Come to Content Poll 9 of GWD and Buy Cheap rs 2007 Gold

Poll is a form that reflects a certain group of people’s thoughts and ideas about something undecided. In Old School runescape, a content poll 9 is underway from
yesterday. Now let’ have a look at the details of this poll and you can participate in it for the better development of old school runescape and the meet of your requirements. You can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold from for better enjoyment of the game.

Details of Content Poll 9 of GWD

The biggest thing on the menu is the God Wars Dungeon which is based on the original version launched in 2007. There have been lots of changes to that dungeon over the
last six years. So Dev Blog is used to clarify the details of what you will get if enough players vote Yes in the poll. Besides, Content Poll 9 also contains some questions that will apply only if the GWD itself gets 75% support, allowing you to request adjustments to the August 2007 version of the dungeon, or extra features to be released within it. There are a small selection of other updates in the poll too, for the benefit of players who are not so interested in the GWD topic. And there has been an interface editor tool now.

The God Wars Dungeon for old school runescape actually would be a copy of the original version that was launched in August 2007 to some extents. However, a variety of  issues and bugs arose in the weeks that followed the original launch. For releasing the GWD into OSRS, old school runescape aims to address some issues before launch, such as the problems in its server load, safe-spotting in boss rooms, monster settings, excessive adamant bars and so on. After the improvements of the above problems, you can buy cheapest old school runescape gold and enjoy GWD better.

Prepare cheap rs 2007 gold for GWD

Game golds are necessities in game world as money is very important in real human world. After the launching of GWD, you may be in need of old school cheap runescape
gold and you’d better prepare it now.

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