How to Solve the Runescape 2007 Leve 3 Clue Scroll

Do you want to get the level 3 Clue Scroll in 2007 Runescape? Do you want to obtain the exclusive rewards of that Scroll? Today, we will share some guides and details on how to get and solve it.

The Level 3 Clue Scroll

These scrolls are longer and harder than the other two former scrolls—level 1and level 2. It is usually around 5-7 clues. The Coordinate clues will always summon a Zamorak wizard (inside the wilderness) or a Saradomin wizard (outside the wilderness) excluding one in the duel arena. Both wizards can use magic, but Saradomin will use poisonous melee. Players who solve this scroll can obtain massive rewards, including some rune items and more expensive Treasure Trail rewards, such as Third age armour.

How to Do Level 3 Clue Scroll?

1. Take enough food, Prayer potions and super antipoison potions with you. You should be Equipped with the ranged armour and bow. Bringing air runes, Meerkat pouches and Fetch casket scrolls.
2. Complete some quests such as Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen to obtain high quest points and that will be needed in doing Treasure Trail.
3. In level 3 clues, there will appear anagrams. Use some NPC’s names as the solution and you will move forward to the next clue once the solution is found. After that, you will receive a puzzle box, tell the NPC the answer of the puzzle box.
4. Complete the challenge scroll by speaking to the NPC which gave it to provide the answer. Once you have completed the scroll, you will receive either the next scroll or the reward.
5. To emote the level 3 clue, you need to fight the double agent. Once killed him, perform the emote again with all the original items from the clue equipped.

6. There are also some map clues which need you to complete. The map will show the small quest you need to do, such as dig in the appointed place to find the next clue and the rewards or search rewards among some crates.

The harder level scroll you solve, the better rewards you will obtain. So in level 3 Clue Scroll, there are massive valuable rewards, such as the Rune equipment, Third-age equipment, Animal masks, or Gilded armour. Go ahead and do the level 3 Clue Scroll!

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