Excellent Chance of Being a Member of Old School Runescape

Are you a fan of old school runescape? Do you want to become a member of old school runescape? Your chance is coming! Now, old school runescape need a Junior Artist who is lives, breathes and loves the old school iteration of your favourite game and is a dab hand with the pixels. Are you ready?


Key Duties Include

1. Working closely with the JMods to make and improve graphics content
2. Being an active part of the OSRS direction
3. Use your knowledge of OSRS and the community to suggest and develop exciting additions to the game
4. Engage the community, taking on feedback for future improvements.

Essential Requirements

1. Have an unquenchable passion for all things Old School
2. Be able to demonstrate good digital art production skills across 3d modelling, animation and 2d art (including texturing).
3. Bring your ideas alive using our in-house animation tools
4. Excellent communication and organisation skills.
5. You must prefer Old School to reality.
6. Able to engage with the community through multiple media channels.
7. Forward minded, forward thinking and relentless passion in bringing Old School forward.
8. The ability to self-manage and work independently whilst supporting the wider team.

Desirable Requirements

1. A strong sense of nostalgia.
2. Basic knowledge of programming languages/scripting.
3. A passion for online gaming in general, especially MMOs.
4. Understanding of formal QA/test procedures

If you’ve got artistic talent and an understanding of 3d modelling, 2d art and animation concepts and practices and you want to take OSRS from strength to the strength, and then you are the guy they are looking forward! All the players of old school runescape are waiting for someone to create new models to use in the game, maybe brand new monsters, items and landscapes. Is that you? For more detail information, you can check here.

We Need Visual Update for These Runescape Areas and Monsters! Please!

Guess we all agree that Runescape own a beautiful land. However, there are some areas do need a visual update. Meanwhile, we know that monsters do not need to be beautiful, but some of them are really needed a visual update! There are some areas and monsters collected from some players who posted on www.reddit.com that need to be updated. Let’s take a look together.


Karamja is arguably the largest island in Gielinor located to the south of the main kingdoms of Asgarnia and Kandarin. The island contains mostly Jungle and Tropical geography. In recent years, Karamja has become a major fishing area and a fairly convenient docking point for ship travel between Eastern and Western Gielinor, mainly from areas like Port Sarim to areas like East Ardougne.
Some players believe that the whole island has the potential to be absolutely beautiful. But right now it’s lacking.

Dust devilDust_Devil

A dust devil is a slayer monster that requires level 65 Slayer to kill, which is in the Chaos Tunnels and in the Smoke well located west of Pollnivneach.
Some players said that when we think of the name, doesn’t the idea of some kind of demonic presence in a swirling cloud sound a tad cool? Instead we get a chicken drumstick with 3 crab legs and the head of a strong poodle.


The Abyss is a “glue” plane that sits between realms and holds them together. It is a region that, with exception of Astral altars, provides access to all the Runecrafting altars without the need for a talisman. In the very center of the Abyss, there is a Dark Mage and a swirling rift.


Yanille is a members-only city that lies to the south of Ardougne which is beset by ogres from the south and west. There is a standard bank in eastern Yanille with a deposit box and several bankers. The archipelago to the east of Yanille is home to many jungle spiders which are sometimes hunted for their carcasses which are used in spirit spider pouches.
Some players insist that except the visual update, Yanille also need something in the city worth going to.

Do you agree with that offer? Do you have some others want to add?