RS Clan Cup for oldschool rs gold

With Combat, Skilling and Combined sections, the RuneScape Clan Cup returns for the Fourth time in this oldschool rs gold summer! If you are an old player of RuneScape, you must have an idea that the Clan Cup is an annual tournament where the clans of RuneScape come together to battle it out for competition and fun.

The Clan Cup has a proud tradition. Every clan has tried to claim the coveted prize of being number one in their field for the purpose of being the foremost combat clan, the top skill or those most masterful in combining both. The last year’s winners RuneScape Dinasty (Combat), Divination (Skill) and Family Unity Network (Combined) have names of their clans permanently in RuneScape history. Now, it comes the time again to find out who is destined to be RuneScape’ number one clan.

As usual, the tournament is open to everyone. No matter the lower-level or the brand-new players, there will be a section of competition suit to you. so, don’t worry about that you don’t know your super sets from your Ancients, you are still capable of taking part in RuneScape’s premier player tournament and having a bit of fun.

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How to Buy RS 2007 Gold Online Safely?

As we all know,  most people are having security anxiety of buying RS gold online. Then, how to ensure safe when you need to have an expense of RS 2007 Gold or RS items? Well, there are many things that you must know before placing an order.

1. Choose legit website

Before you place an order of buying RS gold and RS items, the most significant thing that you need to do is choosing a legit website. There are three main aspects for you to judge whether the website is safe for you to buy RS gold.

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2. Be careful of scammers during trading process

If you have placed an order successfully, another thing that you should be careful is scammers. Someone will pretend a in game trader, and they will close the trade window under the pretence of there being a lag in the system and try to rush you into trading so that they can alter the trade without your noticing. You should trade with the someone who can supply you time to check the trade screen and ensure that all is well with your trade. Besides, don’t show your RS items to make sure that you are concentrating in the trading process.

3. Never Give RS 07 Gold Back after Receiving

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Two Strategies for Hunting Green Walls in RS with rs 07 gold

Do you play the game Runescape? Do you want to be a millionaire in Runescape? If your answer is yes, I know you want to know some great ways to make RS money. Then you should take careful watch about this article. You will get some great strategies of how to make RS money by hunting green walls in this rs 07 gold  making guide.

Profit: 800k – 2m
Location: Isafdar(right under elf camp)

Requirements:75 Hunting


Strategy 1: Catch Green Walls in Combination with Pawyas.

The best method of hunting Green Walls is to catch them in combination with pawyas. Players should take a Fruit Bat familiar with at least 100 Fruitfall scrolls to a hunter spot that contains both Grenwalls and Pawyas. Surround a Grenwall spawn location with three traps (baited with Raw Pawya Meat) and use the remaining two (baited with Papayas) to hunt pawyas. Continually cast Fruitfall to replenish the supply of papayas and if necessary bait 3 traps, instead of two, with Grenwall inventorypapayas if Pawya Meat supplies run low.

Bank at Lletya when you have a full inventory of herbs, or the nearby deposit box (Available after Deadliest Catch quest). This method will enable you to obtain roughly 1k Grenwall Spikes per hour and approx. 100k to 150k worth of high level herbs. It is possible to get Papaya tree seeds as loot, though this is rare. 

Strategy 2: Pre-buying Raw Pawya Meat and using a banking method to run trips between Lletya and one of the multiple Grenwall locations.

Using this method you can achieve a higher catch rate per hour and an expert hunter can receive between 700-1700 spikes/h and 100-105k xp/h. Using a banking method allows you to use a level boosting familiar such as an Arctic Bear or a BoB (Beast of Burden) like a War Tortoise or Yak. A player would start at Lletya with 5 Box Traps, 1 Teleport Crystal, their Grenwall Spike stack and a replacement pouch if they will be unable to complete the trip in the time remaining on the current familiar, then fill the remaining inventory space with Raw Pawya Meat.

Note: Players who have done enough Dungeoneering will also find taking a Bonecrusher to be quite helpful, as it will automatically crush obtained bones. Herbicide also helps for taking out unwanted herbs.

Tip: All elf hunting rs 07 gold creatures will either sleep or hide themselves when players are near them, so they should make sure to run a few steps away after the trap is laid.

07rs gold Making Guide

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Different from other methods, Magic is a fairly simple skill in that all of the spells are listed in the magic spellbook interface, located on the right hand side along with the other buttons.

Many small icons in this interface represent the spells. Any icon that is not lit up is a spell that you either do not the required runes/staves for, or you do not have the required level to cast it. If a spell icon is lit up, you have both required runes and the required level and thus can cast that spell.

The requirement for that rune has been fulfilled when the number below a rune/item is green. But when a number is red, you will need more of that rune/item to cast the spell. Once all of the number are green and the icon is lit, you have all of the rune and item requirements to cast the spell.

It is so easy to cast a spell. Left-clicking a combat spell allows you to autocast that spell. It means that you will automatically keep casting that spell when you attack an enemy, while casting only once is done through right-clicking and selecting cast. But autocasting is not possible for any other non-combat spell.

Note that this is reversed for Ancient Magicks. Left-clicking a combat spell icon on that spellbook will allow you to cast once. However, the autocast option can be activated by right-clicking and selecting the option.

With a shield icon, a button on the bottom allows defensive casting. That is to say, the experience gained for magic damage will be split between Magic and Defence experience, where for 1 damage dealt, 1 experience point will be given to Magic and Defence. Other buttons are also there to let you toggle the visibility of combat, teleport, skill-based as well as miscellaneous spells, and the option to organize your spells based on combat, teleports or level in ascending order.

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RS Seventh Anniversary retrospective to Buy RS Gold 2007

To start with, congratulations on the seventh anniversary of the end of the Runescape 2 beta since Runescape officially launched in 2001. Reviewing the last year, which is filled with failure and success in the buy rs gold 2007 process of game update, we are happy to find a new Runescape that is prone to perfectness.

In the past year, with a complete gameplay and graphics overhaul, massive content updates that added clan support, upgradeable clan citadels, a new website, and countless new quest were released. But one thing the Runescape players paid more attention to is breaking the bots by Jagex.

In October of last year, we heard the unfortunate news that Runescape was losing the war on bots. Developers of Runescape tried their best to break the bots by adding patches and updates. But this was once unworkable. While the botters were going to celebrate their big success developers of Runescape took the deadly actions. In the day named Bot-Nuking Day in Runescape, over 1,350,000 free accounts and 150,000 paying members were banned for using bots. As a result, player activity on the servers dropped by 60%. Runescape once lost lots of money. However, Jagex didn’t give up fighting with botters and strived to solve the problems through legal procedure by threatening to file a class-action lawsuit against botters. All players who were suspected of botting received a letter to be persuaded not to use bots anymore and be offered a one-time amnesty. With several practical actions, Runescape gave a strong strike on botters. Therefore, this year will forever be remembered as the year Jagex beat the bots.

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RS Carnillean Rising and Oldschool Runescape Gold

Following the RuneScape Clan Cup as well oldschool runescape gold as Evolution of Combat Beta, there is also a Carnillean Rising.

As we all know, The House of Carnillean is an old and noble one. Being the proudest person of The House of Carnillean, Sir Ceril believes that it is high time to make a man of his sulky son, named Philipe, before he dishonors the family name.

With an expectation of his young son Philipe, he wants him to become a fully fledged adventurer: to have traversed obstacles, disarmed traps, vanquished dragons, won riches and swept a damsel off  her feet before is out. And is all needs to happen in the sewers below the Carnillean mansion. Without any ingenuity, Construction skill as well as the help of the dispassionate family butter, it is a tall order to fill. You may need to come up with a devious, blood-stained dungeon to challenge even the most stout-hearted adventurer.

In addition, send Philipe on his quest to experience the time-honored swashbucking staples of acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat, demsel-romancing and impromptu cross-dressing. Then, you will earn Thieving and Construction XP; 2 XP lamps to be used in any skills over level 30; a few note-loads of construction planks; and a treasure chest. Filled with loot and hidden across Gielinor to creat your own treasure hunts.

Then, how to start Carnllean Rising?

.You must be a member.
. 33 Thieving
.31 Construction
.50 quist points
.Hazeel Cult
.The Blood Pact

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Worthless Runescape PvP Armor and RS 07 Gold

It is said that some players are trying to sell their statius armor just after weeks of having it in the GE. It seems that some pvp rs 07 gold armor do not worth the rs3 gold for an hour use since EOC basically made it medium-to-high level gear with little to no benefits. So how to deal with those almost worthless pvp armors is important for players.

Make it available as melee

To save those armors, why not make it available as melee or range versions of T75 gear?
Magic has ganodermic for T75 tank gear, so maybe it would be nice to add the pvp armors as just normal armors that can be used for 10hrs, degradable but rechargeable. Whether it is T75 or T78 doesn’t seem like a huge factor, but that can be discussed.

Make it dropped from revenants

Also, the armor can only be recharged by a resource obtained from revenants and the chaos elemental. This can bring some players into the wild who want to farm some money or who need to recharge their gear. It can be the equivalent to ganodermic or polypore spores.
Have the resource be tradable and that will potentially fuel players to want to go out into the wild and farm that loot, while having to be alert for Pkers, and likewise, PKers will be fueled to go kill other players in the revenant dungeon for that item.
As for item, maybe some type of ancient clay or dust that reconstructs the armor when applied to it. It should be a common drop by revenants, and the chaos elemental could have it as an uncommon drop that drops in a larger bulk. Or maybe just a slightly larger quantity than revenants and it would also be common.

Jagex may have already tried cheap rs 07 gold their best to make rs tend to be perfect, but there’s always room for possibilities, and discussion. And you are always welcoming to express your opinions. Let’s see will you agree with the idea above or not.

Tips for Making Weapons and Armor in RuneScape with runescape 07 gold

If you have played RuneScape for a long time, you will have an idea that having a good performance in RuneScape will not only require runescape 07 gold enough cheap RS gold, but also some powerful weapons as well as armor which are suit for you.

Then, how you can get these except for purchasing? RSorder will offer you many clues below.

Before you forge your weapons as well as armor, one preparation that you need to do is extract the minerals. No matter owning yourself or purchasing from others, it’s all available. Purchasing ores or bars from other gamers maybe quicker than main, even though it is more expensive. For the purpose of producing a steel bar, possessing the best quantity of material is necessary. Metals and most demand one kind of ore to some bar. Every product you will require a diverse quantity of bars Smith, and this information may be discovered in Table Metallurgy for particular metal.

These beverages may be helpful in your increasing sunshine bar in Falador for 3gp every drink. They will help you to increase your ranges Metallurgy and Mining one stage for restricted quantity of time, also, permitting that you smith objects a degree than your specific degree and RuneScape gold.

In addition, as a reward with the tale of the dwarf quest, you will get a few of Mature Stouts dwarfs which will improve your mining and blacksmithing by two levels, not just the regular degree 1. While brewing beer there is generally a opportunity that he grew become an grow up and give further bonuses.

With an aim for allowing it be more likely he is ready, you can include “The Best Stuff” that is a thing you can purchase being a reward for mayhem. Then, you can just have all of your ores together and smelt the bars, which means a new weapon or armor you will obtain from them. Just deliver the ores in the furnace and select the “Smelt” choice from best click menu. Now you can have choice for what kind of bar to make, what kind of quantity of bars to smelt. Finally, you will get the highest quantity of steel bars making use of the mineral deposits offered in your smelt inventory.

Beside, another all of your stell bars would be cast the spell on ores stage overheating. Obviously, this will call for four Fire and one dynamics Rune, but it is possible for you to be quicker than walking into an oven to melt your steel bars as well as RS gold. Provided that you smelt metal ore using the Magic, all ore are melted.

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RS Combat New Combat Features

Guess many of you are having problems with Evolution of Combat. Luckily, Jagex have heard your voice, and they have prepared a number of big changes lined up that will really improve the combat system. You can now get ready to test out the new varied and satisfying combat features on combat improvements beta.

combat improvements beta

Special attacks

Still missing some weapons’ special attacks? You can now enjoy them again! Special attacks will be reinstated on new beta servers with almost the identically function in the old combat system.
Meanwhile, you can look forward to new ones with more diversity within level tiers and more tactical choice when gearing up.


The revolution feature allows you to automate basic abilities while still building up adrenaline and being able to perform thresholds and ultimates. Especially for slayer, it will help you to gain the benefit of abilities without needing to make your fingers continually dance across your keyboard.

Momentum plus

There will be an update to momentum so that you will not be locking out of other combat features for low intensity gameplay, which means you can activate ultimate abilities and special attacks, without breaking Momentum.

Ability queuing

Ability queuing is kind like a small “buffer” which will make performing combat abilities smoother and more lag-tolerant. With the help of that, you are able to select your next ability by hammering the ability button to make it fire immediately even if it’s still on cooldown.

Action bar setups

Action bar setups will allow you to fill your action bar with a set of recommended abilities for general combat use, for each combat style, which means you are able to start out with Evolution of Combat and begin using abilities with minimal fuss.

Quick loadout switching

Quick loadout switching will be your best company for changing equipment. You will be able to create preset loadouts and switch them on the fly, both from your bank and between inventory and worn equipment.

PvP refinements

As many of you are enjoyable with PvP, there will be a renaissance of PvP, including changes to stun durations, incoming damage, PvP minigames and removing the global cooldown on weapon switching.

The beta servers are available for both free players and members. Come to have a try and then tell Jagex whether you like them or not. Will it suit all types of players? It’s your decision!

How to Make RS Gold Easier and Faster?

Do you want to know how to make runescape gold by yourself? Do you know what the best way to get Runescape gold is? Well, there are loads of great ways of making money but especially in F2P it can get boring. Making money can be a long and arduous process, so bearing in mind that no matter how fast and effective one method may be, it still takes time and patience to earn and hold onto large amounts of money.

Tips and hints:


1. Begging is one of the least efficient money making methods. With the same effort you could easily kill cows for their cowhide or beef, mine rune/pure essence, or collect Mort myre fungi or Blue dragon scales, which would make money a lot more easily.


2. Make sure to pick up as much money left on the ground as you can when training or travelling. Although it seems pointless to do so, even small amounts of money can add up to thousands, so picking up that extra small drop from a guard or rock crab counts toward your earnings. This is especially a good idea now that we have the coin pouch.


3 The RuneScape Official Forums or the Forums of a clan site can be used to help money makers buy and sell items more efficiently and easily.


4. As time passes, and more players join the game demand for items generally increase. As a result, prices may inflate and your coins will be worth less. See the CTI for a rough measure of inflation.


5. Certain items which are not tradable over the Grand Exchange can still be bought and sold normally from other players.


6. When buying/selling items through the Grand Exchange, it’s helpful if you buy items for a few coins higher or sell for a few coins lower. This way, you can automatically place your trade at the head of all the market price offers.


7. For a dangerous and unsteady way of making a fair profit, is to enter the Wilderness in worlds 1 or 18, and loot drops. Though the drops can be ranging from a few hundred to a few million coins, depending on the amount of inventory space by the killer, and how many looters there are in the area.