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In the upcoming RuneScape Christmas Event 2018, you’ll find a seasonal puzzle quest called Violet is Blue on Dec. 17. And in this quest you will be required to help a 6-year-old adopted kid enjoy Free runescape gold the annual yeti festival. Besides, it is for all players, while high-level players can get additional post-quest XP.

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What is Violet is Blue & when is release date?

Violet is Blue is a festive puzzle quest that belongs to the Christmas Event 2018. It will get online on Dec. 17 and be open to all players regardless of game level. The occurrence of this quest will be in the Land of Snow, the same as a milestone quest, Myths of the White Lands. Though it is a part of Christmas celebrations 2018, the quest is not just for the Christmas. Actually it will become a permanent quest afterwards. You can play it even in the middle of summer afterwards.

What can we do in the quest?

Violet is a 6-year-old human kid adopted by yeti parents. Her differences from the yetis are getting obvious as she grows up. Her parents fear that their child may not be accepted in the annual yeti festival in Yeti Town, so they require you to escort her there and at the same time, make it a magical journey that she will cherish. In this quest, besides escorting Violet to the Yeti Town, you also need solve the puzzles you meet on your way there. The quest is with a twist, which will add more fun. If you are a high level player, you can also get additional post-game XP after completing this quest.

And hell, if we were to accord Alteration any blazon of bonus, the endure affair would be added DPS; Abracadabra (and players in general) accept abundant of that. Surely you’d go for something added niche/suited like added Defence, Movement speed, added continuance on debuffs, added acquiescent adeptness of Ancients, etc.

Of course, adventures continue in Gielinor even when we’re too busy (PKing) creating the adventures of tomorrow. Our PMods are here to welcome you in a range of PvM Boss Masses, Events and Q&As each week. Check out all the community events organised by the Pink Skirts on their official schedule.

What online games brought to the table of gaming industry was people. In single-player games you are the main hero and all other characters are just NPC‘s, whose behavior is already programmed and depends on the creativity of the game’s developers. Those characters can all be very different, but this variety pales in comparison to the fauna you meet in online games. Just like in real life, people you meet there are very different from one another: some are very nice and talkative,

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RS login issue “no reply from login server”

Some players have come up against the login failure issue on PC. There is the message saying RuneScape no reply from login server?and “Please wait a minute and try again” when trying to log into the game, and this issue happens both on Mac and Windows clients according to players’ reports.
Although there is still no official statement on this RuneScape no reply from login server issue, you can try to deal with this trouble with some possible solutions. Try other worlds and servers, and if there is nothing solved, you can reinstall your client, or uninstall and then reinstall java to see if this problem is solved.

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Instances are very really hard in Venezuela. There is no other strategy to place it. The cost of food and medicine has skyrocketed under the nation’s runaway inflation. The government appears runescape gold significantly less serious about solving those difficulties than it really is in cracking down on the dissent that has boiled over in the past six months.

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So many people today in Venezuela have turned to gold farming in old-school Runescape that a newspaper there published an short article on ways to do it about three weeks ago. Now this week, a person posted a guide around the old-school Runescape subreddit that efficiently produced any individual from the nation a target in the game, whether or not they have been gold farming.

Yes, farming runescape gold is obnoxious, against the game’s guidelines and can get somebody banned. However the wave of anger cresting inside the Runescape neighborhood this week isn’t in the gold farmers, it really is at the persons killing them (in the game).

“It’s not this post that disappoints me, its the blatant racist and ‘edgy’ comments left by men and women that have no thought what it must be prefer to live inside a scenario had been your economy is collapsing,” wrote a moderator, who locked the thread five days ago. The “guide” seems to possess pointed out where the prime farming locations have been, and so anybody in that location, especially killing green dragons, was a candidate for getting attacked.

Venezuelan gold farmers are inside the wilderness PvP region harvesting green dragons, the selling the hides and bones they drop in Runescape’s Grand Exchange. That currency computes to about 50 cents per hour, with extra sophisticated players getting around $2 or $3. Think it or not, Runescape 2007 gold is traded on websites in conjunction with Bitcoin as well as other virtual currencies.

The more polite anti-Venezuelan comments pointed out that gold farming was against the Runescape guidelines (punishable by account bans) and some wrote off the guide as a joke. But few found it a laughing matter, specially since it assumed that anybody from Venezuela inside the game was a gold farmer, having them killed in PvP regardless of not undertaking anything wrong.

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A big new Old School RuneScape adventure is soon to come out for all of you with the hunger for exploration! Currently untraversable paths to Kebos Lowlands will be cleared and in those swamps a new adventure awaits, with new monsters to slay, new plants to grow and new people to meet. The big update scheduled for release just after the New Years, on the 10th of January to be precise, was awaited by many and many also had osrs gold their own vision of it. Good thing that the intriguing inaccessible land will be shaped in accordance with players’ suggestions – one thing we all love about Jagex’s OSRS team. So let’s take a look what we’re to get with another content update.

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Kebos Lowlands is a place inhabited by the followers of Xeric, the one whose raid we’ve all had to clear out. The Lizardmen have attempted to take back Great Kourend (glad they didn’t, or all those Houses would not exist at the moment), but since they failed they became bitter and now lurk in their muddy swamps and defend them fiercely. We will get a whole new Kourend and Kebos achievement diary as well as two quests: The Forsaken Tower and The Ascent of Arcenus. In the first one we’ll have to find the secret behind the building of great Doors of Dinh, in order to prevent the Wintertodt from escaping and the second one deals with the immortal citizens of Arceuus house. Since it appears that they’re not so immortal after all, we’ll have to find out the reason behind the death of a sole citizen and prevent Arceuus house from extinction.

No great feat can go unrewarded and the same applies in this case. New content update means new rewards related to that content and, of course, outstanding adventurers will claim outstanding rewards!

Kebos Lowlands Farming Guild

The fertile lands of Kebos Lowlands will be home to a Farming Guild: a greenhouse divided into three tiers. First tier will be accessible to all with level 45 Farming or higher, second tier to players with 65 farming or more and the last one, third tier, requires players to have level 85 Farming. Stats can be boosted, so in reality your farming level can be lower. Each tier will offer contracts to grow specific plants accessible to those tiers. Completing farming contracts will reward you with seeds and you’ll also have a chance to receive rare and unique seeds as a reward. New patches will also be added, so green thumbs will really have something to feel excited for. Another thing to be excited for is the bottomless compost bucket which can be filled with your choice of compost. Although the name of this magic bucket is somewhat misleading, it will DOUBLE your compost input – each compost used on the bucket fills it up with two charges, while using this bucket on a single farm patch will deplete one charge. The bucket holds 10k charges, meaning you will need 5k compost to fill it to the brim. This bucket can also be stored at any Tool Leprechaun, so you will always have your fertilizer where you need it!

Kebos Lowlands Slayer Tasks

The swamps of Kebos Lowlands come not only with smelly gas and fertile lands, but also new monsters to slay! So if farming is not your cup of tea and instead you have an insatiable bloodlust, Kebos Lowlands welcomes you too! Well, not the Lowlands and their creatures, but a new, Kebos Lowlands-specific Slayer Master Konar. His tasks will be limited only to that area, however restricting yourself like this will be rewarding as each completed Konar’s task will get you 18 Slayer reward points and all kills while on Konar’s task will have a chance of hitting a new global loot table. There are quite a few new pieces of equipment we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Kebos Lowlands New Fishing Technique

Aerial fishing is a new way of fishing which will be introduced in this update. In the middle of Lake Molch there is a small island where players will be able to use this method. Falconers actually already know how this goes and for those who don’t – you will have to equip a bird on your arm and then send it to a fishing spot to catch fish for you! Aerial fishing will require fishing skill, as well as hunting and will yield special Molch Pearls alongside new species of fish. Players will be able to trade Molch Pearls into various rewards.

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In January we’re releasing the Kebos Lowlands, an exciting expansion to the continent of Zeah where you’ll find the Farming Guild with 6% off rs07 gold , new slayer creatures, and a new slayer master! The slayer creatures range from Sulphur Wyrms up to the incredible Hydra, a new level 95 slayer monster. In the Farming Guild you’ll find new patches plus a whole basket of new things to grow.

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Not a single GP left my OSRS Gold account, so to be charged with RWT is absolutely mind boggling.I lost all faith in a ban system that can’t differentiate between an actual legit player over a rwter. As I have said, if I did happen to trade with a person who was legitimately banned.

linking me to them makes ZERO sense and is just flat out wrong. I gained absolutely nothing of real life value, and again as i have said, not a single GP left my actual account. Getting automatically banned by a system for someone else’s action Pretty big flaw if you ask me.

It just sucks to be lumped into the same category as a RWT offender for swapping gp for them and doing what I thought was legit business. To conclude, what I am asking for is a manual review of the ban placed on my account by a jmod.To the jmods and higher ups who see this, I am absolutely cheap OSRS gold willing to cooperate with you and I am also willing to supply whatever info i possibly can.Hey there Yeah, I know there were tons of threads about this already.

This is the bold that had the adventure Romeo and Juliet in it; their standards were abundant lower, and abundant beneath anticipation went into the adventure and the players actions.As for your endure point, I feel it would be cool to apprehend NPCs in earlier quests to acknowledge to the amateur abnormally depending on their stats.

Also, the anecdotal of the bold was artlessly that we were accidental adventurers who happened to blooper our way into extenuative the day.Remember that RS started out as a brace of university acceptance authoritative the bold for a laugh, so the accent of the bold was set abundant beneath austere than it is today.

Dailyscape and Portnight achievements will no longer reset after completion if their respective streak is broken.Fixed an issue where some achievements weren’t counting towards total achievement completion.You’ll no longer get reminders about failing the achievement Source of Denial if you’ve already completed it while doing the new Sq’uirk achievement.

Pizzas can now be delivered to all highwaymen.Players that have filled their toolbelt will now receive the ‘Get tooled up’ achievement as expected.Players will now receive the ‘Reverent Sculptor’ achievement when talking to Copernicus Glyph with all five God chisels in their inventory.’Hacks’ achievement is now correctly marked as F2P.

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As many of you are aware, the RS team are going to be removing Mobilising Armies from the game. And they have been figuring out how to ensure that its rewards remain accessible to everyone and that nobody misses out on anything as a result of the change. In addition, if you want to buy new items, why not create them right now with the cheap RuneScape gold for sale on our site?

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1. Existing investment credits will be converted into GP at an exchange rate of 5 credits to 1 GP and reward credits at 2 to 1 GP.
2. Unused mobilising armies points enhancers have been swapped out for unfocused enhancers.
3. Mobilising Armies will no longer be a requirement for the Completionist Cape. For those who have already completed it, it will become a hidden feat with 0 RuneScore.
4. HiScores will be preserved for posterity.
5. Locators can be crafted with Divination. They all come with 50 charges like normal, requiring half the amount of energy made to recharge back to 50 charges. They now work for Elder Trees also!
5.1 Inferior Locator
Level 24
100x Bright Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 30)
5.2 Poor Locator
Level 41
200x Sparkling Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 50)
5.3 Good Locator
Level 62
300x Vibrant Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 70)
5.4 Superior Locator
Level 81
400x Brilliant Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 90)
6. Cosmetics will now be available in the Thaler store.
6.1 All outfit pieces are available for 30 Thaler each.
6.2 Titles available for 100 Thaler each
7. Low level ring imbuing will should go to the Soul Wars reward shop.
7.1 Rings up to Onyx – 5 Zeal
7.2 Onyx and Fremennik rings – 8 Zeal
8. New high-level ring imbues are now possible at the Raids reward store in exchange for Teci.
8.1 Ring of Fortune (imbued) – 2,500 teci
8.2 Luck of the Dwarves (imbued) / Hazelmere’s Signet Ring (imbued) – 7,500 teci / 10,000 teci
8.3 Ring of Death (imbued) – 15,000 teci
8.4 Asylum Surgeon’s ring (imbued) – 10,000 teci

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An Alchemical onyx requires the following resources to make: 1 Onyx, 50 fortunate components, 50 Refined components, and 10 Precious components. 107 Invention is required to make and it provides 10,000 Invention xp and 5,000 Crafting xp.An Onyx infused with different types of energy and materials that makes it feel more powerful than a regular gem.

What does it can be used?

It can be smelted with a gold bar at level 91 Crafting to make an alchemical onyx ring and necklace, which is then enchanted into a luck of the dwarves ring and a grace of the elves necklace, respectively.It is also used in the creation of the Passage of the abyss and Ingenuity of the humans.

RS team have a whopping THREE new items designed in conjunction (Grace of the Elves,Ingenuity of Humans,Passage of the Abyss), all of which arrive today!

1.Grace of the Elves

It is a new non-degradable necklace designed to help you out whilst skilling.This is made by crafting an alchemical onyx necklace which requires:
91 crafting,1 gold bar,1 alchemical onyx (purchased, or requires 107 invention to discover).
This necklace can then be enchanted using the level 6 enchant spell requiring 87 magic
The item offers the following:
Store up to 500 charges of Sign of the Porter by using porters on the necklace.
Teleport to where your skilling portals are attuned to inside the Max Guild garden. And, if you don’t have access, you will receive a free
one-off attunement.
Reduce the drain rate of the Chronicle Absorption, Lightform and Superheat Seren prayers.
Whilst using gathering skills (Divination, Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, Farming, Hunter) you have a chance to roll on the rare drop table. Yes, this means that if you wear Luck of the Dwarves and the Grace of the Elves, you have a chance at getting a Hazelmere’s Signet Ring.

2.Ingenuity of Humans

It is a new sigil that allows your next hit to be a guaranteed hit Can be created on a workbench after discovering the blueprint with 114 invention.
This requires:1 alchemical onyx,10 stunning components,750 x smooth parts,50 x Direct Components.
It degrades with use and requires fortunate components to recharge.
It works with abilities and spells, allowing players to use Vulnerability or a statius warhammer whilst using a different style.

3.Passage of the Abyss

It is a pocket-slot item that can hold up to six different compacted jewellery all in one item! No need to carry around all of those teleports – now you can do it in a single item:Passage of the abyss can be created on a workbench after discovering the blueprint with 118 invention.
The player requires:1 alchemical onyx,50 magic components,1 teleportation compactor.

It can store up to six of any of the compacted jewellery made from Invention.
To add a particular piece of jewellery to the Passage of the Abyss requires 100* the maximum charge of the jewellery. So to add an Amulet of Glory, you would need 400 charges.

Passage of the Abyss can be recoloured so that you can have multiple and have different teleports on each item.Teleporting with Passage of the Abyss removes charges from the item and can be recharged at a rate of 500 charges per fortunate component.The Christmas is coming closer and closer, We will give lots of free osrs gold for all rs player, please keep an eye on our site. Finally, we just hope all of you can enjoy the following Winter Weekends freely with OSRS gold from us.

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Bonuses on Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering
A series of events on Winter Weekends will take place over weekends, and this year they will be starting on November 30, 2018 and ending on January 7, 2019. Besides each week the events are running from 12:00 GMT on Friday to 12:00 GMT on Monday.

In the first week from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 you can obtain various bonuses within Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering, including:
1. Double DG tokens can be earned from DG and elite dungeons
2. Lore book drop rate doubled
3. 25% increased Slayer XP from dungeon NPC’s
4. 1 extra T92 material whenever the material is hit on the drop table
5. 1 free death per run – works in story mode AND normal runs
Player owned ports benefits through the whole month
Over the whole Winter Weekends, there are some ports bonuses granted. Firstly, there are 25 voyages per day rather than 15. And 30% additional resources or trade goods will be returned by all player-owned ports voyages. What is more, you have the ability to get The Barmaid’s special voyage on Saturdays, Sundays & Thursdays.