​RuneScape – Zerker Auras vs Accurateness Auras

Hello everyone, afterwards a altercation on the RS Discord the added day I’d like to get a somewhat broader admirers to rs3 gold accommodate altercate a few things.

1, Are the zerker auras or an agnate accurateness accession (not the damage) about a “necessity” to calmly and consistently PvM at assorted administration (not all but some such as Telos, Nex, Vorago, etc.)

2, Accurateness auras are aboveboard underpowered about to the zerker auras and are not even the best advantage for the job that their name suggests. In a lot of situations the Absolute bank of accurateness aura, costing decidedly added than the same appearance zerker aura, is about 1/2 of the capability if it comes to accurateness from my understanding. This is aboveboard allurement for a delusion from new players searching to advance in their aboriginal action auras as anyone would naturally accept the one with “accuracy” in the description would advice added with accuracy.

3, Would a simple band-aid to this be to addict the accurateness auras to be an agnate accurateness accession as the Zerker blazon auras to accommodate a ample bulk of uptime on the accurateness benefit at the bulk of no added accident for some of that time?

Something to note, this is not a column for altercation of rebalances of action and abatement of these action auras or defective to accomplish them accessible ingame. The closing is already in the action of occurring.

Doing the antecedent 0-100% telos is annoying with absolute runic, already you are accomplished 150% bewitched is basically absurd the bulk of splashes you get, it’s consistently the stuns as able-bodied and I use Nihil and afresh reaper until ph3 afresh about-face to souls.

Personally I anticipate Sup accurateness auras are a decay of adherence credibility and the name is absolutely misleading. As ahead declared I would alone use Zerk auras at Rax and Nex because again, their defence is top and OSRS gold accurateness ambience just don’t seem to cut it. This is my assessment and it may not be appropriate but hey ho.

Nihil reaper close and gstaff blueprint absolutely advice but would be nice if the accurateness auras fabricated a apparent difference, maybe accomplish them added able but abate their alive time to 30 mins like zerk auras?

Hotfixes in wow classic – 12 November

While World of Warcraft Classic – Phase 2 will launch tomorrow, on November the 14th at 8pm CET, Blizzard fixed a few bugs prior to the update.

A noteworthy event in the meantime, every Realms are now set under one unique Layer! This will help with the Vanilla experience and the massive population we encountered in the world of Warcraft back in the time.


November 12 2019

The guards in Gadgetzan, Booty Bay, and Everlook now have a significantly longer range on their ranged attacks.
Developers’ note: We’re seeing some players attack others by abusing line-of-sight rules in Gadgetzan. This disruption is against our Terms of Service (as it was in 2006) and we’re taking action against players who exploit this game mechanic. While this new range differs slightly from orginal WoW 1.12, it better enforces the authentically intended consequence of PvPing in a goblin city by challenging the attacker to fight, die, or escape the guards.
The Discombobulator Ray will now correctly dismount mounted enemy players.
Abilities that provide a damage increase to the next auto attack (e.g. Heroic Strike and Raptor Strike) will now properly break crowd control effects if the ability was queued before the crowd control was applied.
Corrected an issue that prevented pets from attacking a target who entered stealth after the Attack command is used.
Corrected an issue with the Gnomish Cloaking Device that caused it to incorrectly drop the player from combat when used.

November 8 2019

Guards will now correctly be more willing to assist players in PvP combat who have Friendly or higher standing with them. However, they will continue to not assist players with Neutral standing.
Corrected an issue that was causing Onyxia to fail to clear the threat of the primary target of her Fireball ability.

October 22 2019

Fixed a bug that caused creatures such as Solenor the Slayer to misbehave when pursuing the player. Groups of creatures that commit to combat as a group will now all continue to pursue whenever any one of them are struck by a player attack or ability.

October 16 2019

The buffs obtained from the guards in Dire Maul North after completing a tribute run will no longer stack.

End of Layering – The queues are back

With the end of Realms Layers, every Realms are now on a single layer and some overcrowded servers are having queues again.

Blizzard had warned us about new queues to come on popular servers, following the reorganization of the Realms population, by layers. Although most Realms currently don’t have any queues, five US Realms are currently experiencing some issues in that aspect.

Don’t want to wait in the queue? Blizzard is offering
Free Character Transfers
to other servers off of those servers.

From Faerlina to: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, and Earthfury
From Fairbanks (Horde only) to: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, Earthfury, and Heartseeker
From Herod to: Arcanite Reaper and Heartseeker
From Incendius to: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, and Earthfury
From Whitemane to: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, and Earthfury

Learn RS Linux Client Improvements in New Version

It has been revealed that the community has made several significant RS Linux client improvements recently, such as game optimisations and some fixed issues. With these improvements launched, you also should download the new version of cheap rs gold Linux client to make it convenient to play the game.

RS Linux client improvements in new version

Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system, and you can install RS game on it to avoid the problems relating to browser or to avoid limits the Java Plugin might have. From the new RS official post about game updates, we have known that the developer has made several improvements with something technical on Linux client, including:
- General game optimisations have been made.
- An issue with audio crackling has been fixed.
- A potential crash on start-up has been repaired.
- The incorrect icon on the game window has been fixed.
- The issue where the launcher window would not disappear when the game had started also has been fixed.

Download the new version of RS Linux client

There are various Linux distributions. With the improvements made to RS Linux client, now this client is against Ubuntu 18.04 and maybe it will not work on older distributions any more. To update Linux launcher, you will have to use APT or the Software Updater to download the new version to make RS installment smoothly if you use Ubuntu distribution. If you use other Linux distributions, you should install the new launcher manually or wait for an update to any third-party package you may be using.

Come to download the new version of Linux client to experience new improvements and play the game.

Things You Need to Know about The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer Quest

Players who dive into Obisidian’s fan-favorite RPG of The Outer Worlds have an array of activities for them to experience. One of these activities is the Frightened Engineer quest, which will task players with helping someone with an engineering objective. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Frightened Engineer quest covered for you.

Players can acquire the Frightened Engineer quest by speaking with the character of Thomas Kemp near his workbench at the Botanical Labs. These Botanical Labs are located in the Emerald Vale. Speak with Thomas Kemp, and he will inform you of his incompetence at his engineering position and will ask for your help in obtaining three guides to engineering. This will then set you on the Frightened Engineer quest.

The first book can be found in a room to the right of the entrance and up the stairs of the Emerald Vale Community Center.  Our second book will then be found on the second floor of the Edgewater Cannery. Finally, the third book you will need to acquire for Thomas kemp will be located next to the character of Higgins on 1F of the Geothermal Power Plant.

Once you have collected all three books, you will have completed the Frightened Engineer quest and secured the rewards of an increase for your Deserters reputation, 300, 500, and 800-bit cartridges, an electro-charged surface, and 8,750 experience points.

WoW New Features Available With Latest Hot Fixes!

WoW new hot fixes is available this week. According to WOWclassicgp.com knows, some of the hotfixes take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. All details will be revealed for you today. Besides, cheapest wow classic gold is available with best services here.

In the recent hot fixes, there are some classes and WoW’s 15th anniversary changes. Here are the highlights for you.

Classes: Fixed a bug that caused Holy Priests’ Spirit of Redemption to trigger before Guardian Spirit in some circumstances.

Dungeons and Raids

- Fixed a bug where multiple pools of Rixxa Fluxflame’s Azerite Catalyst could trigger their initial ticks of damage at the same time.

- Fixed a bug where multiple spells during the Mogul Razdunk encounter were dealing an unintentional amount of damage to pets.

WoW’s 15th Anniversary

- Korrak’s Revenge: Korrak the Bloodrager. Korrak now spawns 2 minutes after the start of the match. Increased Korrak’s health by 60%. By delaying the spawn timer of Korrak the Bloodrager and increasing his health, both the Horde and Alliance will have time to reach Snowfall and battle over his loot.

- Players level 10 through 60 now have their items appropriately scaled while participating in Korrak’s Revenge.

- Fixed a bug where some players weren’t awarded achievement credit for Alterac Valley of Olde while within the Hall of the Stormpike area.

- Fixed an issue that prevented players who do not have the Battle for Azeroth expansion activated on their account from queueing for Korrak’s Revenge.

- Fixed an issue that caused players to lose access to their Lil’ Nefarian battle pet and Obsidian Worldbreaker mount if they logged out after acquiring them. Missing mounts and battle pets have also been restored to their owners’ accounts.

- Fixed an issue that caused healing and tank specialization players to enter the queue as a damage-dealer when queuing for the Memories of Azeroth raids if they were a party leader or sole member of a group.

- Korrak’s Revenge should now grant credit toward the Epic Battleground requirement for the quest “Storming the Battlefield.”

Memories of Azeroth

- Resolved an issue where Heigan the Unclean’s health was notably low.

- Ragnaros should more reliably cast Molten Seeds and Engulfing Flames.

All these new features mentioned above are available now. WOWclassicgp.com will keep sharing the latest news of WoW. You can stay tuned on our site to get more WoW news and WoW leveling service. As a professional WoW shop, we strive to offer you the best. If you ever need to buy WoW items, visit WOWclassicgp.com at any time!


Quick Slayer Guide and drops for Infernal Mages on OSRS

Infernal Mages are slayer monsters that require 45 Slayer to kill. They can be slain for their common death rune drops and their rarely dropped dark mystic boots and hat. When assigned as monsters for a slayer task, beware of their accurate magic attack. Here is our Infernal Mages guide with the general information, some useful strategies and rewards.

Where can you find Infernal Mages?

Slayer monsters Infernal Mages can be found in the Morytania Slayer Tower, which require level 45 Slayer to kill. Infernal Mages appear to be wielding a green version of the Slayer’s staff, along with a set of green and decaying robes. They can be assigned by Vannaka and Chaeldar as monsters for a slayer task.

Defeat OSRS Infernal Mages

Here are some strategies for defeating Infernal Mages OSRS:
1. As Infernal Mages OSRS use a weaker version of the spell Fire Blast to attack, it is recommended to wear dragonhide or magic armour when fighting against them to reduce their chance to hit.
2. You can also choose to wear the Void Knight armour for its high magic defense.
3. For low-level players, the Protect from Magic prayer is recommended as Infernal Mages hit extremely often.
4. Prayer flicking is very useful to minimise their damage output. They are weak to melee and ranged attacks.
(Be aware though that if you kill an Infernal Mage right before its spell animation has started it will still cast that spell even during its death animation)

Rewards from OSRS Infernal Mage
After defeating Infernal Mages, runes and the following weapons or armour may drop as your rewards:
Staff of fire
Lava battlestaff
Dark Mystic hat
Dark Mystic boots

I hope this Infernal Mages guide can help you to defeat this Slayer monster easily. In addition, you will buy safe and cheap OSRS gold at any time from RS3gold site.

Guide for RS Helwyr: Requirements & How to Defeat

As a general in the Heart of Gielinor, RS Helwyr has his own attack pattern. To help you defeat rs gold Helwyr easily and effectively, we provide a simple guide about how to approach to him and some tips and weapons suggested to use while defeating him.

Requirements of accessing to RS Helwyr

Helwyr is the leader of Seren’s army and locates in the southeast area of The Heart in Gielinor. To arrive in his location, you must obtain 40 Serenist kill count and 80 Magic. Kill count can be obtained by visiting nodes that Serenist groups are attacking or kill the ones inside the fortress area. In addition, the Grouping system or Boss portal in the Max Guild can be used alternatively to teleport instantly outside the lobby area.

Tips to defeat RS Helwyr

Firstly, we plan to introduce Helwyr’s attack pattern to you:
- “Nature, lend me your aid!”
- 3 auto-attacks
- “You. Will. BLEED!” cleave attack
- 3 auto-attacks
- Frenzy
- 3 auto-attacks
- Spawns Cywir Alphas
- 3 auto-attacks
- Repeats above sequence
Then, when you fight with Helwyr, you have to avoid any active mushrooms. And before he starts his cleave attack, you need to attack him all the time. If necessary, you can avoid taking damage by running out of the way. If you are at low health, his cleave attack can be resonanced, but you have to make sure there are no wolves and/or a bleed on you. After about two more attacks, he will begin his frenzy attack that can be mitigated with Debilitate or Devotion. When the frenzy attack ends, you need to use Freedom to remove the bleed on you. And then continue attacking him until he summons wolves. Once the wolves appear, we encourage you to use a halberd-type melee weapon because wolves also have halberd-type range and may avoid AoE abilities from most weapons.

In a word, good luck to defeat Helwyr with the simple guide.

What’s New in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a mobile game that many were excited for, though the player base dropped off quite a bit due to lack of content. For those looking to put that trainer hat on once more, DeNA has just released a ton of new content for the mobile game, including a brand new event going on now.

New Story Chapters

  • Three new story chapters have been added leading up to chapter 21

New Characters

  • Calum and Espurr has been added as potential team members from Pokemon X and Y

New Pokemon

  • The fire-type Pokemon Torchic from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been added.
  • This is also the first Pokemon that the main character can pair up with outside of Pikachu

New Event

  • The Story Continues! Special Rally event is available from now until November 27th at 9:59 PM PT with 2,000 gems as a reward for completing these special missions.

“The Pokémon brand has captured the imagination of the world, and we are honored to create the newest Pokémon adventure for mobile devices with Pokémon Masters,” said Isao Moriyasu, CEO of DeNA, about the latest mobile game’s launch that went live earlier this year. “We look forward to sharing new ways to battle when the game releases.”

“For years, fans have created enduring memories engaging with their favorite Pokémon characters throughout the Pokémon video game series,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokémon Company. “With DeNA’s development expertise, we’re excited to bring together past and present Trainers and their partner Pokémon in a unique gaming experience that will delight fans around the world.”

The new Pokemon game for both Android and iOS devices aims to make the relationship between trainer and pocket monster even closer on the island of Pasio. The rules have definitely changed and players will be able to meet other excited duos while delving even deeper into the world of Pokemon.

News.Honor System of WoW Classic’s phase 2 will begin on Nov. 12

WoW Classic’s phase 2 will begin on Nov. 12. The announcement came from Game director Ion Hazzikostas at Blizzcon 2019 Friday. As mentioned previously, the next phase will include two world bosses: Kazzak and Azuregos. These two monsters are high-level and have a lot of cheap wow classic gold hit points meaning it’ll require a coordinated raid to take them out. However, since they will be out in the open, the enemy faction can come in to steal the kill or take out players battling the boss.

The second phase will also see the return of the PVP honor system, which tracks how many times players kill others within the enemy faction.

Although Classic is planned to launch with Patch 1.12 as a base, content released through Vanilla WoW will be released at a staggered phase, in a content plan of consisting of 6 phases. PvP content released during Classic is also following the 6-phase plan, with each piece of PvP content being released on a specific phase, according to this Blizzard Blue Post:
Here’s what the PvP content looks like mapped to the phases we recently posted about:
Phase 1 (WoW Classic Launch)
You can PvP one another in the world, but there is no tracking, and no formal rewards for doing so.
Phase 2
Honor System (including Dishonorable Kills)
PvP Rank Rewards
Phase 3
Alterac Valley (version 1.12)
Warsong Gulch
Phase 4
Arathi Basin
Phase 6
World PvP objectives in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands
As we mentioned before, we haven’t yet determined exactly when each of the content phases will occur but we’ll keep you updated as they draw closer.

Classic Honor System

In Classic WoW, the Honor PvP system would serve as a way to compare your efforts in PvP, when compared to every other player in your server.the Honor system will start being tracked during Phase 2. You can accumulate Honorable Kills before Phase 2 starts, but these will not count towards the Honor system until Phase 2 actually starts.

Honorable Kills (HKs) and Contribution Points (CPs)
As you participate in PvP content, be it outdoor PvP or battlegrounds, you will start earning Honorable Kills (which we will be calling HKs). A HK is generally awarded when you, or someone in your group, kills a player of the opposite faction. Players need to be within 10 levels of you (ie. not having their level displayed as gray) to count for a HK.
However, not all HKs have the same value. Every HK comes with a certain amount of Honor Contribution Points (which we will be calling CPs). CPs are measured by how much PvP experience you have, and killing a player with high amounts of CPs will award you more CPs than killing, say, a fresh 60 that never really PvP’d before.
You can see your HKs for your entire character’s existence, HKs for the last week, and your CPs for last week by the Honor tab in your character sheet.
You can also earn CPs by fulfilling objectives in Battlegrounds – like capturing the flag in Warsong Gulch, capturing a base in Arathi Basin, or killing a lieutenant in Alterac Valley.
On the weekly reset, your gathered CPs are used to calculate your rating. Your weekly rating is calculated with an average of your last week’s rating, and your current standing compared to other players on your server.
Your ranking for the week, as well as the number of HKs you’ve accumulated for the week, when summed up with all your HKs before, will determine your current rating for the week. There are 14 total ranks per faction, which will award your character a title, as well as benefits per title.
Rankings and titles are only updated once a week, during the weekly reset. The only exception for this is Dishonorable Kills, explained below, which will affect your rankings immediately.
The Classic Honor System does not work like a straight leveling system, but as a measure of your efforts in PvP when compared to other players on your server. If you consistently play to a certain standing every week, you will not improve week after week – To improve in this system, you need to put in more and more time and get higher standings every single week.

Honor Ranks and Titles

There are a total of 14 ranks for both factions. Each rank requires a minimum amount of Rating Points to be calculated every week, then calculated in comparison to other players on your server.

Each rank grants access to different rewards, from PvP consumables to Epic Mounts that do not require Epic Riding Skill and Epic pieces of gear at the highest ranks. Each rank is also applied to your character as a Title.

In Classic WoW, the Honor system will start being tracked in Phase 2. No PvP efforts before Phase 2 will count towards the Honor system, and will not be applicable for rankings for PvP titles.

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RuneScape – Gielinor’s Renowned Triathlon

Community Action Minigame/Training method.This action was absurd analogously to Stealing Creations. Participants bend in the accord area and if the action begins, they are assigned to teams at random.

Everything actuality is accountable to change.

Participants/teams partake in a triathlon, the faster they accomplish it through the race, the added account the receive. Credibility are awarded based on area the participants/teams abode in the activity. Ex. 1st gets 100 points, 2nd gets 80, 3rd gets 50, 4th gets 25.

During the activity, able-bodied marks may spawn on the ground. If the actor picks up a mark their awarded added account and the mark goes into their inventory, for aggregation associates anniversary affiliate receives a mark. These marks may be abounding up and acclimated afterwards the action at a accolade shop.

The participants get akin scaled exp for assertive accomplishments aural the action and the credibility at the end aswell accord akin scaled exp at the end, added credibility beggarly added exp.

No run action bushing items or abilities can be uses aural the activity.It is absurd to abort an obstacle aural the activity.

Run action depletes at a changeless amount behindhand of action akin (if that is even a affair in game), about weight abridgement items still action it’s benefits, aural the activity.

The accolade boutique can action items for training agility. Examples are: Alive area – 250 marks anniversary Athlete’s Set area – 350 marks anniversary Silverhawk Downs(100) – 200 marks Silverhawk Feathers(25) – 200 marks Hefin Advance Multiplier – 25 marks Action Harness – 25 marks Weighted Pouch – 1000 marks (must own abounding Athlete’s Set) Runner Pet – 2500 marks Biker Pet – 2500 marks Swimmer Pet – 2500 marks

-New items-

Athlete’s Set- A set of weight abbreviation skilling armor. -18kg for abounding set. 5 pieces. 5 area benefit – gives the exp addition of the alive set, so continued as the alive set is owned, stored abroad or retrievable from Diango count. 5 area benefit

- The wearer’s run action replenishes 35% faster if continuing still, 15% faster if walking. If cutting the abounding set you may actuate the chest area to furnish 50 run action anon three times a day.

Agility Harness- An equipable, stackable account that goes into your ammo slot. If the wearer fails an obstacle that would move their area (ie. declining a braiding beat and falling into a pit) one calculation is captivated and you are placed at the accomplishment area as if you succeeded the obstacle, no exp is offered and it still counts as declining the obstacle.

Weighted Pouch- Is an account acclimated on the Athlete’s Chest piece. This changes it to the Weighted Athlete’s Chest and it increases the 5 area set benefit from 35% to 50% and 15% to 30% aswell allows you to actuate it a absolute of 5 times per day.

Runner Pet- A goblin in goblin mail abominably corrective to attending like a runners jersey.

Biker Pet- A goblin in Gud Raider Chainbody benumbed a rusted, and beatup bike.

Swimmer Pet- A goblin in little chicken arm floaters with a red, dejected and chicken bathe ring about it’s waist.

All items are non-tradable with the barring of the Silverhawk Feathers.

-Comp- The Gold Medalist – Complete the action in aboriginal abode 25 times. Able-bodied Mindset – Purchase the abounding Athlete’s set from the accolade store.

-Trimmed Comp- The Gold Specialist – Complete the action in aboriginal abode 100 times. Elite Athlete- Purchase all of the altered items from the accolade shop-RS3gold.