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On March 19, 2014, Blizzard has revealed the list of 25 semi-finalists of Reaper of Souls Fan Art contest.

Twenty-five semi-finalists
Over the last month, there are plenty of artisans from all over the world to participate in this art contest. They welcome the coming of Reaper of Souls by their heartfelt and amazing work. Their works vividly they illustrate the grandeur that the main heroes fight against the Angel of Death.
Moreover, Blizzard will reward the winners over $11,000 worth of prize and a two-night trip to Blizzard HQ in Irvine. So far, over 3,600 pieces of artworks have been submitted. Players who still never submit any artwork should notice that the contest ended last week.
Until March 19, deviantART staff has selected the top 25 artworks to be displayed. And the top three grand-prize artworks will come from the twenty-five ones. Besides, Blizzard has promised that they will announce the three grand-prize winners in the next few weeks.
Your opinions about the artworks
Upon being displayed on the website, these works receive high praises from players. Even the words of amazing, astounding, and gorgeous become their exclusive description. What would you want to say for the appearance of these main heroes? Which artwork is your favorite? For these works, which part needs to be improved? Even what is your expectation for your favorite Diablo 3 heroes?

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oldschool runescape gold and RS Top Floor of the Dominion Tower Updates

It seems like Jagex is going to release of the 120 Skillcapes. However, a player indicated that you now are almost oldschool runescape gold losing interest to skillcapes for that is no longer representing a real achievement. Therefore, the player suggests that maybe it’s time to focus on reviving the top floor of the Dominion Tower, instead of releasing something they may not interest. Here are his suggestions as below.

Unlocking all other content within the tower
As for the top floor of the dominion tower updates, the best way is to unlock the top floor of the Dominion Tower, containing all other content within the tower. Based on that, Jagex can update PvM challenges, including fighting all 4 GWD Generals at the same time, fighting Nex with all 4 Nihils released into the Arena, fighting HarArken with Jads spawning in the Arena, or soloing a Vorago Variant.

Releasing the top of the tower cape
Rewards can be always attractive to players. Along with the new challenges unlocking, there should also be an awesome reward. The Tower Cape would be the best offensive in slot cape, with base damage increases for all combat types instead of critical bonuses, but worst in slot for defensive and prayer bonuses.
The cape can only be worn as long as all PvM challenges are completed, and players will be forced to complete every new challenge issued by the Tower.
Alternatively, players could complete a randomly assigned challenge every day for access to the cape for 24hs.
Either way, the cape will represent a player’s skill and dedication to PvM, rather than their ability to multitask netflix with proper window resizing.

What’s your advice for this oldschool runescape gold suggestion? Will you want some 120 Skillcapes or a new tower challenge? Dominion tower is on the list of one those things that need to be updated, so maybe it would be nice if it got a use by doing this.


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New changes in game: There is a chance to drop hard clue scrolls for Bloodveld and Dark beasts now. And the lecture supports options for make-x and make-all when doing spell tablets in a player-owned house. You will find that Clue scrolls and caskets announce their levels in their names. The JAGEX added a minigame chat to find POH Parties. The Pyramid Plunder overlay shows the remaining time more exactly. The Slayer ring can lead you to the dark beast tunnels once you finished Mournings End Part II.

News in game: Well, the birthday celebration is over, and the slices of birthday cake are invalid. By the way, the JAGEX will release the update on Thursday 13th March.

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Poll is a form that reflects a certain group of people’s thoughts and ideas about something undecided. In Old School runescape, a content poll 9 is underway from
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Details of Content Poll 9 of GWD

The biggest thing on the menu is the God Wars Dungeon which is based on the original version launched in 2007. There have been lots of changes to that dungeon over the
last six years. So Dev Blog is used to clarify the details of what you will get if enough players vote Yes in the poll. Besides, Content Poll 9 also contains some questions that will apply only if the GWD itself gets 75% support, allowing you to request adjustments to the August 2007 version of the dungeon, or extra features to be released within it. There are a small selection of other updates in the poll too, for the benefit of players who are not so interested in the GWD topic. And there has been an interface editor tool now.

The God Wars Dungeon for old school runescape actually would be a copy of the original version that was launched in August 2007 to some extents. However, a variety of  issues and bugs arose in the weeks that followed the original launch. For releasing the GWD into OSRS, old school runescape aims to address some issues before launch, such as the problems in its server load, safe-spotting in boss rooms, monster settings, excessive adamant bars and so on. After the improvements of the above problems, you can buy cheapest old school runescape gold and enjoy GWD better.

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Players will soon have the opportunity to revisit the estranged combat zone, but those who have previously walked the halls of Pandemonium Fortress will find it an entirely new experience. The battlefields have never before been traversed by Sanctuary’s heroes, and though Pandemonium Fortress was once the base of operations in Act IV of Diablo II, the nephalem arriving now will find it much less hospitable.

Pandemonium was once the center of the Eternal Conflict. Heaven and Hell battled for control of the nearby Worldstone, a powerful artifact that could create worlds. The stone was eventually stolen by the angel Inarius and demon Lilith. They used it to create Sanctuary, the world where humans live and most of the Diablo series takes place. Sanctuary soon became the main battlefield for the conflict between angels and demons.

The region of Pandemonium and its fortress, meanwhile, were forgotten. Players visited Pandemonium Fortress in the end of Diablo 2 but it merely served as a rest stop for them on their journey. The Fortress is much different by the time of Reaper of Souls because it’s now inhabited by the Angel of Death, Malthael, and his minions. Players will fight Malthael’s forces on the once-quiet battlefields and within the fortress itself.

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Several Tips for the Relics of the Gree Achievement with swtor credits

Finally, Relics of the Gree is coming to us now. From the PTS, we’ve already known the general contents of this event. A lot of achievements need to be done in this
event. This would be another great chance for wide players to get a big fight since the twelve bosses in Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare. Here, we would give you
some tips for completing these achievements. It would be much better if they can bring you some hints in the following fight.

Locating your targets all the time in the fighting process is the premise to ensure your victory. Just as other raids in this game, boss is always the final target you need to clear in your each mission. Several bosses are distributed in this event, as well. Gravak’k and Surgok’k are the two main bosses in metal achievement. However, there are also many other obstacles will come to you in the fighting process. 1000 droids and 25 creatures need to be cleared out at the same time. And these obstacles distributed in 5 planets. Hence, Mini Gray Secant would not be a bad choice for you. Locating your targets all the time is quite necessary to help you complete your mission timely and accurately.

Allocating your time reasonably in each planet is also an important strategy to complete more achievements. As I have mentioned above, all the droids and the creatures are distributed in 5 planets. The difficulty of completing missions is varied from planet. According to the PTS, planets like Tatoonie and Quesh are fairly easy to
complete while planets like Alderaan and Balmorra would be extremely time consuming as creatures are scattered all over. Consequently, allocating your time reasonably
plays a critical role in completing your missions smoothly.

Each achievement is measured with different rewards. If you are careful enough, you may notice that the Relics of the Gree achievement can be divided into two kinds.
One is the general named Metal Achievement: Gray Perpendicular and the other is PVP. Each of them has different required sub-achievements. Of course, different rewards
will be given, different Legacy title and achievement point. Hence, making a comparison before taking in achievement would not be a bad choice for you.

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Get Ready with the Most Anticipate Runescape Update In 2014

2014 is going to come. Are you ready? What are you looking forward to runescape 2014? For so many updates that Jagex ever promised to us in Runefest, which one is your most anticipate? Here are some players’ opinions about their most anticipate updating in 2014. Let’s take a look together!


Prifddinas, also known as the Crystal City, is the greatest city of elves which located in the north of Isafdar and the capital of Tirannwn. Jagex ever said in Runefest 2011 that Prifddinas should be out in 2014 with the release of Mourning’s Ends Part III quest.
You are able to enter Prifddinas in two ways. One is the south entrance from Isafdar that is constantly guarded by some “brigands”. Another one is the east entrance from Arandar from which mourners constantly emerge. Prifddinas is one of the few places that are displayed on the World Map but are inaccessible.

Inventor skill

Inventor will be the 27th skill, and is set to be released in 2014 based on the Jagex announcement of Runefest 2013. According to Mod Mark, this skill will be the companion skill to Divination about man’s defense against the gods. With this skill, players will be able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools. Meanwhile, players will also be able to combine weapons that they already own. Moreover, it will also be possible to create contraptions, which will be the artisan skill equivalent to divine locations with capability of consuming resources, producing new items in the process, as well as lightning and soul weapons.

Mourning’s Ends Part III

Mourning’s Ends Part III is the currently unsubtitled last quest of the elf series. It was meant to be released in 2011, however, due to the huge amount of content that needs to be developed for it, it was mentioned that Mourning Ends Part III would be introduced into the game in 2014 instead. There is a possibility that you will obtain a crystal halberd during this quest or as a reward. The quest will possibly involve Seren, the godess of elves.

Are those also your most anticipate updates of runescape in 2014? Is there something you want to supplement? No matter what is your favorite update, we can all look forward to an awesome runescape 2014!