Things are slightly different in FIFA 14, though: teams like Liverpool may be playing very well in the real world, but there’s still a ceiling to certain players’ ratings and attributes in EA’s game that prevent the teams from being the most effective squads when competing against another player or the AI. Liverpool’s attackers have very high ratings,  but there are some lowly-rated players who make a huge difference when it comes down to it in FIFA 14.

1. Real Madrid C.F
The Spanish giants maintain their position atop the list based on their great form since a bumpy start and a deep run in the Champions League under new manager Carlo Ancelotti. The already-amazing roster has received further boosts via Matchday due to their great form, and the side’s current attack is listed at a pitch-searing 89 overall.

2. FC Barcelona
This is a clear example of where FIFA effectiveness and real-life form diverge fairly significantly. Barcelona find themselves moved up to second in this list despite poor performances and being knocked out of the Champions League.

3. FC Bayern
The German club has hit rocky form compared to its dominating performances from last year and earlier in the season. It still won the Bundesliga by a considerable distance, losing for the first time only after it had clinched the title, but have slipped since.

4. Chelsea FC
Chelsea are into the final four of the Champions League alongside Real Madrid, Bayern, and Atletico Madrid, having drawn away 0-0 with the current La Liga leaders in the first semi-final leg earlier this week.

5. Atletico Madrid
Could have kept Manchester City on this list, arguably above Chelsea as well, but it’s Atletico who claim the last spot. The team has been a real force under former player Diego Simeone and stacking the lineups against one another, Atletico’s great form helps edge them past City.

The game uses science fiction and fantasy style with best wildstar gold

“Wild Planet” (Wild Star) is NCsoft’s North American studio Carbine the development of a science fiction with a strong American comic style.

It is the story of the building in a virtual “Nexus” planet, which once inhabited by the ancient and powerful race “Eldan”, their excellent magic dominated the Milky Way lines, but one day, Eldan suddenly disappeared, with the departure of Eldan system, the Milky Way other races to Cheap WildStar Gold for Sale and to explore its precious civilization and treasure, and as a part of you too, but the adventure but also with hidden dangers.

In the developer journal, Robeardo got talent story designer Chad Moore. Moore explained that the Nexus was originally an ancient species Eldan homes, they have developed technology level, but in one thousand years ago disappeared in the Milky Way lines, leaving all the scientific and technological achievements. Some game player who pleasure lies in the exploration of this planet and mining artificial relics.

By listening to the game player and for their creation has a great free game, “Wild Planet” although still in the testing stage. They hope to be able to receive the game player’s feelings and to remove them didn’t love. In order to obtain feedback, the production team tracked in PAX show demo game player who, according to the feedback to modify the game to game player voice. In addition, three key factors of team is also dedicated to the game. The first is the art style, like Pixar Animation, “Wild Planet” needs a lively style, and when necessary to show comedy, danger and taste. It must be full of fantasy, and relaxed, can not always too serious. is your best site to buy widstar gold ,wildstar powerleveling and wildstar CD Key.

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Minigames need to be updated to meet the newly quickened pace of rs

Since the release of the rs EoC, Jagex has been committed to make things better. From action bar skilling, to reaction based boss monsters, to PVP, to questing, everything has, quite simply, SPED UP. Nowadays, Legacy is going to come, and the pace of rs has quickened. However, rs minigames have simply not kept up. Maybe it’s time to fix that!

Minigames need to be updated to meet the newly quickened pace of rs

runescape mminigames evolution

First, Jagex needs to introduce a weekly minigames rotation. Each day, specific minigames offer double endgame rewards.
Second, minigames need to be winnable long before the 20 minute mark. Reduce the round time of GOP to 1 minute each, and double the points of scoring. Every minigame there is should be endable in 5 minutes. If they’re ever going to be revived, they should aim to be around 5-10 minutes long, not 20.

Rewards sometimes determine the future of the game

Firstly, we need to admit that minigames should not be a replacement for actual training, but it can’t be denied that players these days are more interested in experience rewards, or rewards useable outside of minigames. Therefore, to buff minigames, we need a rewards buff for all of them.
According to players’ opinions, they don’t need 300k exp/h, what we need is rocktail gloves, level 80 coifs, and useable Catalytic runes for FoG. Bonus tickets for CW’s for killing the flag holder or scoring, and CW armor should be tiered at 40, 60, and 80 respectively.
What they need are real rewards. For example, Soul Wars should give stackable tokens for use with slayer tasks, increasing damage output PER task. Pest control should offer further upgrades to level 60 Void, which will cost commendation points to repair.

It’s really a pity that minigames are now useless for players. Along with all of those updates, minigames need to be updated to meet Runescape’s newly quickened pace. Besides, lots of players are still missing that, and they were having fun with those minigames before. What’s your opinion for that evolution of minigames? Get involved into the discussion on RSorder Facebook. You will be able to get extra discount code!

FIFA 14 coins for sale for FIFA World Cup Group G

Altidore suffered a strained fifa 14 coins for sale hamstring in the first half of the win over Ghana. US head coach Jurgen Klinsmann would prefer to have the forward available for the next match, however with Portugal suffering injuries and a suspension of Pepe for the game against the USMNT, a win could allow Altidore recover. The forward may be available to the team as early as the final group game against Germany.

After Altidore was ruled out for the match against Portugal in the next Group G fixture for the USMNT, fear arose among the faithful American fans that Ronaldo could run all over the US squad. However, ongoing struggles with a left leg injury have forced Ronaldo to continually leave training sessions early. The reoccurring knee issues to the top player in the world offers a bit of daylight to the American team. Combined with the other injuries that have hit the team and the suspension of Pepe could be the advantage over Portugal to continue in the FIFA World Cup.

German fans hoping to see cheapest fifa 14 coins for sale Miroslav Klose pass Brazil’s legend Ronaldo in total goals scored in the FIFA World Cup may be out of luck. German head coach Joachim Loew may not go out of his way to give veteran striker opportunity to tie or pass Ronaldo. Klose, who has 14 goals over his World Cup career, trails the Brazilian by one goal. Leading up to the first game against Portugal, the expectation was that Klose would start. The 36-year old is Germany’s only true striker on the 23-man squad. Instead, Klose stayed on the bench the entire game. Loew does not see the record as an important part of the tournament. The German coach is focused on eating the first title since 1990 for the nation and not on individual records. This may be the last tournament for the striker and besides the possibility of not seeing a chance to pass Ronaldo, Klose has competition for the title on the team with him. With the hat trick against Portugal, Thomas Müller is positioning himself for a possible run past Klose and Ronaldo for the record. Müller found the net five times in South Africa in 2010 and added has three more goals after the first game of the 2014 tournament and should close in on his teammates total goals as the games continue.

How to attack all FIFA 14 in the game with cheap fifa 14 coins

Attacking in FIFA 14 is easy , but it is not always easy to find the goal is one thing to go to practice, the issue is that we draw the best point of it.

At any time during the game you can alter your team’s philosophy by crossarm direction. If you click to the left give the order to play defensive or ultra defensive. To the right is just the opposite: ultra offensive and insulting.

We recommend balanced or defensive by default, the rest seem too extreme, but some cases need to go up or down depending on the outcome much.

This inertia FIFA players much more noticeable. You have to think when you want to turn on the ball. If you’re surrounded by players behind the ball is a good choice. Play quiet, unhurried, let your midfield forward lines to place you in equal numbers. Bargaining is possible, but there are better options for creating danger.

Note that with LT now cover the ball. Not only use it anytime you prevent the leading steal the ball, but do it when you’ve controlled the ball rebound. Your front will slow race, but form an insurmountable barrier for defense. It is especially useful when you know that your player is not fast.

Change side when you see no way out. Sometimes it is advisable not only to pass the ball, but oxygenate the other side can open new fronts to help you interpret the play with freshness. Always look at your side, because if offensive court will not hesitate to bend, so a change of band or diagonal is not a bad option.

The use of walls is highly recommended in FIFA. To make them you must press the LB button to the time you pass the ball in space with the A button also when you have the ball on the foot, if you press LB do the player closest is clear. Play with it, so you can crawl defenders and open holes that take advantage with a good through ball with the Y button

Do not be afraid to try the long balls whenever you have a fast player. The defenses are not always cleared properly. If you look at the radar, notice to unmarked teammates and even fall offside. At that time, high hollow ball with LB plus button and the bar almost butt can leave position to score, and at least you complicarás life to the defense.

The quality shots from the edge of the area can generate goals sometimes too easy. With RB plus the X button, you can make them, and in many cases it is preferable that releases are almost halfway up or satins, because the keeper shots are even harder to stop looking for that one post.

If you want to drop the gun on duty, open up space. Pure Shoot The technology forces us to have to shoot open goal against guarantees. With Christian Bale or you can find a goal or a second move after a long clearance door to shoot from 25 meters on.

Looking smart pressure when releasing the ball opposing defense. With RB we can bring a second player. Do not go crazy with the better attempt to cover the direction of a possible pass.

Use turns and useful movements. The most common are more feints with A or X to pass the ball with RB, to fool the CPU or the person to play against us. Do not forget some resources more than the shot quality, like Vaseline, that you run with LB plus X shutter button.

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Build a New Invincible Football Squad for cheapest fifa 14 coins

Spain will be the first team eliminated from the 2014 World Cup, so it is time to buy FIFA 14 coins cheap to build a new squad to rein the World Cup champions. Spain has created a new era in all football events. But after losing the match against Chile, it has been the first team to leave 2014 World Cup.

Spain reined World Cup champions
In the past 20 years, Spain has been spoken highly of the constant team in the World Cup qualifying game. Since 1962, Spanish team appeared on each World Cup field. On many World Cup games in 1986, 1994, 2002, and 2006 respectively, fans drew more attention to Spanish Team, but it lost many chances to become a champion by accident.
Luck finally seemed to be on Spanish side. On Euro 2008 campaign, they made it and downed the champion. And in 2010 World Cup, Spain became the 8th national team on World Cup, following Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, and France.
The first team leaving 2014 World Cup
On this Wednesday, Spanish Team was against Chile. Alexis Sanchez got a freekick, and Charles Aranguiz in the right place pounced and made it. This freekick made Spain be on the edge of catastrophe. Finally, Spain lost the game with 0 to 2 Chile.
The reign of the World Cup champions, which started in 2008 when they lifted the European Championship, comes to a curtain call temporarily.
It is just a rest, not a farewell.
Spanish team leaving shocks most fans. Shocking and depression filled everywhere. Cassillas with frustrated and weary expression made a comment on their failure.
He expressed that, they need take primary responsibility to the failure, but they did try. Besides, when asked if the squad need to be updated, he announced that it is not the time to discuss who should take responsibility to this failure, and who should be replaced, but the time to learn a lesson for the future matches. As for the update of team, they all will comply with the coach’s decision. Besides, it proves one thing that anything can happen in World Cup.
It is indeed that anything can happen in the World Cup. Also, anything can happen in FIFA 14. Buy cheapest FIFA 14  coins at gold4fans to build a new powerful squad now.