Rewards on Old School Runescape Content Poll 10

As Jagex, there is always a way to help you to get rewards. Not so long with Poll 9, we’ve already welcomed content Poll 10 this week. There are three kinds of rewards you can get: God Wars Dungeon rewards, Nightmare Zone rewards and Halloween Event. You can also get help through buy cheap rs3 gold to get rewards as much as you can.

God Wars Dungeon rewards

In the poll 10, you can get a new crossbow which scored 72% support. That’s a significant that you will have a new ranged weapon. Meanwhile, the company also created a new magic weapon with behaviour similar to the Staff of Light.

Nightmare Zone rewards

Firstly, there will have imbued rings in poll 10 which would not be traceable. If dropped on death, they would revert to their un-imbued state. Secondly, you’ve got super options in poll 10. And these super potions offered here would not have any such restriction. In each case, the ingredient and the potion would be tradable. What’s more, Herb packs, Imbued crystal equipment, Trimmed quest capes, Scrolls of redirection, Imbued black mask and Cosmetic cow mask. With all those new rewards, maybe now you just need a place where can you buy cheapest rs 3 gold to help you enjoy the game and get all those rewards.

Halloween Event

A holiday event will be re-opened or Halloween from 2006. All the Halloween-themed holiday items will be available in Halloween Event. Players who complete the event will permanently unlock all the un-tradable Halloween-themed items: pumpkin mask, skeleton costume, zombie head, scythe. They will also receive TWO (so you can save your bank spot) of each of the following traceable items: pumpkin, red mask, green mask, blue mask. Also, there will be a black Halloween mask when players complete the event can get it.

In poll 10, you can make your voice be heard. Your feedback will help the Runescape become stronger. So now join it without hesitation and we will help you with cheap rs3 gold for sale. Go to chase your rewards!

Go to RS Slayer Rewards Store

Good news! The Slayer Rewards Store is now accessible to all slayers! Moreover, there are also some of the updates along with some awesome new rewards you can enjoy! What are you waiting for? Let’s see what you are able to get.

Slayer Rewards Store

On the one hand, same as previous, you still need to buy rs3 gold to complete Smoking Kills for unlocking the ability to make or upgrade slayer helmets. Also, after you complete the quest, you will receive all of slayer points per assignment. Otherwise, there will be only half of them for you. Moreover, completing Smoking Kills quest can help you earning some of the store’s best rewards.
On the other hand, unlike the previous Slayer Rewards Store, you no longer need to complete Smoking Kills for earning slayer points or accessing the Slayer Rewards Store. All of you now have access to the useful items. Also, assignment management options available there, and you are able to purchase with points earned with each assignment completed.

Slayer Helmet

Firstly, slayer helmet’s base stats will be increased slightly, while its 12.5% damage and accuracy boost against your currently assigned target will remain. And now it has armour and life points equivalent to an all-style level 10 item.
Secondly, you can now upgrade the slayer helmet with three new options, which will be unlocked through Slayer Rewards Store.
Thirdly, if you are having level 60 Crafting, you could also unlock the ability of fusing rings of slaying and ferocious rings to a full slayer helmet or its upgraded versions, granting the rings’ teleportation abilities to the helmet.
Last, but not least, full and upgraded slayer helmets now enjoy the same functions as the enchanted gem given out by slayer masters, so it will be more convenient to check your skills and contact your slayer master on the fly.

There are some new rewards for social slayers too. How about a super-cute new ganodermic runt pet? Or new skins for Freezy the strykewyrm? There are more rewards are waiting for you. Come on to jump into the game and gain as many rewards as you can!

The Pit – RS Mini Game

A brand new Mini Game has just been released recently, The Pit.
A werewolf and a goblin invite friends over for a bit of light entertainment. By invite they mean kidnap; by friends they mean random passers-by; and by light entertainment they mean forcing you to perform like a monkey* for their satisfaction. What could possibly go wrong?
How to start The Pit:
In order to start The Pit you will need to have gotten a lap bonus at one of the many agility courses scattered through RuneScape. The agility courses are:
Gnome Stronghold Agility Course (basic and advanced)
Agility Pyramid
Barbarian Outpost Agility Course (basic and advanced)
Ape Atoll Agility Course
Wilderness Agility Course
Werewolf Agility Course
Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course
Requirements to start The Pit:
None. As long as you are a member, you can enter The Pit at any level – simply complete successful laps of an Agility course and then talk to the Talent Scout if you are lucky enough to attract his attention (a yellow arrow will appear above the Talent Scout if you can play The Pit).
The Events:
There are several devious events to perform in, and you’ll need to be quick, as well as lucky, to win. The hosts select the event for you to play so be prepared for anything. The events are as follows:
Floor is Lava
High-Low There
Put the Thing in the Other Thing
Punch the Hungry Sheeps
Crate Expectations
At the end of each event you will be given a reward in Agility XP. This amount will be smaller if you fail the event, or if you have used your Agility skillcape to play.
If you win your event, Scrambles offers you the choice of gambling your XP. You can get it doubled, halved or unchanged. Just open the gambling crate to take the risk, otherwise exit the room. Players who entered using their skillcape do not get the chance to gamble.
You also receive a gorilla mask for completing your first event. The mask is untradeable and is given to you the next time you speak to the talent scout. You can return to the scout for a replacement at any time if you lose your current one.

Rsorder – The only one allow paypal users to buy gold for runescape 2007 without phone confirmation

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Herblore Training to buy runescape gold

Herblore is one of the most useful skills (member only), and it’s also interesting. But you will spend a lot of RS Gold on it if you buy runescape gold want higher level(s).

Getting started:

Prepare herbs, vials of water, and Secondary Ingredients.

If you want collect herbs by yourself, you can go to Taverley Dungeon to kill Chaos Druids. They are easy to kill and good drops of herbs. Or you can go to the Edgevill dungeon; you can also find some chaos druids there. And another place is northwest of east Ardougne northern bank.

Also, you can grow herbs while collecting by killing monsters. But it’s slowly.

You will need various herbs for training, so we suggest you buy herbs from grand exchange or other players instead of collecting/growing by yourself.

Buy vials of water and Secondary Ingredients from grand exchange.

Or you can buy potion (unf) for fast exp instead of adding herbs into vials of water by yourself.


Level 1-15:
After you finish the pre-quest: Druidic Ritual, you will get level 3 herb. Make Attack Potions until level 5 where Anti-Poison Potions becomes an option. From there on you can make either Attack Potions or the Anti-Poisons until you reach level 12 Herblore, when you can use the Tarromin herbs for making Strength Potions. Basically, just keep on making these 3 kinds of potions until you reach level 15.

Level 15-26:
Your goal here should be to aim on reaching level 26 to make Energy Potions, because it is the potion type which is the best way to make use of your Harralanders. You can keep making strength potions until you are level 22, then you can make stat restores.

Level 26-38:
We suggest you make energy potions until level 38. It’s the best way for training at these levels.

Level 38-50:
Making either energy potions or other potions to get level 45, so you can make super attack potions. You can also make super anti poison potions if you want.

Level 50-66:
Make fishing potions to reach level 52. Then you can make super energy potions. When you are level 55, train on super strength potions. Continue these processes until you, after a fair amount of hard training, reach level 66.

Level 66-99:
Now you are able to make Super Defense Potions with Cadantines. Cadantines are cheap nowadays, only cost some hundreds. So you can make them until level 69. Make Anti-Firebreath potions when you reach level 69. After you get level 72 herblore, make Ranging potions, and this should help you quite a bit since these Potions give you an impressive 165 experience per made potion.

Keep making ranging potions or Anti-Firebreath potions when you reach level 76. Or you can try any other potions if you like; of course, you have the required herbs and the Secondary Ingredients.

The best bank is soul warschest buy runescape gold cheap bank, cause there are no random events. All herbs are value not so much nowadays, so you will spend less money on level 99.Good luck on level 99!

Cheap RS 07 Gold Making Tips

There are loads of ways to earn RS money for f2p player, but there are more methods to make money for members. Meanwhile, all f2p money cheap rs 07 gold making methods is available in p2p.

The following money makeing tips are suitable for p2p players.


Members can kill more monsters, and get better drops from them. If you have high combat level, and have some high combat level friends, you can go to fight bosses for great looting, up to hundreds of million drops.

If you are low in combat, you can kill low level monsters for herbs, dragonstones (uncut), half keys, and clue scrolls, etc.

Killing all kinds of dragons is a good choice for making more money. Hides and bones are good profits, because many players buy them for crafting and prayer. You can go to wildness to kill green dragons, kill blue dragons in Taverley dungeon, kill red dragon, iron dragon, steel dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon/ Frozen Fortress/ Kuradal’s Dungeon/ Brimhaven resource dungeon, kill mithril dragons in The Ancient Cavern. King Black dragon is hard to kill if you are low in combat, and it’s in wildness, so we don’t suggest you do it.

There are some other monsters which drop materials for training skills, such as unicorn horn, goat horn, and so on. You can kill the monsters for the materials for sale if you are low combat level.

Also, there are many other monsters which good for money making. The monsters we told you are just some of them, so try to find your own way for money making. Or you can follow what we said above. It’s the most used methods.


As we said before, you can kill bosses with your friends; it’s more dangerous but more profits.


Hunter is a good skill for easy money making. You can start making money when you reach level 41, it’s so easy. When you reach level 41, you can do pitfall for Horned Graahk hides, Sabre-toothed Kyatt hides at level 55. They are expensive and easy to sell.

You can also do Chinchompa, less money nowadays. And Grenwall for grenwall spikes.

If you have completed lost city quest and reach level 91, enter the city, and do Impetuous Impulses mini-game there (you can start play this game at level 17,but we suggest you don’t come here unless you have level 65 hunter). If you are level 65 in hunter, you can catch Magpie implings; level 74 for Ninja implings; level 83 for Dragon implings; level 87 for Zombie implings; and level 91 for Kingly implings. You will make huge money by playing such a profitable mini-game if you can catch Kingly implings.


Either pickpoketing or doing Pyramid Plunder/Sorceress’s Garden can make money.

You can picketpoket NPCs for coins and some things for sale. When you are doing Pyramid Plunder, you can bank the gold things for sale; and if you are lucky, you can get Pharaoh’s Sceptre.

Use duelling ring and Pharaoh’s Sceptre for easy bank and starting. Sorceress’s Garden is one of the easy money making methods. Pick herbs while play the mini-game, and sell for money.

Collecting materials:

Snap grass: You can collect them with waterbirth teleport (lunar magic) and duelling rings;Waterbirth Island Running (Peer the Seer banking, need complete the Fremennik Tasks), you can also use familiars for more snap grass per trip if you have certain summoning level. Then sell these snap grasses you collected for money.

Potato Cacti: It’s a bit dangerous if you have low combat/defense level. We don’t suggest you make money via this way.

Swamp Toads: You can pick them either west of falador or south west of Gnomes’ Stronghold.

Dragon Scales: These dragon scales can be found in the blue dragon area in Taverley dungeon (taverley resource dungeon). If you have high agility level (70+) you can use the Pipe Squeeze for quick access to the Blue Dragon’s Den from the entrance of the dungeon. It’s also a good way for money making for members.

Payaya fruits: If you are level 69 in summoning, summon a Fruit Bat, and use the specialmoves with Fruitfall scrolls in your inventory, then pick the Papaya fruits it drops. These papaya fruits are used in herblore, hunter, and farm. You can sell them for
lots of rs money.

Plank making and leather tanning:

Make planks and tan green dragonhides/snake hides will make you some profits. But be aware, the price of hides and leathers is changing every day, so check the price before buying hides.


Like we mentioned before, Cheap RS 07 Gold woodcutting is a good method for making money in runescape for f2p, and also good for p2p. For members, we can chop magic trees for higher level logs and these logs value more than yew logs. So chop magic logs if you want to to get more rs money. There are some good magic chopping spots: south of Seers’ Village, Sorceror’s Tower, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Mage Training Arena, Lletya, southwest Resource Dungeon in Varrock Sewers.

We hope you find these tips useful.

Enjoy A Birthday Cake of runescape buy gold

As time goes by, old school runescape has been accompanied with all of you for another one year again. Yes, runescape buy gold have grown up yet another year. So it’s time to hold a big party for celebrating the birthday of old school runescape. Come to enjoy the feast!

How to celebrate the OSRS’s birthday?

Do you still remember the first you join this big family of old school runescape? All of you experienced the Tutorial Island in old school runesacpe, and even many of you witnessed the changes of Tutorial Island in old school runescape. Until now, old school runescape forms a vibrant and active world with a strong and passionate community.
Jagex knows that many of you are curious about Prifddinas, and long for visiting the city for a long time. Therefore, the Lumbridge Guide tried best to convince the Elves to open the gates and hold a party.
Yes, over the next two weeks you will be able to visit the Lumbridge Guide or any of the Elven emissaries scattered around Gielinor for letting them transport you to OSRS’s first birthday celebration!

What can you enjoy in this birthday party?

During this big party, of course all of you can enjoy a delicious birthday cake. Meanwhile, you can also look forward to a surprising special birthday gift from Jagex. Guess what it will be?
You will see lots of players in this party, and you can also come with a bunch of friends. The party is a good opportunity for you to meet new friends and maybe join a team if you are alone.
Moreover, apart from many players, you can also party with some of the NPCs that have been introduced over the past 12 months. That is a rare chance to have fun with some NPCs, so which one do you prefer?
Through this year, you may have a lot of memories want to share with others and lots of fun is still fresh for you. Come to reminisce about the past year with some really old school runescape monsters.

This is the first birthday runescape buy gold celebration of old school scape. So do not miss the chance. Come to wish a huge happy birthday to old school runescape with your friends!

Best ways to Train Woodcutting Faster on runescape gp for sale 2007 servers

This is a very easy training skill. Many different kinds of trees are scattered over runescape world. Once you get into runescape gp for sale 2007 servers Lumbridge, you will find an axe store outside the castle toward the south of the town, owned by Bob. Go there and trade him, and take a free bronze hatchet. Then start your woodcutting.

Level 1 to 15:

Since you get your hatchet, walk north from Bob’s Axes following the road until you find a general store. Just to the west of the shop there are plenty of regular trees to get you from level 1 to 15.

There are some trees nearby the grand exchange. We suggest that you train there at the starting (white square marked on map). When you get full inventory, just go to the grand exchange and sell them for coins. Then you can buy better hatchets, such as steel hatchet (level 6 woodcutting required), mithril hatchet (level 21 woodcutting required), adamant hatchet (level 31 woodcutting level required), rune hatchet(level 41 woodcutting required), etc…You will need to cut 97 logs for leveling from 1 to 15.

Level 15 to 30:

You can cut oak trees now. You can find some oak trees from either east or west of Varrock (White Square marked on map). And these two spots are all near banks. So bank your oak logs when you get full of inventory, then sell them for more coins. And also there is another good oak tree spot for members: east of castle wars. You will have to cut 293 oak logs for leveling from 15-30.

Level 30 +:

Now, it’s time for cutting willows. You can choose any spot from the following:

Stay in Lumbridge, you can find willow trees here (not recommended, far for banking).

Go west from Lumbridge, and you will find more willow trees south of Draynor bank. It’s a good spot for banking (but there always will be more people).

North of crafting guild. Not so many players train here, because it’s far away from bank.

South east of Rimmington. It’s a good place for RS power leveling (less people train here). You can sell the logs to the general store nearby when you get full inventory.

Most of members like training their woodcutting here. It’s easy to find: use a games necklace (8) to teleport to barbarian assault. You can bank the logs with the bank deposit there.

You can also cut maple trees for leveling, but it’s a bit slower than willow trees. If you want some more money you can do it; If you want fast exp, keep cutting willow logs. Maple trees are growing between Seer’s Village and Fremennik Province. We suggest you cut these maple trees which are near Seer’s bank for fast banking.

When you reach to level 68, you can chop Choking Ivy. But we suggest you do it when you get higher level, like 80+. There are Choking ivies covering the walls in some cities.

PS: You can save all your logs for firemaking and fletching if you don’t need coins. Don’t forget picking up the bird nests dropped by trees while you are cutting trees. You will get some high level tree seeds if you are lucky, and the bird nests can be sold after grinding with a pestle and mortar.

There are some other trees which need higher woodcutting level to cut. You can cut them for coins, but not for RS powerleveling. If you want to cut them for coins, just find the tree icon on the world map. More information will be released in the following money making tips.

Winning Great RS Rewards with Robber or Guard in Heist

Heist, your expected minigame, is now finally coming! It’s time to gather your friends and teammates to have some real fun. If fun isn’t challenging you, then what about some great rewards? No matter robber or guard,  rs gold 2007 you will be able to receive some reward points for winning. Check out some details here and start your game right now!


How to play Heist?

Heist is a multiplayer minigame for members only. There are two characters for you to choose – robber and guard. As you can say, the duty of robbers is to steal bags of loot from the bank, while obviously the guards’ duty is to stop them.
Firstly, you need to go to the north of Falador for entering in the lobby area. Once you are in the lobby area, it’s time to make your decision. If you are choosing to be a guard, you can head north to queue. Conversely, if you are choosing to be a robber, you can head south to queue.
Secondly, each side will have the right to contact with the leaders – Sir Vyvin or Liara for getting more information, browse rewards or try out the tutorial.
At last, when the game started, you and your team need to cooperate for winning. Robbers can take advantage of any NPC on the map to adopt their appearance as a disguise. Also, guards have the ability to accuse anyone on the map whom they believe to be a robber.

How to win Heist?

As for robbers, when they deposit twice as many bags of loot as there are members of their team, they win. And for guards, once every robber is turned into a guard, guards win. Meanwhile, there is also a time limit. If 20 minutes passed but robbers do not succeed, then the system will be defaulted as guards win.

What rewards can you get?

There are separate reward points as a robber or guard. You are able to use those points to buy certain perks for helping you in the game.
Moreover, Hunter bonus experience can be bought with guard reward points, and Thieving bonus experience can be bought with robber reward points.

What are you waiting for? Come to enjoy the game with your friends right now! Every game of Heist is different which means you are able to enjoy all kinds of Heist on runescape. If you need some cheap rs gold 2007 for playing the game, you know where to find them. Come to try it out!