Runescape Content Poll 13 and the Relative Updates

Content Poll 13 came to an end yesterday. Jagex made a list on what have been updated according to 75% players’ requests. So today RSorder will have a quick glance on the new contents or exchanges.

PvP World Banking

According to the players’ willing, jagex have added bank checks to all four respawn points in PvP world and only added in PvP world. Previously, players may be teleblocked for 5 minute by other people. But now they will not be blocked by that spell any more when they go to the bank.

Fairy Ring Log

Now every ring you have visited can be remembered by the fairy ring network. At the same time, there is a new menu which can display the visit details. The dials can now be rotated in both directions the click-zone of mushroom rings have been enlarged.

Incense Burners

The incense burners just can burn 2 minutes and 10 seconds in POH before. But now players can refuel them before they burn out. This exchange makes them keep burning when players are busy with some bones.

Stats Interface XP Display

Jagex now use commas to make the numbers which show players’ current XP easier to read in pop-up tooltips.

Charge Spell Messages

The messages from the Charge spell now appear in red to make them easier to see.

In other news
There will be a Thanksgiving holiday feast on Catherby beach, which is held by a bunch of gnomes. You can enjoy and kick the turkey meat at that feast.
Apart from that, development on the rooftop Agility courses is coming to an end. It seems like that Jagex will just use the outfits shown in the pictures if players like them.
Most players have shown their great excitement about the new exchanges. If your proposals are not in the list of new updates, don’t get disappointed. According to the responds of the Jagex Mod Ash in RS forums, it seems that your advices are still under discussion. There will be some other updates if they find the best strategies or solution. So keep your eyes on RSorder and we will provide you the details once there are other new updates.

How to Fight against Vorago in Runescape

As we all know, Vorago is an extremely powerful boss which was released on July 3rd, 2013 in runescape. Vorago is known as the toughest boss monster in runescape so that there is no double that Vorago is hard to defeat. However, you have to be brave in order to get those valuable drops. Let’s see more details of Vorago.

Starting the fight

runescape Vorago

There are two ways you can select to start your battle. First way is that you can enter the non-instanced area in the Borehole, which is north of the Falador Lodestone to reach Vorago. Another way requires 1,000,000 rs gp per hour to creat your own instance.
You need to gather a team to start your challenge, and 50 players will be the upper limit.
Once the fight started, be ready for a blast with 50,000 damages unleashed from the Vorago spread of all your members of your team who have accepted the challenge.

Strategy for the fight

1. It will be better if you stay close with your team members, for the damage will be split by all of you, which means you will not be taken as much damage as alone.
2. Long-range attackers are encouraged to use shields to deal with Vorago’s attacks.
3. When a phase ends, you’d better pay attention to Vorago’s next move. The direction his face towards will be the next place he jumps towards. Therefore, it will be easier to avoid him before his next move.
4. For the best Vorago at the end of the fifth stage, you may need to prepare a strong weapon which would be better to be grouped by three pieces of the hammer together.

Drops from the fight

Vorago’s drops can be very unique and valuable.
1. First of all, you can receive two Tectonic energies which can be used to make the tectonic armour, a Seismic wand and a Seismic singularity. Meanwhile, you can also receive an Ancient summoning stone which is very rare and cannot be bought or sold. When the stone is being activated, a Vitalis pet will be summoned.
2. Then, you can receive 1-5 sets of 5 charms. Based on a sample of 76 kills, the charm will represent 90% confidence range.

There are also some other items which include a rare Starved ancient effigy. With all those excellent drops, what are you waiting for? Follow the strategy provided by to win yourself great rewards!

Effective Runescape F2P Money Making Guide

There is a fact that in Runescape, it is much harder for F2P players to make money than in P2P. For most members, they can make money easily because of they have many privileges. The others maybe need to spend more time but make less money. However, there are many easy ways to get more rs 3 gold in Runescape.


1. Complete the Great Orb Project

It has the Requirement of 50 runecrafting. This is a minigame inside the runecrafting guild. Players can be a member of the 2-5 groups with the help of wizard Acantha or wizard Vief. In this minigame, players need to force their team’s orb into the altar. The team which completes most orbs will win and get more tokens than the losing one. Other tokens will be rewarded at the end of every game. The token amounts depend on the number they win.

2. Cut Yew Logs

When players get 60 woodcutting, they can find some yew tree and cut yew log with hatchet. Sell all the logs when it is full and continue cutting. The best place to cut yew logs would be in between Lumbridge and Draynor

3. Mining Iron Ores

Iron Ores are easier and faster to mine than gold and sometimes worth more. Train to 15 mining and then go to the Falador. In the north-east of it, there is a staircase. Go down the dwarven mines and players will find the iron ores. Players can enter the secret entrance to bank their iron ores if they have 20 dungeoneering.

4. Cow Hides

In this way, players need the steel armor, 10 combat level. Go to the places where have cows and kill them. This method is for lower levels, but when cowhides worth 350 gold per pieces, player can get 10k per inventory.

5. Wine of Zammy

This method requires law runes, staff of air and 33 magic level. Wine of zamorak is in the chaos tample. Up of Fally which is near the wild, but don’t try to pick them unless you are with the mage, otherwise the magers will attack you. Go back to the bank and sell them when you have full inventory of wines.

These are the five effective ways to get the rs 3 gold for F2P players. Hope these guides can help you to make more money for your runescape. But there is a much faster way to get more money.

Tutorial on Starting Your Runescape Journey in Ashdale!

Time goes by, more and more new players join in the runescape to start their new adventure. In that case, a useful tutorial will be necessary. Good news, there is a new tutorial for fresh players right now – Ashdale, which is an island for new players learns the basics of runescape. Let’s take a look at it!

How to experience your tutorial in Ashdale?

runescape Ashdale

1. You need to speak to Gudrik who is a dwarf lived at the south end of Taverley. And he will tell you take you start your adventure. Don’t forget to prepare sufficient food to stay live and create a weapon to protect you.
2. Follow the Gudrik, you will meet two zombie in the marketplace. Once you defeat them, you will gain the Slice ability, which is a basic Attack ability.
3. The next skill you will learn from Gudrik is fishing. You need to catch three raw minnows at the indicated fishing spot with the bait provided by Gudrik.
4. Follow the Gudrik again and defeat the zombie cow when you come across in the market.
5. After defeated the zombie cow, you may need a new weapon. You can follow Gudrik to the quarry to learn Smithing. You need to mine a copper ore and a tin ore and then smelt them into a bronze bar and an anvil. Finally, you need to turn the bronze bar into a bronze sword, which is your new weapon!
6. Your final fight will be going with a decaying sorceress, called Morwenna the Cruel. First of all, she will raise two zombies from the dead, and you will gain the Kick ability during defeating them. Next, Morwenna will fight you in person. Be careful of her stunning abilities. Don’t forget to collect her headdress after defeated her.
7. Out from the church, Gudrik will lead you to the harbor, where you need to get a boat to take you to Taverley. You need to speak to Gudrik again to finish your tutorial.

As for the veteran players, you can also travel in this new place by speaking to Gudrick in his house at the south end of Taverley. Hi new players, are you ready for your journey?

Win Your Protean Planks on Squeal of Fortune with Runescape?

The plank maker is a new NPC in Taverley who can fulfill all your logs-to-planks needs. When you’ve got protean planks, there’s no need to worry about having the right type of planks for Construction Protean planks can be won on the Squeal of Fortune minigame from 22nd November. They are used as a replacement for any type of plank used in the Construction skill.

Squeal of Fortune

The Squeal of Fortune is a daily activity available to both members and free players. From 22nd November, you’ll find a brand-new item up for grabs on the Squeal of Fortune. When you’ve got protean planks, there’s no need to worry about having the right type of planks for Construction – they work as any other kind! Spinning the Squeal of Fortune can net you between 20 and 1000 planks, and they stack too!


Construction is a members-only skill that allows players to build and customize their very own player-owned house. Players design the house by arranging various square rooms and then filling them with furniture specific to the type of room, earning experience in the process.
However, construction is generally an expensive skill to train. There are very few methods to train without losing money. Therefore, there are two ways for you to gain construction xp: First one is finding a cheapest site to buy runescape gold with safe service and the other way is wining Protean Planks.
Construction can be a tricky skill to get into, but with this simple Protean Planks it’s now more accessible and convenient for everyone. There’s a bank nearby, and taking your planks to your house is as easy as hopping into the portal.

Protean Planks

They are stackable planks that are usable in place of any other type of plank. The Squeal of Fortune is also hosting a triple bill of further Construction bonuses:
1. Construction training packs, containing all the resources you need to work on your player-owned house, are more likely to be won.
2. Your chance of winning planks of all kinds is doubled.
3. Construction XP from lamps is tripled!
Meanwhile, everyone can get at least one spin per day, and can earn more through gameplay.
You may need to note that first of all, these three bonuses only run from Friday 22nd November 00:00 GMT until Monday 25th November 23:59 GMT. Secondly, if using protean planks to make flatpacks, production does not stop when your inventory becomes full. Excess flatpacks are dropped.

Head over to the Squeal of Fortune from Friday 22nd November and you’ll find a stack of Construction-themed extras to coincide with a useful skill update. Preparing some cheap rs gold to join the game and win protean planks with construction xp for you right now! Good luck to you!

Details on the famed RuneFest

Jagex Games Studio, makers of the multi-award winning online adventure game, RuneScape, held its third RuneFest fan convention in London on Saturday. Hundreds of passionate RuneScape players flocked in person to London, joined virtually by hundreds of thousands of players online to celebrate another great year for RuneScape, which amongst other updates also saw the launch of RuneScape 3 and the dawn of the 6th Age.

So for those who didn’t make the event or see the entire stream, here’s a list and a description of everything covered over at RuneFest.

The Church of You

Not a whole lot was discussed about this but Mod Mark expressed that he wanted to make a piece of content where others could worship you the player.


As with previous years, RuneFest 3 provided the RuneScape team with the opportunity to meet with fans and discuss plans for the coming year, support players as they took part in ideas workshops for future content, and unveil an exclusive sneak peak of what’s planned for RuneScape in 2014 – which included:

The Invention Skill, which is a partner to the recently launched Divination skill and represents a technological leap forward within the game.  This skill will allow players create their own gear and “soul weapons” which can be levelled up to increase their power as players progress through the game.

The RuneScape Community App, which will allow players to chat and access the Grand Exchange, RuneScape’s trading system, through their mobile devices.
A preview of the 2nd World Event which has been confirmed to involve the two gods Armadyl and Bandos, who will be travelling across the world map trying to gain followers and influence.  Players will also be able to opt into innovative open world PVP.
Upgraded matchmaking which will allow players to easily find other player who are interested in playing specific social content, allowing them put together teams easily without interrupting their gameplay.
Players were shown a glimpse of two new quests – The 200th quest which will focus on the Elves and a new Master quest featuring the return of Zaros.
“The Church of YOU” – Over the past decade players have been central to all RuneScape content and are the world guardians, now they can start to amass their own followers to worship their in-game achievements.
The event also saw all attendees participate in setting a new Guinness World Record for the world’s longest Christmas cracker pulling chain.

“RuneFest 3 has been yet another massive celebration for all things RuneScape, and we’re delighted that so many of our community were able to share in the experience, either online or at the event itself,” said Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for the team and I to celebrate our biggest fans, namely our players. We always look forward to having the opportunity to socialise with the community, have a good laugh, celebrate their achievements and find out first-hand what they love or dislike about the game, which in turn helps shape our thinking around future updates. I’m delighted that this year’s event added yet another Guinness World Record to our collection and really looking forward to next year!”

“RuneScape’s fan base and passionate community has always been one of the game’s enduring and great strengths, and RuneFest has again delivered a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the most ardent of players,” said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer for RuneScape. “As we come to the end of a hugely important year for RuneScape with the launch of RuneScape 3 we were thrilled to share what’s ahead in 2014 with players.”