Who Do You Think Is the Wealthiest NPC on Runescape?

NPC means a non-player character, who is a character not controlled by a player. You are allowed to talk to NPCs, but they are not attackable. NPCs are a huge group, including store owners, quest contacts, bankers and civilians. NPCs can give out quests, sell items, restrict access to certain areas and perform other vital duties. In a word, who do you think is the wealthiest NPC on runescape?

Wise Old ManWise_Old_Man_Poster

Wise Old Man is also known as Dionysius, who is a legendary and very powerful magician of Saradomin and former adventurer. He is amongst the most popular characters in RuneScape, playing pivotal roles in several quests. He is also a community hit, frequently recurring in the Postbag from the Hedge with an exclusive, special section at the end of each Postbag.
A majority of players believe that he is the wealthiest NPC on runescape for he owns a blue party hat which can be exchanged for 2,147,483,647 coins.


Pikkupstix is the central character surrounding the Summoning skill and runs the shop Pikkupstix’s Summoning Shop alongside the Summoning skill tutor Magestix selling essential items such as spirit shards and pouches.
Some players believe that he is the wealthiest NPC on runescape for so much money players spent on spirit shards from him every day. Not even to mention the powertraining method players sell him and then buy them back at an extortionate price.


Hans is a servant of Duke Horacio of the Lumbridge Castle. He is the oldest NPC in RuneScape and RuneScape veterans that players who have an account that is over 5 years old can claim a Veteran cape from him for 50,000 coins.
Considering how much money he gets from skill and vet capes, some players think he may be the wealthiest NPC on runescape.

There are the top three wealthiest NPC through some players’ opinion as above. What’s your opinion? Who do you think is the wealthiest NPC on Runescape and why? Share your opinion with us!

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