Best ways to Train Woodcutting Faster on runescape gp for sale 2007 servers

This is a very easy training skill. Many different kinds of trees are scattered over runescape world. Once you get into runescape gp for sale 2007 servers Lumbridge, you will find an axe store outside the castle toward the south of the town, owned by Bob. Go there and trade him, and take a free bronze hatchet. Then start your woodcutting.

Level 1 to 15:

Since you get your hatchet, walk north from Bob’s Axes following the road until you find a general store. Just to the west of the shop there are plenty of regular trees to get you from level 1 to 15.

There are some trees nearby the grand exchange. We suggest that you train there at the starting (white square marked on map). When you get full inventory, just go to the grand exchange and sell them for coins. Then you can buy better hatchets, such as steel hatchet (level 6 woodcutting required), mithril hatchet (level 21 woodcutting required), adamant hatchet (level 31 woodcutting level required), rune hatchet(level 41 woodcutting required), etc…You will need to cut 97 logs for leveling from 1 to 15.

Level 15 to 30:

You can cut oak trees now. You can find some oak trees from either east or west of Varrock (White Square marked on map). And these two spots are all near banks. So bank your oak logs when you get full of inventory, then sell them for more coins. And also there is another good oak tree spot for members: east of castle wars. You will have to cut 293 oak logs for leveling from 15-30.

Level 30 +:

Now, it’s time for cutting willows. You can choose any spot from the following:

Stay in Lumbridge, you can find willow trees here (not recommended, far for banking).

Go west from Lumbridge, and you will find more willow trees south of Draynor bank. It’s a good spot for banking (but there always will be more people).

North of crafting guild. Not so many players train here, because it’s far away from bank.

South east of Rimmington. It’s a good place for RS power leveling (less people train here). You can sell the logs to the general store nearby when you get full inventory.

Most of members like training their woodcutting here. It’s easy to find: use a games necklace (8) to teleport to barbarian assault. You can bank the logs with the bank deposit there.

You can also cut maple trees for leveling, but it’s a bit slower than willow trees. If you want some more money you can do it; If you want fast exp, keep cutting willow logs. Maple trees are growing between Seer’s Village and Fremennik Province. We suggest you cut these maple trees which are near Seer’s bank for fast banking.

When you reach to level 68, you can chop Choking Ivy. But we suggest you do it when you get higher level, like 80+. There are Choking ivies covering the walls in some cities.

PS: You can save all your logs for firemaking and fletching if you don’t need coins. Don’t forget picking up the bird nests dropped by trees while you are cutting trees. You will get some high level tree seeds if you are lucky, and the bird nests can be sold after grinding with a pestle and mortar.

There are some other trees which need higher woodcutting level to cut. You can cut them for coins, but not for RS powerleveling. If you want to cut them for coins, just find the tree icon on the world map. More information will be released in the following money making tips.

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