Old School Runescape 1-99 Hunter Guide

What to wear: 1-99 Hunter Guide in OldScape

Larupia fur clothing (Requires 28 Hunter)
Spotted/Spottier Cape (Wear Spotted cape at lvl 40, and then upgrade to Spottier at 66)
Boots of Lightness (These don’t have any requirements, they can be obtained by going to the bottom of the ranging guild (Outside not inside) by seers village, and entering the dungeon. You will need any light source and a knife. When inside the dungeon go left until you find some stairs, go down them and you will see the boots behind a web)
Gloves of Silence (Requires 54 Hunter)

Part 1: 1-9 Hunter
For this you will not need any old school runescape items. Speak to Orlando Smith in Varrock Museum (Downstairs), he will tell you to correct the plaques, go to all 4 of the rooms and correct every plaque. You will be rewarded in Hunter exp. (This will take about 3-10 minutes depending on your Rs knowledge)

Part 2: 9-19 Hunter
For this you will need 1 Bird Snare, they can be bought from Yanille. Use a Dueling Ring to get to Castle Wars, once there, run down until you get to Feldip Hills. Go to the waterline to the east and then run down till you find a beach, you should see birds flying around called ‘Crimson Swifts’, lay your bird snare down and the birds will go to your traps, they can dismantle your traps so you will have to reset them a lot. I recommend keeping the feathers, but burying the bones and dropping the meat.

Part 3: 19-29 Hunter
For this you will need 2 Bird Snares. Just west from the Crimson Swifts, there are some birds called ‘Tropical wagtails’, you just do the same thing as with the Crimsons, but these give more exp. At 20 Hunter you can set 2 traps at once.

Part 4: 29-47 Hunter
For this you will need 3 Ropes and 3 Small Fishing nets, these can all be bought from Catherby. You will also need to have completed the ‘Priest in Peril’ quest.Go to Mort Myre near Canafis where there are swamp lizards walking about, you will see some branches where you are able to set your traps, at 40 hunter you will be able to set 3 traps. Release the swamp lizards.

Part 5: 47-59 Hunter
For this you will need 3 Ropes, 3 Small Fishing nets and Desert robes. Every trip you will need 12 filled Waterskins and 5 old school runescape gold for a Shantay Pass.Go to the Shantay Pass in Al Kharid and pass it for 5gp, go right till you’re by a river, then go down until you can see a bridge, once at the bridge go up, you will see some branches like the ones at Mort Myre, the only difference is you’re catching Orange Salamanders. When your Waterskins are out of water, run back over the bridge and go back through the Shantay Pass.

Part 6: 59-63/80 Hunter
For this you will need 4 Ropes and 4 Small Fishing nets. Use a Dueling Ring to get to Castle wars and then run over the top bridge and past the Observatory until you see some lava, run up the hill and you will see some Red Salamanders and more branches to set your traps on, at 60 Hunter you can set 4 traps at once. Keep going till 80 Hunter for fast exp, but only go to 63 if you want to start making runescape 2007 gold early.

Part 7: 63/80-99 Hunter
For this you will need 5 box traps (These can be bought from Yanille). Go back to Feldip Hills and look for ‘Red Chinchompas’, set up your box traps, they work the same as bird snares. Red Chins are stackable which is why they bring in a hefty profit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and we offers something useful to your old school rs adventure 99 goal.

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