Old School Runescape Gold Trading Solution from Players

It has been a while since you guys Old School Runescape Gold talking about trading solution in old school runescape. And finally, Jagex is going to come out with a poll about trading solution. With the trading solution due to be polled in the coming weeks, let’s see some players’ opinions about what features are important to them.


Paying taxes for trading in osrs


As for solving trading solution, everyone should give a little. This means things like paying taxes. One day you’ll have to pay taxes (if you don’t already do) but it’s for the greater good. Think of it this way, it’s a great money sink!

Well, the question is where are the taxes going? How do these taxes contribute to the successful operation of community management and government?


Inflation can also be a good thing


A lack of inflation discourages people from buying items, since those items inevitably decline in value over time. Instead, it is safer to keep your wealth as cash.

This is bad for the game, since it reduces the profitability of PvM. If GWD/Slayer drops were viewed as a stable investment, there would be far more players willing to buy and keep them. As a result, prices would rise.

We obviously aren’t talking about scale on the level of what occurred with PvP worlds and statuettes. Just enough so that players are motivated to actually buy things. Economies always do better when people are willing to spend money!


Tax would keep GP valuable


Since people get gold pieces through trading NPCs and as drops from monsters, there is constantly more flooding into the game. Without something to take the GP out at a similar rate, the value of GP naturally and inevitably decreases.

A tax, the GP from which would not directly go to players, although it couldn’t totally fix the problem, would definitely help alleviate it, and keep GP valuable.


Tax rates harm the low end consumer


Flat tax rates harm the low Old School Runescape Gold end consumer or newbie tremendously because at the end of the day everyone is paying the same flat rate in taxes, and effectively not much has changed in terms of economic saturation.

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