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How to Make RS 07 gold by Slayer?

Do you want to become a RS 07 gold millionaire in Runescape? Well if so, you must know some effective ways to earn money in Runescape. Here at csfee, we also collected some great ways to create money in RS, and one of the best we want to share with you today is to make money by Slayer.
The Slayer skill is excellent for your RS power leveling and progressing in Runescape. All you need to do is to get the drops from every monster you kill in the process. While you collect the things which are dropped, check them within the cost checker at the end of each trip.

As long as you have completed one or a few Slayer tasks, you can go to the Grand Exchange to sell these items. Even if you don\t sell at the lowest price in the Grand Exchange, it can still help you create lots of money.

At the beginning, you may earn at least 300 – 700k a day on average from the slayer tasks. However, after you have trained the skill for a week, you can easily make 2-5M per week. Along with the increase of your slayer level, you will encounter the tougher and the monsters will drop more valuable items. You will get more than 2.5M a day when you Slayer level reached 80+.

You are able to farm runescape gold by doing slayer tasks repeatedly, and due to the advantages for your combat stats, it\s a great way to improve a large range of stats and impress friends. If you enjoy training your Slayer skill then you’ll start to see your profits grow quicker. Most players in Runescape will train slayer at least one time per week, however the true key to making considerable amounts of money in Runescape while Slaying, is to do it as frequently as possible and when possible, do it all of times, you will notice the benefits immediately, after the first kill even.

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Start a new pure account for F2P on OSRS

After a long wait, osrs free-to-play for two weeks is finally coming. There are a lot of bitter people who go back and forth about RS3 being better than Oldschool and Oldschool being better than RS3, and now it’s time to enjoy both of them. From now on, all newly made rs accounts will now be able to access a free to play version of Old School for two weeks. Fill up your package with cheap osrs gold to start your trip now!

Start a new pure account for F2P on OSRS

Whether you are a brand new player or a seasoned veteran, the F2P trial will open up a whole new opportunity to find new friends, rediscover old friendships and make the Old School community the best it can be.
You can try some F2P PKing with friends from times past or get your clan together and beat the living daylights out of anyone who dares to enter the F2P Wilderness.
Besides, if you want to keep the account after the trial, you can make your trial account a member at any time during and after the trial and the account will be exactly the same way as you left it.

F2P trial for two weeks will be the best on OSRS

This will be a great advantage to both gaming communities, as the new player base grows and tries out Oldschool for the first time, it will attract new players not only to Oldschool, but also people looking to play a more updated version of the game on rs 3, which is good news for everyone.
As for new players, it’s the best chance to go for a try. And as for a veteran of rs, it will feel great to play rs 2007 again. All in all, it will be a big success an bring new first time players to both old school and rs .

There will be totally two weeks from the date you created your new account for you to enjoy the osrs free to play servers. If you need, we can provide you with the cheapest osrs gold with the safest service and the fastest delivery. Go to start your free-to-play trip on osrs right now!

Lodestone Network and cheap rs 2007 gold

As we all know, the Lodestone rs 2007 gold Network is a teleportation system that permits travel to various locations across Gielinor via the Home Teleport spell. Along with sufficient rs gold, you will be able to visit rs freely. This system can be much more useful by following some improvements suggestions came out from an rs player.
Suggestion 1 – More Requirements

The first suggestion is that all lodestones should have a set requirement, or requirements, based on the players’ magic level. For example, the Lumbridge lodestone would require a magic level of 1 to activate, and the other lodestones requiring different, higher levels in order to power them up.
Suggestion 2 – Another New Requirement

The second suggestion is that there should be another requirement in order to activate each lodestone. For example, needing to search the nearby area for “lodestone crystals” that are required to power the lodestone, or having to find a nearby wizard and save them from a monster in order for them to fix the lodestone.
This may result in the lodestone system actually requiring more effort to activate, and only players that bothered putting a bit more time into activating the system would be able to activate it. In addition to this, it might be worthwhile to add a “rune cost” in order to power the lodestone up. This would work in the same way as powering a PoH portal.
Suggestion 3 – Create the Lodestones

Lorewise, Lodestones cannot have existed from the dawn of time, since teleportation magic was only discovered relatively recently. Hence, you should have to build the lodestones yourself – eg. requiring Special, arcane materials (from a wizard), and a construction level for each lodestone corresponding to the required magic level in suggestion 1. I feel that this would make the Lodestone system correspond to existing lore far more.

There are players who rs 2007 gold suggest making the lodestone “degrade” with uses and having to use runes to add more charges for making runes a bit more useful. Is there anything you want to add? Pay attention to RSorder Facebook, since there will be more opinions from various players and you are also welcome to post ideas there. Be ready with a batch of rs gold to enjoy the game better!

Buy cheap runescape 2007 gold with Auction House

There are lots of complaints runescape 2007 gold about osrs trading issue in such a long time. Finally, Jagex is here giving us the trading solution – the auction house. Along with the release of the auction house, it will be safer for osrs gold or items trading. If you need, Csfee can now provide you with a huge stock of osrs gold on sale.

An auction house type of system

osrs auction house

As for the trading solution, there will be an auction house type of system for you to either put items up for sale or buy items, by opening the Auction House interface.
Based on that new auction house, you will be able to know who you are trading with, and maybe even communicate with them. Meanwhile, if will simplified the process of trading to make it much easier.

Buy items by using auction house

If you want to buy an item, you can open an interface and search for the item you wish to buy. You will then be presented with a list of sales which show the price of the trade, quantity of items to be traded, how long the trade has been up and who the trader is. When you complete the trade, the items will be delivered to your collection box in the Auction House interface.

Sell items by using auction house

On the contrary, to sell an item you will be presented with a screen where you can choose the item you wish to sell from your inventory, how many of that item and what you would like to sell it for. There would be no recommended sale price for an item. If you wanted to see the going price of an item they would need to look at what other players are selling it for through the buying option.

That would be the runescape 2007 gold  best solution to allow you continue to engage with individuals when trading as well as offer quick access to trading while leaving the control of the market in the hands of the players. Before going for a huge shopping, preparing sufficient osrs gold on your pocket will be necessary. Cheapest osrs gold on csfee is waiting for you. Enjoy it!

OSRS Autospammer in game

There is no doubt that security is the major concern in rs. However, sometimes you cannot avoid from being botted which is really annoying. You need to take care of your account in the game, as well as out the game. In order to solve this problem, there are two ways you can follow.

Botting in game is the most annoyed thing in rs, and Jagex was spending lots of time for avoiding that. Recently, a new update to old school rs was released for helping you guys from being botted.
There is a new automatic spamming button has now added on old school rs without the use of any client, bot, autotyper or whatever that can potentially harm your account.
Although this update cannot make their account to be banned for botting and make their pc infected with potential malware, this is still great news for all of players who play old school.

Autospammer is surprisingly a good update for OSRS
After the news has been released, lots of players express that Autospammer is definitely a good addition to osrs. And some others said that they cannot believe it took Jagex more than 10 years to implement that. Well, Jagex also need time to make things better. According to this surprisingly good update, hope things goes well in old school rs.

Safest OSRS gold selling site
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Besides, we use encryption, firewalls and other technology and security procedures to help protect the accuracy and security of your personal information and prevent unauthorized access or improper use of your account.

Along with the help of Autospammer in game and RSorder out the game, you can now securely enjoy your game from being botted.

buy runescape gold 2007 for rs Forestry skill

Old school runescape gold can be a really buy runescape gold 2007 important thing for the game. Similarly, skill can also be the key of the game. If you need osrs gold in the lowest price, RSorder can help you, and if you need new skills with awesome rewards, Jagex can help you. There are totally five new skills you can vote. Let’s take a glance now.


By completing an Artisan Task, you may have a chance to find a Mote of Inspiration. Same as Slayer, you can receive Artisan Points after a task is completed, which can be used at Artisan Masters to buy unique rewards.


The skill of Astronomy requires a quest to be unlocked. Once it’s unlocked, you are able to train it on non-populated area. There are normal rewards and special rewards, which are different based on the training.


Forestry is a skill where you will maintain various forests all over runescape. All these forests will have tasks for you to complete, that will make use of all the skills currently ingame. Meanwhile, every forest will yield specific resources and rewards. Besides, if you support, maybe the morytania forest could provide the blood altar at 100% condition, and maybe the elven forest could provide crystal halberds.


The Geomancy skill will also begin with a simple quest. After completion of the quest, you will gain a specimen brush and a rock pick. The pick is main-hand wiedable while the brush is off-hand wiedable, and there be several ways for gathering a rock pick.


Herding is as you’ve buy runescape gold 2007 imagined, caring, watching, tending, and moving a group or groups of animals. You need to build an animal pen for starting. The skill can help you obtain certain herblore ingredients in new way rather than then just the brute and smash with your dragon scim. Additionally, the new items added in game will look stylish, and also the shofar helps bring teams and clans together and rejuvenate the use of friend chats.

So which one do you prefer? Which one will you vote for? It’s time to make your decision. To enjoy more, we’ve got a huge stock of osrs gold on sale. Besides, there will be some campaigns for you on RSorder. Have fun!

About RS benefit with Catch Charm Wizard of rs gold

Charm Wizard – If you rs gold have not encountered them before – woodland creatures, can capture 72 hunter, hunter district southwest of trees dwarf fortress in RuneScape. Not only are they hunters XP, a good source, but they also produce attractive pieces are arrested, it can be made summon charm. Full details – while the tools you need – you can get by saying trees dwarf fortress gate, Southwest Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta’s.


To make this fun activity due attention, RuneScape have made some improvements to make it more attractive.


It now takes only five slices made attractive charm, instead of the original 10. Hunter XP adds up: it is now training methods with other hunters, at that level of competitiveness and earn a lot of calls at the same charm.


RuneScape have also launched a mysterious charm – film, if you’re lucky, in addition to charm colored pieces as standard – can be deleted. These can be used in any charm colored pieces, so they are handy if you need to complete a certain type of charm.


Hunting charm elves rs gold generally friendly, and we’ve also made some practical adjustments: in the area all the trees are gone, so the wizard shaking bushes easier to see what you can now store your Yaktwee the rod, the spirit seduction and glamor film and Yaktwee I and your lure is more clearly visible.

week wealth screaming golden Chinchompa

This week golden Chinchompa wealth screaming noise when feeding with a hearty helping of RS Gold and valuables explosion.

Won his golden Chinchompa, follow you around. You’ll also notice that it is hungry, so it has a special chinchompa feeding food from food packaging bags, or screaming from Skilling wealth – it will grow in gold and a random selection of items from the list of valuable rewards reward you. Once it is fully grown, it will do what comes naturally chinchompas and explosion, blasting into heavy coin reward and several items from the list.

There are three kinds of food chinchompa. Each individual chinchompa have a favorite type of the following three:

Curry lard Nuggets
Pure caffeine

Your golden Chinchompa growth rate will depend on which type you choose, and how much they love it, and generate more money. The faster you fatten your furry friend, sooner or later you will earn your reward. Any remaining golden Chinchompas when the promotion is too will disappear, so to feed, rodents.

Explosion, once you chinchompa, you will get a tombstone items placed in your player -owned house, you can continue to win more golden Chinchompas more returns from the screams wealth – a total of three.

Food appears frequently and large food bags, a scream to circulate wealth. You can also earn more skills training through the following:

Chili: Construction, Herblore, mining, logging, crafts
Lard curry chicken: Cooking, Firemaking, hunters, Runecrafting, Agility
Pure Caffeine: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, thieves, fletching, forging

Your chinchompa will only eat, increase of 100% when it is hungry, which is why the fight on the timer scream wealth. Won an accelerated time until chinchompa hungry.

Get more experience in special area rs

RuneScape’s Runespan, a new field, to help provide them with a one-stop shop is more casual and non- competitive runecraft experienced players than normal level of runecrafting. Runespan is a special area, by anyone at any level of access, level runecrafting without much headache previously available methods, it provides a method. If a player is going Nande Renault Elf Tower Village, they can take a portal, or a low-level, a mid-level or high-level Runespan area. Each level uses a different aesthetic.

The first level is pleasant and open, while the middle is a bit of a mystery and darkness. At the highest level, the scenery becomes many forboding and bloody. Developers want to create an area that allows players to easily level their runecrafting and a chance to socialize while doing so. I found Runespan relaxing and beautiful. I opened up some good music, watching my character from 2-25 at all times.

Over time, there will be a wizard, a yellow dress, and yelling for help. If the player can find him, he would provide a trade: a stack of a particular rune more runecrafting experience. I looked, developers get a stack of one hundred thousand experience points exchange runes.

Get Rune is very easy. You only need to collect rune essence floating drops of water, and take particular runes from different organisms and spawn points throughout Runespan. I clicked on esslings, tuned to a specific type of biological nature, the essence of my stack of blank declined slightly, a pile of earth, air, or other runes will appear in my bag.

These specific types of runes, often requires from a floating island to the next, almost like a particular lock key. Developers explain how happy they watched the players talk and enjoy the scenery as they leveled. Of course, it can be said that the Runespan is an AFK activity, but it would be better described as a relaxing way to upgrade. Players can still do it the old-fashioned way, but for those of us who have less time than normally required to play this new manner of things. As I write this article, I leveling runecrafting’s.