Do you want RS 99 Skill Capes to be changed

I propose that we make each skill cape actually do different things, related to skill the cape represents. The reason why I bring this up is simple. Why does the God Capes, which you can get at level 60 magic, give more magic crit than the 99 magic cape? Why does the Ava’s Alerter give more crit in the cape slot than the 99 range cape? What purpose do these capes server other than looking nice? These capes takes a long time to earn and deserves to be unique.

Would it make more sense for these capes of accomplishment, showing that you attained the highest level in the skill, be the Best-in-Slot for the related skill? Maybe something like the Constitution Cape giving a sizable boost in hp while you wear it. Or the Woodcutting cape allowing you to chop trees at a faster rate when wearing it. With herblore, you have a higher chance at saving potion ingredients. Agility makes it impossible to fail any obstacle. Runecrafting allows you to craft more runes per essences than without. That’s just to name a few possibilities

Also, another passive effect each cape can have is to increase xp rates for that related skill, so long as you wear it. Just a thought. I made a post on the official forums here. Please post here and/or there if you support this idea, along with what you think would be reasonable buffs to be added to the skill capes!

The buffs for all the above is simply my thought at that time. If anyone who reads this has an opinion on what might be better, by all means, post it in the comments! I’M ALL EARS! I love hearing other people’s ideas. I don’t want this to be just ime. I want this to be a majority of people’s ideas who either came up with it, or agrees with it!

Edit1: Added a list of what skill capes could possibly do while wearing them. (Every skill specific cape would give a small boost of experience~ 1% towards that very specific skill ONLY)

  • Agility Cape: Impossible to fail any obstacle.
  • Attack Cape: Boost in accuracy for melee attacks.
  • Constitution Cape: Sizeable boost in health.
  • Construction Cape: Chance of not using material when constructing something.
  • Cooking Cape: Impossible to burn any food.
  • Crafting Cape: Impossible to shatter gems; Small chance of not using the raw material when crafting something.
  • Defence Cape: Increased resistance to damage.
  • Divination Cape: Increased gathering speed of wisps and of the like; Chance of source not depleting (Stackable with aura).
  • Dungeoneering Cape: I have no idea.
  • Dungeoneering Master Cape: Even less than the above.
  • Farming Cape: Increased yeild from crops.
  • Firemaking Cape: Small chance of not using raw material to gain xp in bonfires.
  • Fishing Cape: Chance of not using bait when fishing; Chance of source not depleting (Stackable with aura).
  • Fletching Cape: Chance of producing final product without using raw material(s).
  • Herblore Cape: Chance of not using raw material (stackable with Scroll of Cleansing).
  • Hunting Cape: Increased chance of success.
  • Magic Cape: Increased max magical damage; Chance spells won’t cost runes.
  • Mining Cape: Chance of source not depleting (stackable with aura with similar effect); Chance of double ore
  • Prayer Cape: sizable increase of prayer points; slower prayer drain/highest prayer bonus.
  • Range Cape: Increased maxed range damage; Retrieves projectiles like the Ava’s Accumulator/Attractor/Alerter.
  • Runecrafting Cape: Increased runes per essence.

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