Ways to Wear Multiple RS Rings In One Finger At Once with rs 07 gold

As we all know, runescape rings rs 07 gold can often provide little by way of protection, and may also come with other benefits such as teleportation. Besides, the ring slot is one of the most versatile equipment spots in runescape. Each of you may have possessed more than one of those. However, do you find that it’s difficult to switch two of them, such as you are using a combat ring for most of a kill, but wants to switch to wealth at the end? Here are some suggestions that you may need.


Option one for no restrictions on rings


For rings without restrictions, you can click equip which would send a ring to the first open slot, or you may need to decide which hand you want to put it on. Crit and armor boosts would stack.

Meanwhile, there would also be a right-click option to equip a ring on the new offhand slot.

Besides, you need to notice that special effects of rings like wealth, vigor, or leviathan wouldn’t stack in either option.


Option two of designating rings


The second option is to designate all combat boosting rings for one hand, and all support rings for the other. It prevents possible OP combos of combat rings, but limits use combos of non-combat ones.

On the other hand, another possibility is to keep the restriction for combat rings, but has no such restrictions for non-combat for better flexibility. For equipping non-combat rings could also follow the first option.


Option three about dealing with current rings and offhand rings


In that way, you can make all current rings as main hand rings firstly, and then introduce new offhand rings like what was done for dual wielding weapons.

Like offhand weapons, an offhand combat ring would probably end up having 50% of the crit bonus of its main hand version, but they may actually going as high as 2/3rds of main hands which rounds much more nicely with rings like onyx or Tokkul-Zo which have 2.7% and 1.5% crits respectively.


Since every ring is rs 07 gold having their niche uses, it’s difficult to pick just one ring to wear, especially in PvM. So follow the tips above can help a lot. By the way, if you are still trying to win as more rings as you can, you could visit RSorder.com, which is a professional gold selling website along with rs3 and rs07 quest helper.


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