Does the RS 2007 Gold Aegis Aura Needs A Completely Change?

Just as the title saying, do RS 2007 Gold you guys think that the Aegis Aura needs completely change? Well, depending on a player’s opinion, the Aegis Aura is definitely needed to change to be like the leviathan ring, which has a 5% chance of reducing damage on a hit by 50%. There are a few comparisons we can see.


The Aegis Aura is already a dead aura


Ever since EOC came out the aegis aura has been a dead aura. For the longest time the aura would last maybe 30 seconds or a minute when bossing. It would last about 5 or 10 minutes when slaying. It received a buff that changed the damage absorbed from 1000 lp, to 4000 lp worth of damage absorbed. Unfortunately the aura is still considered a weak or useless aura.

As we can see, Aegis Aura costs 84000 loyalty points and then effect 10% damage absorption. Duration for 30 minutes and cooldown needs 5 hours. Maximum total damage absorped is 4000 lp worth of damage. This means that the life span of the aegis aura is worth a little less than 2 rocktail soups. Rocktail soups heal for 2100 lp, the aegis aura would save you 2 of those. Then the aura would be burned out and useless for another 5 hours.


Compare the Aegis Aura to other auras


Let’s take the supreme invigorate aura, and the ring of vigour.

Supreme invigorate costs 57500 loyalty points. Though you have to buy the earlier versions first, so it totals 115000 loyatly points to buy up to the supreme version.

The ring of vigours effect is the same as supreme invigorates s. They save 10% adrenaline when you use an ultimate. They stack, so together you can save 20% adrenaline when an ultimate ability is used.

Another aura to look at is the vampyrism aura. It gives you life for 5% of the damage you deal. This stacks with the scrimshaw of vampyrism, which has a similar stackable effect.


The comparisons RS 2007 Gold below are trying to show that it wouldn’t be overpowered to give the aegis aura a similar and stackable effect to the leviathan ring.

Therefore, the Aegis Aura needs to be completely changed from either the time duration of the aura should be increased to an hour, and the cooldown should be reduced to 3 hours.

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Ways to Wear Multiple RS Rings In One Finger At Once with rs 07 gold

As we all know, runescape rings rs 07 gold can often provide little by way of protection, and may also come with other benefits such as teleportation. Besides, the ring slot is one of the most versatile equipment spots in runescape. Each of you may have possessed more than one of those. However, do you find that it’s difficult to switch two of them, such as you are using a combat ring for most of a kill, but wants to switch to wealth at the end? Here are some suggestions that you may need.


Option one for no restrictions on rings


For rings without restrictions, you can click equip which would send a ring to the first open slot, or you may need to decide which hand you want to put it on. Crit and armor boosts would stack.

Meanwhile, there would also be a right-click option to equip a ring on the new offhand slot.

Besides, you need to notice that special effects of rings like wealth, vigor, or leviathan wouldn’t stack in either option.


Option two of designating rings


The second option is to designate all combat boosting rings for one hand, and all support rings for the other. It prevents possible OP combos of combat rings, but limits use combos of non-combat ones.

On the other hand, another possibility is to keep the restriction for combat rings, but has no such restrictions for non-combat for better flexibility. For equipping non-combat rings could also follow the first option.


Option three about dealing with current rings and offhand rings


In that way, you can make all current rings as main hand rings firstly, and then introduce new offhand rings like what was done for dual wielding weapons.

Like offhand weapons, an offhand combat ring would probably end up having 50% of the crit bonus of its main hand version, but they may actually going as high as 2/3rds of main hands which rounds much more nicely with rings like onyx or Tokkul-Zo which have 2.7% and 1.5% crits respectively.


Since every ring is rs 07 gold having their niche uses, it’s difficult to pick just one ring to wear, especially in PvM. So follow the tips above can help a lot. By the way, if you are still trying to win as more rings as you can, you could visit, which is a professional gold selling website along with rs3 and rs07 quest helper.


SWTOR Guide for Jedi Knight Guardian Skills and Ability II with cheap swtor credits

In the previous article, we introduce the skill analysis of Jedi Knight Guardian. Today, we would continue to share the experience of choosing skills for Guardian. Hope this article would help you guys learn more about this gorgeous character.

Third Level

Shien Form: This skill in PVE is useless. To add the Single Saber Mastery and Shien Form all effect can increase 12% damage, all attack skill which would consume the focus can get 1 focus recovery. There is no doubt the function of Shien is recovering the Focus quickly.

Unremitting: After you release Force Leap in 4 second, the damage reduced 20%. In addition, it will remove all conditions. If you arrive at this level, this talent skill you must choose it!

Burning Blade: Blade Storm has 50%/100% chance to create DOT damage. Generally, it wouldn’t play a big role.

Gather Strength: When you are reduced speed by the monster, the next attack skill which consumes focus would increase 5%/10% effect. It is a practical skill, why not choose it?


Blade Barricade: After release Riposte in 6 seconds, it will increase offensive 2%/4%/6%. If your armor is not so good, this skill would better for you!

Warding Call: Released this skill, you can reduce 40% damage in 10 seconds. Absolutely it is the necessary choice.

Profound Resolution: To reduce the CD about 15/30 for Resolute. You can depend on your personal necessity to choose it.

Pacification: To increase the damage of Force Sweep, Cyclone Slash, Hilt Strike about 5%/10%/15%. Actually, this skill is not effective.

The Forth Level


Effulence: Force Sweep no longer consumes focus, if you arrive at this level this absolutely is the necessity.
Vigilance: To reduce Overhead slash CD 2/4/6 seconds, Blade Storm CD 1/2/3 seconds. It is the main skill to explore in PVP, and the primary DPS skill in PVE.
Narrowed Focus: During the Shien Mode, each time you get range damage would get 1 focus.


Shield Specialization: To increase the Shield strike rating about 2%/4%. While, if you choose to improve the advanced offensive sill, this would be a great choice.
Command: To increase the group force CD 7.5/15 second. Undoubtedly, it is the necessity ability.
Courage: If you lack of force, this skill you would better chose it! The courage can reduce the next Force Sweep and Blade Storm force consume.

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What you can get for RS Solomon’s General Store?

For some players, armour can be a really important thing, cause you need to look great while you are fighting. And now, your welfare is coming! Runescape Solomon’s General Store can now provide you with a mass of Retro Armour. Find out what you want most.


What you can get for Solomon’s General Store now?


Firstly, you are now able to buy Bandos and Armadyl God Wars sets, all four Godswords and plate armour in an exhaustive range of materials and decorations from Solomon’s General Store.

Secondly, there is also having a buy-one-give-one campaign. If you have purchased replica metal plate set, which is a package of cosmetic overrides for 233 RuneCoins, you could gain yourself a retro representation of metallic armour. A retro representation of metallic armour includes bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant and rune recolours, with plateleg and plateskirt options handy, as well as associated kiteshields.

Also, you can even own trimmed and gold-trimmed options from the black, adamant and rune sets.

What’s more, based on the original designs found in the depths of the God Wars Dungeon, if you have a taste for classic melee and ranged equipment, you can now select your favorite armour between replica Bandos armour and replica Armadyl armour.

Besides, after you have completed the God Wars look with the replica Godsword set, you will unlock all four legendary Godswords. Is that awesome?


How can you get all those awesome armour?


Those awesome armours are now all available on runescape Solomon’s General Store, which is located on the south of the Grand Exchange in Varrock. And every armour you want that needs to buy with runecoins, which are purchased with real world money.

For saving you more, however, if you are runescape members, you are able to gain access to one free item a month. Besides, all members can also gain a 10% discount on every item in Solomon’s General Store, which can be a lot of savings.


If you don’t have enough real world money, also not a member of runescape, then you can pay your attention to the game. Occasionally, there are some quests may reward you with those armous, although some of the quests can be really hard.

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Upcoming Runescape 2007 Update 2014

Along with the summer quickly approaching, have you got any plans? For old school runescape players, you can now start to make your plans by following some details about osrs updates in this summer. There are full of what you want and expect in old school runescape.

Updates in May

osrs summer updates

1. Bank tabs, having expected for such a long time, is going to meet with you in the next couple of weeks.
2. You will also get the chance to vote Clan Wars in May. If things go well, you may see it along with some more game modes like King of the Hill in mid-June for the next Old School Clan Cup.
3. Besides, along with Clan Wars polling, there will also be a clue scroll expansion poll, which will offer you new clues, puzzles and rewards. As time goes by and the growth of the technology, you will be able to get the opportunity to submit puzzles for the new clue scrolls.
4. It has been a while since you guys started to talk about the trade solution, and Jagex is finally trying to solve the problem. After they figure out what is important to you in a trading solution and why you want it, you will have a chance to vote for that in May.
5. Moreover, be ready for a new skill in old school runescape. On the 9th May there will be a new Player Designed Content competition targeted at creating a new skill for Old School. It’s time to show your talents.

Updates in June and July

1. You can now start to cheer for a new initiative – the Player Council, which will be launched in June. This will be a great step forward in building even stronger relationships with the community and giving you an even stronger voice.
2. On the 9th July, you need to vote for a new uber quest, which can take you on a journey through a brand new continent which will increase the land mass on Old School by 50%.
3. Talking about minigame Bounty Hunter, do you think it should be added to old school? You need to decide that in July.

Those are definitely not all of osrs summer. This will be a fantastic summer for all of you! Are you ready? Have fun!

Runescape 2007 gold with RS Construction

Guess you all agree that Runescape 2007 gold construction is a really expensive skill. Unless you are rich enough to train that skill, otherwise, there is an awesome idea from a player that you may want for saving more in runescape.


Adding a Private Drop Parties in different ways


Because of the auto-clickers or something else, doing a drop party with dropping the items is usually can be really unfair for players. Based on that, the player suggests adding a new feature in runescape with various ways.

1. Add a “deposit” option to the Prize Chest in the Games Room, and then add a lever that drops balloons in the room.

2. Add an entire new room called the “Party Room”. This room would be almost exact to the Party Room in Falador. You’ll have a deposit chest, a lever/right-click option, and the Dancing Knights of course.


Fixing for the resting feature


Resting has been discussed a lot in runescape. To be honest, lots of people are against it, as it would make energy potions less valuable. For solving this problem, the player suggests adding a bench to the Garden or Formal Garden, which could have specific tiers that decide how much faster it regenerates.

On the other hand, it’d also be possible to add the bench upgrade to chairs in the Parlour or bed in the Bedroom, which could help to make the Parlour or Bedroom more valuable.


Adding a new player owned house object – Jewelry stand


The player suggests adding a new player owned house object – Jewelry stand in the Skill Hall. The Jewelry Stand would begin at 60 Construction and can be upgraded to 90 Construction with various tiers. Every tier can only hold a certain amount of different jewelry and only specific ones, and different tiers could also require valuable material.


Upgrading version of the Gilded Altar


Based on the player’s opinion, the current Gilded Altar can be upgraded for giving an additional +2 prayer, just like the altar in the Monastry, with the XP-rates as the Gilded Altar. Meanwhile, the requirements can be added to 80 Construction, and the material required to build it could be similar to the current Gilded Altar.


Adding the firelighters ability


How about adding an ability to add firelighters to a fireplace in the Dining Room, Bedroom and Parlour? It can require 10-20 of one color Firelighter and some magic logs to light a fireplace. This is a purely cosmetic thing, which will give Firelighters some use and another function for the Firemaking skill.


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Diablo 3 log in problems has Solved with Diablo account

Have you met with some problems with logging in your Diablo account? There are so many players complained that they couldn’t do anything for about 10 seconds while logging in, then resume normally. To make all players enjoy themselves in Diablo, the Diablo work team tried their best to solve these issues.

Well, the log in issue has been addressed for both EU and US, and is now resolved. This issue resulted in widespread latency and general login issues across both North America and Europe. They are still working to resolve this service interruption for both gameplay regions and will be sure to provide an update as soon as they can.

Explanations of the problem are not yet forthcoming, which leaves open space for conspiracy theorists who — like Rush Limbaugh asserting everything is related to a Benghazi coverup — can insert wild tales about why Blizzard would want to block their customers from accessing their own product. I don’t mind though, since such posts make forum scrolling a bit more amusing.

Now, the Diablo work team provides some solutions when you encounter same problem.

1. Launch Diablo 3 and connect to
2. Create a game.
3. Alt+tab out of the game and open a command prompt.
4. Run the netstat command and wait for the command to finish running.
5. In the list of connections there should either be a 199.108.32-35.x :1119 or 12.130.245-247.x :1119.
6. Please copy down the IP address listed above.
7. Run a pathping to the IP address.
8. Copy and paste the results into an email and send to attn: Omrakos.

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Ways on Making Millions of RS 07 Gold

Runescape gold is sweeping RS 07 Gold fiercely all around and it\s not make easy! There are loads of great ways of money making but it can be very boring. Do you want to know how to make Runescape money fast by yourself? Do you want to know what is the best way to get RS gold? Here, I will let you know many ways to make RS money easy and fast.

1. Edgeville Dungeon

Edgeville dungeon requires a brass key to go through the shortcut and contains hill giants which drop big bones. They also drop runes and limpwurt roots which are worth a lot. But these can often be crowded so speed is of the essence, after a full inventory you can sell at the grand exchange or bank them before selling in bulk. But this isn\t all, many people ignore what else is in the dungeon. Hobgoblins have a high chance of dropping limpwurt roots and you can make around 80k per inventory if you get enough. But this can sometimes be long and tedious as they don\t always drop them. ( the lv 28s are more likely to drop limpwurt roots). Since the release of resource dungeons, the price of limpwurt roots has fallen so you may wish to stick to hill giants.

2. The Armour Make

You need the ability to smith complete iron. Mine about 1,000 metal Ores, smith them into bars, then smith them into Male and Female sets. For every and every arranged with platelegs you make, make one using a plate skirt. When you have about 10/20 complete sets. market every and every arranged for 2K Runescape bucks each. If not adequate for you, you can repeat the idea above to create many earnings of RS money. Also you can perform this with Bronze, even although not as very much bucks as with Iron.

3. Demons

If you are a high level then you should train on either lessers or greaters depending on your combat level. Greaters tend to drop rarer items including rune full helmets and adamant platelegs. I myself have managed to gain 3 rune full helmets from fighting these once. They can be found in Crandor and Karamja. These are relatively quiet spots with the ones at Crandor almost empty. An alternative to demon killing on Crandor would be killing moss giants which drop big bones and provide decent experience.

4. Minigames

There are lots of minigames which can be helpful to you for making RS money. Though most are in member worlds, games such as Fist of Guthix can earn you cash as well as experience. By doing Fist of Guthix, you can rank higher while gaining tokens to spend on rewards such as rune beserker shields or rune gauntlets. These can then be turned to worn equipment and sold for a small fortune. Other minigames include staking in the Duel Arena or in Clan wars. These are very risky and I don\t advise using these 2 methods unless you are very skilled and know what you are doing. However, these minigames could also get you to millions if you play right.

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3. The Optional Payment Methods

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4. Many kinds of RS Products

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How to Fast Farm the elder scrolls online gold

It is not easy for players to earn lots of gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. Slaying monsters makes players collect a little. As to quests, players have to spend much time and energy in gaining some gold. However, players need a great deal of currency in the game. For example, the cheapest horse cost 17000 gold coins. In all, it is easy to cost but hard to gain.
How to fast farm eso gold? There are some methods for players.
When players complete quests, they will get some money as rewards. It is common way to earn money in the game. However, as what I said above, players have to spend much time and energy on it. No longer say more about it here
Crafting Resources
As we all know, there is a variety of resources in the game, such as maple, herb, meat, iron and so on. Various resources can be used to craft different items. Herb can be made into potions.  Blacksmithing crafts armors with iron. Thus, players can collect those resources to sell. Players can sell the raw recourse. It is better to refine the raw materials first for sale if gamers want to get more coins.

Valuable Items
Having completed quest, players can obtain rewards including good equipment and weapons. As eso gamers, they can sell their good equipment or unique weapons in the Zone Chat. First, they ought to show the items in the Zone Chat to make others know. If someone want to buy, they can right click the item to sell.
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