WOW Classic – The decent guide for making Wow Classic gold

WOW Classic has always been one of the foremost very fashionable video games in recent years. To enjoy a far better gameplay experience, WOW Classic Gold becomes the craze at the market because it is often wont to buy equipment, pets, and items in firm.

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Auction House

If you would like to form gold without ever leaving the town, you’ll by buying and selling items on the firm. The key to creating money off the firm is knowing the markets. you would like to shop for items once they are cheap. and sell them at a better price to form gold. this is often easier said than done though and may be risky if you are expecting incorrectly and therefore the price of an item you purchase falls. Markets are going to be different on every server and faction, so you’ll get to do your own research if you would like to form gold off the firm this manner.

Farming Dungeons

If you’re not curious about using professions to form gold, farming dungeons or specific bosses is taken into account to be an honest thanks to getting an upscale experience and upgrade your level. But remember that you simply should use this method if your level is quite 40. the upper level you’ve got, the extra money you’ll make.


In WOW Classic, professions are a crucial part of every phase. There are many professions in WOW Classic, a number of them can help to form items used for raiding and PvP et al. are an honest thanks to making gold. If you would like to form gold, some professions are better than others. Here are some professions which will assist you to make more gold within the game.

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OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest is one of the most experience rewarding quests in the game. But the downside is that it is composed of 10 little subquests that you need to complete to get it. Today I’m going to show you the quest guide for one of those subquests that you need to complete.

The subquest that we are completing today is OSRS RFD Freeing the Mountain Dwarf. Your objective in the OSRS RFD Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest is to free the mountain Dwarf by giving him a special dwarven rock cake. But the only person that knows how to make that cake is his father.
Skills and Quest Requirements

The OSRS RFD Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest has no skill requirements and only one quest requirement. The completion of the Fishing Contest quest.
Items Needed For The OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Bowl of water
Bucket of milk
Pot of flour
4 Asgarnian ales
500 coins
Ice gloves (but if you are not using gloves make sure you bring Telekinetic Grab spell runes)
Falador teleports
Games necklace
Combat bracelet
Any weapon to kill Icefiend

Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

To start this OSRS RFD Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest head to the Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect the Dwarf. Gypsy will appear and tell you that to protect the Mountain Dwarf from the Culinaromancer’s magic, you must go to his father and ask him how to make a dwarven rock cake.

Make your way to Burthorpe and go into the Burthorpe pub, and buy 4 asgarnian ales from the bartender. Exit the pub and run south to the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain (you will recognize it by the quest and dungeon signs). Go down the stairs and go inside the pub.
OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

In the middle of the pub, you will find an old Dwarf (the father), talk to him and he will refuse to bake a Dwarven rock cake for you, but he’ll mention the Rising Sun Inn. Head to Falador, and talk to any of the three barmaids in the Rising Sun Inn next to the west bank.

Ask her about dwarves and ale. Then she will offer to tell you the secret recipe for Asgoldian ale for the price of 200 coins. She will tell you to add a gold coin to an Asgarnian ale to get an Asgoldian ale. Go back to the old Dwarf in the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain, on your way there using your gold coins on the Asgarnian ales to get Asgoldian ales.

Talk to Rohak (aka the old Dwarf) and give him the Asgoldian ales as quickly as you can or he will sober up and you will need to get more Asgoldian ales again. When he is drunk, talk to him again and he will agree to make you a dwarven rock cake for 100 gold.

Give him your bucket of milk, egg, flour, and a bowl of water, then put on your ice gloves before taking the rock cake. If you’re wearing normal gloves, you avoid taking damage but the rock cake still needs to cool.

If you do not wear any gloves at all, you’ll take damage and the rock cake will drop to the ground and disappear before you can bank and return. If this happens you will need to return to Rohak with all of the ingredients again. You will need to cool it down before you can give it to the Dwarf back in Lumbridge.

To cool down the cake, put on your ice gloves, picking up the cake and that will cool it immediately. Without ice gloves, you have to kill an icefiend with the rock cake in your inventory. Quickly teleport to Edgeville Monastery and run west to the Ice Mountain.

On top of the mountain, you will find an icefiend, kill one of them and that will cool down your cake. The other option is to leave it in the bank, but you will have to wait 10 minutes for it to cool down. Go back to Lumbridge and give the dwarven rock cake to the Mountain Dwarf.
Rewards From The OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

1 Quest point
1,000 Slayer experience
1,000 Cooking experience
Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest
Dwarven Rock Cake

OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf
Article Name
OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf
OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf – Quest Guide, Skill Requirements And Quest Rewards – Everything In One Place!
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RS Orthen Dig Site Rewards: New Potion Recipes & More

RS Orthen Dig Site is coming to the game this month. Here you could learn osrs gold some basics and the rewards for this new dig site.
General information on RS Orthen Dig Site

The new RS Orthen dig site will be based on the island of Anachronia, and it will be released to fill the gaps between 90-120 Archaeology. The release date of this new dig site is Ocotober 19th. Level 90 Archaeology is required to get started in Orthen, and completion of Desperate Measures will help you out with some of the later areas.
Unlike other dig sites, Orthen is divided into several locations scattered around the island of Anachronia. Throughout the Orthen dig site, there will be 10 new excavation spots of varying levels, 22 new artefacts, and 5 new materials. In addition, there will also be eight mysteries to be exact.
New rewards for RS Orthen Dig Site

There will be 5 new potion recipes with the coming of RS Orthen Dig Site:
Holy Aggroverload
Summoning Renewal
Archaeology Potion
Powerburst of Opportunity
Spirit Attraction Potion
In addition, there will also be 2 Skilling off-hands:
Orthen Furnace Core
Artificer’s Measure

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Elder Scrolls Online’s Midyear Mayhem PvP Event Now Has Officially Returned

Elder Scrolls Online’s Midyear Mayhem PvP event is officially back, and the horns of the war bellow once more from Thursday, January 23 at 10:00 AM EST, and until Tuesday, February 4 at 10:00 AM EST. And during this PvP event, you can find that there is a lot of rewards just await, for instance, you can earn XP, bonus rewards, and Alliance Points just by battling your fellow players in the Alliance War, Battlegrounds, and of course, Imperial City.

In order to make sure you receive your due honors, you need to hang on to the Scroll Of Pelinal’s Ferocity and then reuse it during this event period. If you happen to discard it, here is another method you can make it up, you can acquire another just from Predicant Maera for 100 Elder Scrolls Online Gold or just 100 Alliance Points (look for her near Battleground camps for this purpose also).

And now, here is how you can join this fight, check this out:

The very first one is: Navigate to the in-game Crown Store and then get the FREE “Details On The Midyear Mayhem” quest from the Quest Starters category.

The second one is: Travel to your faction’s main gate in Cyrodiil from the Alliance War menu.

The third one is: Locate the NPC named “Predicant Maera” and get the quest called “Midyear Mayhem.” (PLEASE NOTE: If you completed the quest previously, then you will not need to do this again).

The fourth one is: Finish the above-mentioned quest to receive your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity and a Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box.

The fifth one is: You need to use the scroll to activate a two-hour, 100% buff to Alliance Points earned from PvP activities and XP earned from player kills.

RuneScape Holding “Two-Week Long Extravaganza”

October 10 is World Mental Health Day and RuneScape highlights the occasion by offering several in-game events over the next two weeks. As part of the Gielinorian Giving charity series, you can earn tons of exclusive loot by participating, including the Guardian of Fortitude Armor. buy rs3 gold

Representatives of all three of Jagex’s charitable partners can be found at Lumbridge Crater through October 18. Every two days, representatives will offer a new puzzle to answer – get it right and you’ll get free lamps and patches for traveling craftsmen. Bring these patches to Ulric, also located in Lumbridge Crater, along with a few other materials to help him create exclusive rewards – the most exciting of which is the Guardian of Valor’s Armor. A Traveling Craftsman can even craft items from previous charity events, including:

Eugene the Brain

Scoop and Percy the yetis

Brain Plushie

All money raised during the event will be donated to three Jagex charity partners: Rise Above the Disorder, CPSL Mind and Prince’s Trust. These organizations organize workshops for young adults to help them meet the challenges of mental illness and give them direct access to resources related to mental health.

In other October news, Jagex explained the confusion over the end date of the Archaelogs XP embargo. The new date is October 19, although you can still use lamps and other items after that date to increase your XP earnings. Archeology is a brand new skill recently added to RuneScape, offering players a new way to learn about Gielinor, which has been featured extensively in the Desperate Measures questline.

RuneScape continues to expand despite being an MMO from several decades ago. It was recently announced that it will be available on Steam on October 14, which will likely provide another population growth for the already popular title. Not to be confused with Old School RuneScape, RuneScape offers improved graphics, new mechanics, and a completely reworked combat system.

The Gielinorian Giving event will run until October 18. Make your way to Lumbridge Crater and visit one of the new NPCs to start enjoying the exclusive content.

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World Of Warcraft Chromie Time Auto-Boots Players At Level 50, Shadowlands Refunds Being Offered

world of warcraft sylvanas shadowlands bannerChromie Time is a brand new feature coming to World of Warcraft with the Shadowlands expansion that allows players to choose an expansion to level up in. Instead of moving from one zone to another as soon as they reach the required levels, the zones will now scale along with character levels until they reach the level cap.

In theory, this should allow players to experience the entire expansion content and narrative without having to worry about one-shotting mobs because they’re too powerful for the zone. But, according to Wowhead, this isn’t always the case. As soon as players hit level 50, Chromie Time is automatically disabled and they’re unceremoniously ported back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind after a short countdown.

While some players might be happy with just reaching the level cap as fast as they possibly can, some players actually care about the storyline and having to go back to a zone with a massive level gap just to finish it takes the fun right out of the experience.

In other Shadowlands news, Blizzard Entertainment will be giving refunds to players who pre-purchased the expansion should they request for one. This follows the studio’s announcement that the expansion will be delayed to sometime later this year. The pre-patch is still scheduled to arrive on October 13th.

“You’ll be experiencing more of Shadowlands very soon,” says Hight. “In fact, I’m pleased to announce that World of Warcraft Shadowlands will officially enter beta next week. Beta participants will be able to experience the max level challenges of the Maw, the most dangerous place in all the Shadowlands, and one of the most rewarding too.”

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas then took over the stream to talk about the upcoming beta starting with a quick look at some of the data they gathered during the alpha test. According to Hazzikostas, 817, 508 quests were completed over the past three months, 2,124 characters completed the Exile’s Reach new-player experience for the Alliance, 62,727 Torghast runs were made with over 11,218 falling victim to Tarragrue. More importantly, 64,440 bugs were reported during the alpha test which the QA team is now meticulously poring over.

As for the upcoming beta, Hazzikostas says that the beta build will be feature complete but there’s still a lot of work remaining. “For us, beta certainly means that the game’s not done but the framework is there and is complete,” he explains. The level cap will also be increased to 60 and players will be able to experience endgame content such as joining a Covenant, running max-level dungeons and raids, soulbinds, and more. He reiterates that these systems are still works-in-progress but the framework should be there.

RS Orthen Dig Site Release Date Confirmed with More Details

RS Orthen is a new dig site based on the island of Anachronia, which will be released to fill the gaps between 90-120 Archaeology. Here you could learn the release date osrs gold and more details of this RS Orthen dig site.
What is RS Orthen dig site release date?

According to the recent official news post, RS3 Orthen dig site will be released on Ocotober 19th, 2020.
Level 90 Archaeology is required to get started in Orthen, and level requirements vary between excavation spots. Completion of Desperate Measures will help you out with some of the later areas.
More details of RS Orthen dig site

Unlike other dig sites, Orthen is divided into several locations scattered around the island of Anachronia. The first location you visit is The Crypt of Varanus. Throughout the Orthen dig site, there will be 10 new excavation spots of varying levels, 22 new artefacts, and 5 new materials. There will also be eight mysteries to be exact.
Once you have collected some artefacts, you might want to share them with RS Sharrigan, a curious ilujanka. In addition, there will be three new Relics, including a flask of Soma. The flask of Soma is a dragonkin delicacy which will increase your archaeological precision.

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Elder Scrolls Online Update — The Final DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack Dragonhold Is Officially Released

Now you can sharpen your mighty swords and then gear up your character with advanced equipment for the final fight, because, you know Dragonhold now has already been launched for The Elder Scrolls Online for PC and MAC OS. What about the users on Xbox One and PS4? Well, there’s no need to worry about them, cause it will be landed on their respective consoles on 05 March 2020. Users of MAC and PC platforms can log-in into their accounts to venture into the brand new lands of Southern Elsweyr. You might know, when the massive Elsweyr DLC chapter has published earlier last year it featured not only just mighty dragons into this amazing game, it has also introduced the Northern Elsweyr zone and began the season of the Dragon story wherefrom it left off, that continued with the DLC Pack (Wrathstone Dungeon) at the very beginning of the year.
This DLC pack comes with some new adventures and several modifications to The Elder Scrolls Online. In short, it features a brand new zone to explore, which is also known as a lawless region that is full of bad guys and criminals. With this DLC pack, that means you get able to find an epic new main story to finish, including all new side-quests, delves, dragons, and world bosses await you. An exclusive season of the Dragon Bonus Quests, well, is also included.

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DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack:

This game delivers this dragon storyline’s long-year season to its epic conclusion and in the meantime, includes the following elements:

*Amazing Rewards (More than just ESO Gold)
*A New Zone To Explore
*Challenging Quests
*Navigate Southern Elsweyr And Then Discover Pellitine

Ten years ago, a region of Pellitineb was totally smashed by a terrible fire. Those people who remained alive are struggling to survive in the extremely dangerous world to reduce the difficulties and overcome the bandits, slavers, and worse. And there is only a team of survivors hold firm against the chaos. And after that, a team of dragons shows up from the North and start invading the world once again to put it in turmoil.

​WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide

In WOW Classic, Leatherworking is a great profession to invest in, because it can help you learn how to use hides and leather to craft armor, armor kits, and more. There are 300 levels you can progress through and by the end of it, you will be craft some great pieces of equipment. classic wow gold

There are 300 levels you can progress through and by the end of it, you will be craft some great pieces of equipment.

(Amount & Crafted Item) – (Amount & Materials Needed)

Before we get started, though, we want to recommend that you pair Leatherworking with Skinning and to level both professions up at the same time. Doing so will make it easier for you to get the needed leathers and hides to craft. You could buy them at the Auction House but that can get pretty expensive.

Approximate Materials Needed

First off, this is the list of all materials you will need throughout leveling up all 300 ranks, as well as how many of each you will need:

57 Ruined Leather Scraps

470 Light Leather

275 Medium Leather

20 Heavy Hide

195 Heavy Leather

450 Thick Leather

475 Rugged Leather

Leatherworking Trainers

To start your leatherworking journey, you need to become an Apprentice first, which can be completed after reaching level 5 and talk to a Leathering working Trainer. They are located in every major city. If you need help to find them, Speak with a guard in a City Guard and they will tell you where to look.

Randal Worth in Stormwind City.

Gretta Finespindle in Ironforge.

Darianna in Darnassus.

Nadyia Maneweaver in Teldrassil

Adele Fielder in Elwynn Forest

Horde Trainers

Kamari in Orgrimmar.

Dan Golthas in Undercity.

Mak in Thunder Bluff.

Chaw Stronghide in Mulgore.

Shelene Rhobart in Tirisfal Glades.

Classic Leatherworking (Level 1-75)

1 – 20: 19 Light Leather – 57 Ruined Leather Scraps

20 – 45: 40 Light Armor Kit – 40 Light Leather

45 – 55: 20 Handstitched Leather Cloak – 40 Light Leather, 20 Coarse Thread

55 – 75: 50 Embossed Leather Gloves – 150 Light Leather, 100 Coarse Thread

Journeyman Leatherworking ( Levels 75 – 125)

You will need to learn Journeyman Leatherworking once you reach Level 75 to keep progressing. Unfortunately, not all Trainers can teach you Journeyman Leatherworking, so you’ll need to find an Expert Leatherworker. You will also need to be at least Level 10.

The Expert Trainers you can learn from are:


Simon Tanner in Stormwind City.

Faldron in Darnassus.

Fimble Finespindle in Ironforge.

Aayndia Floralwind in Ashenvale.


Arthur Moore in Undercity.

Karolek in Orgrimmar.

Tarn in Thunder Bluff.

Brawn in Stranglethorn Vale.

Krulmoo Fullmoon in The Barrens.

Narv Hidecrafter in Desolace.

75 – 100: 50 Embossed Leather Gloves – 150 Light Leather, 100 Coarse Thread

100 – 125: 40 Fine Leather Belt – 240 Light Leather, 80 Leather Coarse Thread

You should also try to make as many Cured Leather Hide as possible, if you have the materials to do so.

Expert Leatherworking (Levels 125-205)

To become an Expert Leatherworker, you will need to be at least Level 20 and have your Leatherworking up to 125. Then you will need to visit an Expert Trainer: Telonis in Darnassus for Alliance, and Una in Thunder Bluff for Horde.

125 – 137: 15 Dark Leather Boots – 60 Medium Leather, 30 Fine Thread, 15 Gray Dye

You can also make as many Dark Leather Belts as you can with the Fine Leather Belts and Cured Leather Hides from before to help with this stage.

137 – 150: 20 Dark Leather Pants – 240 Medium Leather, 20 Gray Dye, 20 Fine Thread

150 – 155: 7 Heavy Leather – 35 Medium Leather

You can also make the following recipe that is sold by NPC’s:

7 Heavy Leather Ball – 14 Heavy Leather, 7 Fine Thread

155 – 165: 20 Cured Heavy Hide – 20 Heavy, 60 Salt

165 – 180: 15 Heavy Armor Kit – 75 Heavy Leather, 15 Fine Thread

180 – 190: 10 Barbaric Shoulders – 80 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy Hide, 20 Fine Thread

190 – 200: 10 Guardian Gloves – 40 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy Hide, 10 Silken Thread

Artisan Leatherworking (Levels 200 – 300)

To become an Artisanal Leatherworker, you will need to be at least Level 35 with your Leatherworking up to 200. You will then need to speak with an Artisanal Trainer: Drakk Stonehand at Aerie Peak of the Hinterlands for Alliance and Hahrana Ironhide at Camp Mojache in Ferales for Horde.

200 – 205: 7 Thick Armor Kit – 35 Thick Leather, 7 Silken Thread

205 – 235: 40 Nightscape Headband – 200 Thick Leather, 80 Silken Thread

235 – 250: 15 Nightscape Pants – 210 Thick Leather, 60 Silken Thread

250 – 265: 25 Rugged Armor Kit – 125 Rugged Leather

265 – 290: 28 Wicked Leather Bracers – 224 Rugged Leather, 28 Black Dye, 28 Rune Thread

290 – 300: 10 Wicked Leather Headband – 120 Rugged Leather, 10 Black Dye, 10 Rune Thread

The pattern can be obtained from Jadefire Trickster in Felwood.

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RuneScape will debut on Steam on October 14, 2020

On Monday, September 24, 2020, RuneScape is about to celebrate its 20th birthday. The PC and Mac versions of MMO RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will be launched on the Steam platform.

In the medieval fantasy world, first, create a character, and then embark on an epic journey through a vast sandbox world full of gods, warring races, undeveloped dungeons, and sparkling wealth. Driven by the narrative of the game, you can choose your path through fascinating tasks and progress through 28 diverse skills to create a character in a classless world.

RuneScape mobile early access version is now available for RuneScape members on Android, with cross-platform playback between the mobile version and the desktop version, allowing players to seamlessly switch between devices and take adventures with them. In RuneScape, you will become the hero you have always wanted to be, and new content will be added almost every week, so there will always be new adventures.

Since 2016, Old School RuneScape has established its competitiveness with seasonal free full-player Deadman tournaments. The winners of the tournaments will receive generous cash prizes and memberships. Earning OSRS Gold is one of the main tasks of players in the game.

RuneScape will debut on Steam on October 14, 2020, and the classic version of Old School RuneScape will be available in early 2021. Steam debuting RuneScape will provide customized membership packages and achievements, and a dedicated support team will maintain a RuneScape community center for Steam users, including weekly announcements, guides, articles, artwork, and videos.

Jagex’s mission is to bring the world of RuneScape to more players around the world. After the game enters the mobile store, we are now expanding the availability of the desktop version. Making them available to the Steam community is an important step in achieving this goal. We are very happy to see RuneScape will debut on Steam on October 14th, and look forward to the arrival of Old School RuneScape next year, because we will enable more gamers to visit and explore our rich and interesting life game world.

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